Announcements, lack of sleep and emotions lead to an explosive 4th!


5:00 am – The houseguests stayed up all night listening to messages over the loud speaker which everyone assumed was for the Battle of the Block competition.  At 6:30 am the feeds return and we see that Hayden and Nicole won the Battle of the Block which leaves Devin as the sole HOH. Amber was moving out of the HOH room and some houseguests were showering. All were wondering if they can finally go to bed. So with Devin as HOH Brittany and Paola are still on the block. To top it off the announced quotes were not even part of the conversation!


At 7:30 am we hear a conversation from Brittany and Paola in the kitchen. Both are upset that they lost the BOB competition. Brittany said when it is her time to go there must be a reason for it. Paola is super upset about Victoria, she really hates her and uses some pretty hateful language describing her. Brit then said Amber is weak. Brittany also told Paola that she should not let this game change her. Brittany said they both have been mistreated and that upstairs Devin called her a cow, then made a gun out of his hands and shot her. She said he was talking about her in a degrading way.  Brittany does not want to talk to Frankie anymore thinks he is playing all sides, thought same thing about Donny. Actually she sounded like she was getting paranoid about everyone. Paola is upset with Amber because she thinks she is wishy washy .


Meanwhile in the beehive room Caleb, Derrick and Hayden said that they will vote with the house but feel that Devin is going after Brittany for something personal and that it was not right.  Derrick then said he was going to lay low and see what happens. Hayden said Nicole did not buzz in once during the competition.


8:30 am everyone except Hayden and Cody were trying to get some sleep. Those two were all wound up. Donny couldn’t sleep he had a sore shoulder. He joined the boys. They briefly talk about the competition. Something about partners and knowing each other. Seems Cody and Donny were partners, Donny knew everything about Cody but Cody did not much about Donny. Donny then said there is a lot of butt kissing in the house and only a few are running the show. He also said he does not kiss butt.

10:00 am All were sleeping except Donny. He was wondering the house and cleaning things, Gave a few shout outs to Christine and maybe he said Mommy. Eventually Donny made it to bed by 10:30.


1:15 pm BB woke up the houseguests. As they all get up, we see Caleb crying in the HOH room to Devin. Devin told him to get his stuff and stay up here with me. He also crying because it is Fourth of July and all the service men lost. Devin thanked him for his service. Caleb tells Frankie that he wants him to tell everyone that he was a service man and that he had been deployed. He wants him to tell everyone today is not the day to joke with him. He also wants him to tell everyone that his father and brother were also in the military.  Frankie leaves and gathers everyone and tells them. Some thanked him for telling him. Caleb watched from the HOH room on the spycam.  Frankie also tells everyone that he has white and blue glitter for everyone to wear today.  Frankie and Christine go up to HOH and hug Caleb and thanks him and his family for their service and tell him he is amazing. Caleb is still crying.

Caleb stops crying and joins the group out back. They talk about past seasons and Caleb tells everyone that he got past 2 rounds to be on "The Voice". He said his small town is so excited and that the biggest thing that happens in the town is a Ham Festival. He said he might cut his first record after the game.

Victoria was the one who did the huge amount of dishes. They discuss how to make others do their dishes and decide some will never do theirs.

Amber and Donny chit chat. Donny tells her that his girlfriend told him not to talk too much. Amber told him he can talk to her anytime. Donny told her he was in a daze this morning for the competition and that he loves all the new shoes they are getting. Amber wonders what her friend Christine is doing, decides that she probably is doing her nails or at the beach. Then they start repeating all the phrases that were said by BB of the speaker all night. Then Amber thanked Donny for being there for her and he said it back to her.

Devin then told Donny that he owes him for the kindness he showed him. That he made a huge mistake and he was just paranoid.

Later Devin told Derrick in the HOH room that Paola willingly threw the Battle of the Block competition. He said he fears the most and he thinks eventually America will have a choice on who they want to put up. He then said that he told Paola that if he won VETO he would put up Victoria (the only one who washes the dishes), and he was going to stick with it. Devin also said he will protect Donny for a while. Zach joins in conversation and tells him he will take one for the team and if he has to pick Have Nots  to pick him. Devin said he will and he will pick Victoria and Brittany too. He then said Jocasta is loyal and he will protect her too. He said Hayden will not go down without a fight.

 Frankie and Zach talked, Zach told Frankie about reeling in Donny and Brittany if Victoria goes and about Donny forming alliance. Zach said he wasn't getting too close to Donny. Zach told Frankie not to say anything to anyone about Donny forming an alliance to take on Devin. He told Frankie about Donny being mad and Donny hating bullies and the fact he didn't even know he was being bullied. Frankie said no one can know anything about me either, that's great!

 9:00 pm Zach asked if he was thinking too fast in terms of getting rid of Devin next week and Frankie said he wasn't. Frankie wants Devin gone next week.

9:15 pm The houseguests got to watch the fireworks on the living room TV. Caleb teared up. They were not allowed to sing the national anthem.

Paola, Brittany and Nicole chat. They discuss helping each other in POV and teaming up to get rid of Devin. Paola then said Zach smelled good but has a weird toe so she does not think he is her type.

Soon after that the lockdown was over the houseguests all went out back and got along. Victoria did get upset at one point because someone did not say 'please' but basically they all had fun together playing different things in the yard.

Since the Have Nots have not been picked yet there seems to be a problem with enough beds. They discuss how Devin and Jacosta both don’t want to sleep in a bed with the opposite sex. That Victoria refuses to sleep in a room with the opposite sex so there does not seem to be enough beds. Frankie wants to sleep in HOH with Devin but Devin wants to sleep alone.

Zach really starts in about the princess Victoria. He said he has been holding it in and how she thinks she is better than everyone else. Jacosta tries to calm him down and tells him how to diffuse the situation. Finally Zach agrees to be cordial to her but said she is not really the type of person he likes.

2:24 am Caleb, Christine, Derrick and Amber were in the hammock discussing the nominations. Amber said she does not like Devin playing her game for her. Caleb said that he and Devin will butt heads soon because of the way he talks to her (Amber). They all agree to vote Brittany out this week but think it is wrong because Devin only wants her out for personal reasons. Amber brings up again how Devin called Brittany a cow and she said she wished she was HOH and could backdoor Devin.

3:13 am Caleb, Devin, Frankie and Derrick are around the pool table. Caleb and Devin are going at it. Caleb tells Devin the two girls in the alliance are scared to talk to him (Devin). Devin says he was just upstairs talking to Christine and Caleb says Christine was nervous and scared the whole time she was up in the HOH with him. Devin is surprised by this comment and is getting more agitated with Caleb.

Caleb says there are two people in their alliance (the girls) who don’t want Brittany to go but they will go along with the alliance anyway despite their feelings. Caleb tells Devin he blows things out of proportion. Frankie is trying to calm things down and assures the three guys that the girls will vote with the alliance.

Devin doesn’t understand where this is coming from.

Caleb said he brought something to Devin's attention and Devin, "like always, is blowing it out of proportion." Caleb said the girls are afraid to talk to Devin. Devin said something about Caleb being lovestruck by Amber. Both said let's ask Christine right now. Devin said he just talked to Christine and it was fine. Caleb said she came down right after to the hammock and talked to him about how she was nervous the whole time. Devin asked Derrick for confirmation and Derrick said she said she was nervous when she went up to talk to him. Devin said that's because she didn't know what it was about and acts like this is confirmation he was right. Caleb said this is what I mean by you blowing things out of proportion, I didn't say you yelled at her or punched her in the face.

Christine gets waved over by Devin and he asks her point blank if she was scared or nervous up in the HOH. Christine laughs it off and says she’s always nervous whenever she talks to anyone in the house. He then presses if she was scared and she laughs that off too and tells him no and acts surprised by him asking.

Devin wants Christine to be honest about whether or not she wants Brittany to stay. Christine says she doesn’t care about Brittany. Devin seems satisfied then goes inside.

Christine is alone with Derrick and Caleb and she is totally confused and perplexed about what just happened with Devin. Derrick tries to smooth it over with Christine and assure her. He tells her not to sweat it.
Caleb wishes he would have told Devin that half the people in his alliance want him gone.

Devin comes back outside and calls Caleb over to the yard. He is ripping into Caleb. Devin “There’s no more alliance, whole thing is done” Devin then storms off.

Devin just broke his alliance with Caleb and the rest of the Bomb Squad. They agree the Bomb Squad will still exist minus Devin and worry what others might have heard. Caleb went to the kitchen to get something and Zach and Cody said to each other that they are much more afraid of Caleb then Derrick.

Frankie went up to talk to Devin and find out what he meant by his comment that they were over. Derrick did damage control and said he meant that his and Caleb’s relationship was over not that the Bomb Squad was over.

Meanwhile outside Caleb rehashes the conversation with Amber and Christine making it look like he was sticking up for them and trying to stop his bullying. Amber is worried that she and Caleb could end up on the block together. She said he (Devin) is a manipulator. Frankie comes down and tells Caleb what Devin meant that their relationship was over not the alliance.

Meanwhile Derrick was talking to Brittany explaining the blow up and saying that they were protecting her. Zach thinks things were just being blown out of proportion. They agree If noms stay the same they will vote out Paola.


Derrick, Cody, Zach at pool table talking about how it's all good. Caleb won't be loyal to him, he'll be loyal to Amber but they are concerned Devin will try to smooth it all over. They are glad they can save Brittany because she will be loyal to them. They are glad that Caleb wants to save Brittany and they want to keep Caleb for a while. They feel they are sitting pretty. They believe there are so many with huge targets on their back, order they named was Devin, Victoria, Paola, Brittany and Caleb.

They finally figured out the bed problem, Caleb and Frankie went to sleep in the Have Not room, from the penthouse to the ice house for those two! They lie in ice bed and discuss Amber and her like for Caleb and how Caleb had a great day with her.

6:30 am We get brief fish so that BB can tell them that they will be on lockdown in 20 minutes. All go in and get ready for bed. They speculate that it will be either a Have Not or Veto competition.

6:50 am Amber chats with Zach in the bathroom and tells him she wants to play the game that will get her the farthest. That Devin controls it and that there is nothing between her and Caleb. She said she is loyal to the Bomb Squad and not Devin. She also said she is glad they can keep Brittany. She also said she will have no problem putting Devin up.

Zach, Cody and Derrick chat in storage room on how to tell Devin that they want Brittany to stay. Derrick backed Caleb up all the way. They want to deflect the blowup from earlier away from them. They agree they can only trust each other. They confirm that they have to watch Frankie,  that he was offering Christine final 4 with him, Caleb and Amber. They agree to stick together. They feel now they are on the bottom of the alliance. They trust each other and each other only. They also trust Christine. They need to come up with a name for their sub alliance, they told Zach to do it while he sleeps. They keep rehashing the pecking order of the Bomb Squad.

7:48 am The rock room was laughing and carrying on, Zach was entertaining them twerking and dancing. In the room is Zach, Derrick, Brittany, Amber, Donny (with pillows piled on his head trying to sleep), Cody AND Paola. Then we get fish and when the feeds return quickly we find out that BB told them to go to bed because they were waking them up in an hour and half. They speculate to pick people for VETO.

Finally by 8:45 am the house was going to sleep and quiet.

Who will win that Power of VETO? Will the use it? Is Brittany really safe? Who will be the replacement? Will Paola be safe still? Who will Caleb be in alliance with? Do these people ever sleep at night?

Thanks to Jokers updaters you’re the best!

*BOB = Battle of the Block