It was a fascinating weekend in the house with Devin originally wanting Brittany evicted, then wanting to save Brittany and then ultimately just plain WANTING Brittany (romantically speaking). The expectation now is that Devin will take Brittany off the block with Zach as the likely replacement. With the Veto meeting looming, is that how things will go?   

10:00 AM
The house guests get the wakeup call and Devin goes to work. First he talks to Paola wanting her to stay cool during the Veto meeting and he would explain things after. She is not happy with where this is going and wants nothing to do with it. Devin goes from room to room trying to get Paola to listen to him with no success. He even follows her to the shower and asks that the others clear out of the room so he can try one more time to get through to Paola.  No dice.

Next Devin lets Hayden know he's not using the veto on Paola but doesn’t go into details other than he wants to keep Paola safe.
Out of the shower, Paola lets others (including Brittany) know she is upset with the direction Devin is going with the Veto meeting.
Upstairs, Devin sets pillows on the couch to represent the nominees and proceeds to speak to them while practicing his Veto speech.

12:30 PM
Feeds go out for almost an hour for the Veto meeting. We learn quickly that Devin did save Brittany and put Zach up. Most everyone is either pissed off or doing damage control. We learn that Paola did go off during her speech but it’s overshadowed by the rant that Zach apparently launched against Devin, outing that Paola threw the Battle of the Block and throwing Frankie and Caleb under the bus in the process.  The rest of the day is a seemingly endless series of meetings that made my head spin.

In rapid fire we see:
Nicole was angry she is being associated with the Battle of the Block plan.
Zach spends time apologizing and explaining to a brooding Frankie.

Zach talks to Paola alone. They are heated but not at each other. They actually agree that Paola will go home and Zach will stay (and my WTF meter goes off the scale)!
Hayden tells Zach he was told about Paola throwing the comp but it was out of his and Nicole’s control. Amber is there and backs him up.  
Shortly after, Zach explains the Bomb Squad to Hayden.
Frankie continues his anti-Zach campaign starting with informing Christine and Amber that Zach outted the Bomb Squad.
Immediately after Frankie meets with Caleb and they see Zach as public enemy #1.
Devin is shown in the HOH explaining to Jocasta why he saved Brittany.
Somewhere in there there was a Cody, Zach, Frankie conversation where Frankie is very bummed his middle of the road game has been destroyed. Zach vows to go to everyone in the house and tell them he fully trusts Frankie as damage control.
Hayden tells Frankie he wants Zach to stay this week because he can help take down Devin, Amber and Caleb.
Brittany tells Paola she isn't going to hold up her deal with Devin to vote out Paola.
Derrick and Frankie (The new additions to Team America) chat. Derrick stresses the importance of sticking together with Donny. Frankie makes the case that he trusts Caleb and Devin more than Zach.
Next, while Frankie is further blowing up Zach’s game with Caleb, Cody is off trying to sell Derrick to keep Zach.
Frankie moves on to tell Devin about Zach outting the Bomb Squad to Hayden and Frankie has no choice but to want Zach gone.
Amber suggests to Derrick and Caleb they should bring Hayden into the Bomb Squad before he tells anyone.
Not long after, Caleb is seen telling Nichole he was part of an alliance. Nichole says she heard about that.
Frankie lets Paola know Zach’s rant was good for her game.
It’s worth noting Amber has been becoming more and more a scape goat in various conversations throughout the house.

3:00 PM (Yes, we’re only up to 3:00 PM!)
Thinks look like they might calm a bit when all of the sudden Zach gets into a major argument with Paola outside. Mainly Zach trying to make Paola look bad for throwing the comp.
Elsewhere Christine is coming clean to Nichole about the Bomb Squad including the plan to replace Zach with Hayden.
Devin and Caleb talk things out and plan to work together.
Shortly after, Devin along with Frankie and Caleb formally extend Hayden an invitation to join the Bomb Squad. He listens as they tell him pretty much everything under the sun that has been going on. He eventually tells them he will join.
Later Hayden tells Christine, Derrick and Frankie that Devin is forcing him to be in the alliance. Christine and Frankie say that is exactly how they got pulled in.
Frankie continues to chat with Christine alone. He is still holding the ‘get Zach out’ line. Christine is hoping for a house consensus before Thursday so there will be no line.
Shortly after, Caleb reassures Hayden about the strength of the Bomb Squad. Christine is there.
As soon as Caleb leaves, Christine informs Hayden she wants to back door Devin. Hayden agrees.

Frankie and Zach meet up and strategize on ways to make sure Zach stays. Frankie begins expressing fear that Caleb will win HOH. They laugh about the sequence of events:
- Devin’s deal to save Paola if she threw the comp
- Devin actually saving Brittany instead
- And now Brittany wanting to get Devin out.

5:30 PM
Inside lockdown and things finally quiet down!
Frankie makes the case to Jocasta that Zach is the bigger threat.
Later we see Derrick explaining how JokersUpdates works to Paola.

8:00 pm
Devin continues crushing on Brittany to Frankie while they watch her on the spy screen.
Cody tells Derrick he no longer trusts Caleb and the Bomb Squad, but Devin has been true to him.
We begin to hear some personal things that were brought up during the Veto meeting speeches. Seems Zach brought up Devin’s daughter and the medications he’s on.
Donny is advising Zach on how to behave to keep himself safe. Zach goes over the vote count with him, still confident he is safe.
Elsewhere Brittany is telling Nichole she does not trust Devin and how weird it is that he is flirting with her.
Zach makes his case to Christine and Nichole. In almost every conversation he presents his eviction night speech.

10:30 PM
There’s a big open meeting at the Hammock with Zach, Cody, Hayden, Derrick, and Frankie. The group is pretty pro-Zach (did you catch that?... I said Prozac!). They coach Zach some more on how to act this week. Frankie leaves to go to bed, giving them all goodnight kisses and hugs. Once he's gone, Cody points out that Frankie is a threat due to his strong social game.

Over on the couches, Donny points out to several of the girls that there is a boy’s meeting going on and he is glad he is not a part of it.
When the girls go inside, Donny does join the meeting anyway while they go over scenarios and continue coaching Zach. When Donny tells Zach he has his vote, the others (Cody, Derrick, and Hayden) agree he has their vote too.

There is a brief Team America meeting at the Hammock. Frankie is concerned about Zach. Derrick and Donny reassure him that Zach is saying only good things about Frankie. Frankie continues to want to keep things smooth with Devin and Caleb even though they want Zach out. Donny tells him, “If you think Devin and Caleb have your back more than me and Derrick, you're wrong.”
Donny leaves and Derrick and Frankie keep going back and forth. Frankie is very worried Caleb will win HOH and come after him in retaliation.
And wouldn’t you know it, just then Caleb joins them. Derrick does a good sell job to keep Zach but when Frankie asks Caleb if he would talk to Zach, he says he is not sure he would.
Shortly after Frankie chats with Paola telling her the vote is polarizing people. [They] won't commit.
Zach practices his speech again in front of Christine and Cody. They are very supportive.

Fresh out of the Diary Room, Frankie seeks out Zach for a meeting. He is re-energized and pushing hard that they work together and how much he wants him to stay.
Next Frankie meets with Brittany. She explains she didn’t want to put any of the guys in jeopardy, but she could not refuse the Veto being used on her (though she had actual plans to do just that for a time yesterday). Feeds cut before we hear anymore.

Caleb and Derrick have met up at the hammock. They are concerned if the alliance will stay together. They are joined shortly after by Hayden and then Frankie. Hayden thinks the producers were [going nuts] at the Veto meeting. They wonder how much of it will actually make the show.
Amber joins them and get to joking around for a while.

2:30 AM
Jocasta and Cody get cuddly on the couch.
For a joke, Amber and Brittany put melted chocolate on a red thong and put it on Hayden’s pillow.
Derrick and Frankie meet in the storage room to talk about votes to keep Zach. Devin walks in and calls them out saying, “Frankie doesn’t eat and Derrick, you are a have-not. Why would you all be in the SR?”  Caleb responds, "Zach is a cancer and we have to get him out."
Shortly after Zach and Victoria get into it in the Have Not Room. Amber, Jocasta and Paola can be seen eavesdropping. She is mad that he is nice to her face but disrespects her behind her back. He acted maliciously hitting her with the Frisbees. She said she would never be mean and malicious like that to anyone. She wants to move forward if he wants to but she doesn’t want to keep him in the house if he is going to be malicious towards her. Zach’s response, “You come off as demanding and you don’t have the best manners in the world. You and I have our differences. We are not friends and we may never be friends. You have your thoughts about me and the same with me. You have been very demanding and telling me to do stuff for you. You don’t say please. You come off very mean to me. Clearly you don’t see that.” Victoria says never in her life has she heard this (even though Devin pulled her aside with the same observation over the weekend).
Outside, Nichole asks Devin, “Your crush for Brittany is random. What happened?” Devin says they had a heart to heart and there are some qualities.
Meanwhile in the Fire Room, Jocasta, Paola and Frankie speculate about a Brittany/Devin deal and how odd that his attitude towards her change so quickly. Amber reports to them that Zach is apologizing to Victoria but he is only doing it to get her vote.
Paola is called to the Diary Room and when she returns says, “Yo! There is something goin on. It is not about me being on the block. I think Brittany and Devin…” and the feeds are cut (Now there’s a cliff hanger for you!)

Nicole and Christine take a couple minutes to trash talk about Amber.
Later with Devin there we learn they think Frankie tried out for the show 4 or 5 times.

4:00 AM
Brittany hears Devin wants to see her in the HOH. She brushed her teeth, fixed her hair and then went upstairs. Devin asks her how she feels. Brittany, ”I’m not pissed off and bitter, but if I go up next week I will be mad. I’ve been on slop this whole time. Now you go from wanting to murder me to wanting to let me sleep in your bed and you sleep on the couch? Devin proceeds to explain his feelings for her.

Zach goes through his ‘Save me’ song and dance again with Nicole and Christine. Hayden joins them and states, “If Nicole was my Nurse, I would fake sick. My crotch hurts.” Nicole quips, “It was cute until you said your crotch hurts.”

Christine and Cody powwow in the bathroom. Christine warns him about Frankie wanting Zach out. Cody acts surprised. Cody tells her she and Derrick are his most important people in the game.

Not long after, Nicole and Christine talk, saying they want Zach to stay.
Several people are staying up all night with general chit chat.
Nicole and Hayden get a little friendly under the covers around 6:00 AM.
But the house doesn’t go quiet before they get the Tuesday wakeup call.

So there’s the Recap. It’s not pretty, but neither was the day in the house! If you asked me early in the day, I would have said people were just telling Zach what he wanted to hear, but by the end of the day it actually seems more likely that he will stay. I only have one question. Why does Zach keep focusing on his eviction night speech that has never ever changed anyone’s mind ever? Hang on to your hat’s because it’s a long way to Thursday!

Thanks to the Updaters for an outstanding job yesterday!