9:30am wake up call. The last HG's didn't get to sleep until 7:19am and are slowly getting up and getting pretty for the day ahead.

Caleb continues to discuss his crush on Amber

Still in the honeymoon phase, most of the afternoon was spent on general chitchat between different groups of people. Caleb talked about being offered $2000 to do acting but turned it down. Devin tells a story about his coach's name he has tattoo'd on his arm. Talk about age differences between Christine, Joey, and Donny. Amber enjoys traveling. Venice is Hayden's favorite place.

The HG's came together to give a Happy Birthday shout out to 'Jayden Sophia', Devin's daughter.

3:30pm begins the start of game talk.

Frankie and Zach are discussing what happens when the bomb squad blows up 3-4 weeks down the road.. Zach is planning a side alliance with Cody and Derrick so he and Frankie can still have the numbers and end up final 2

Joey & Brittany talking on the hammock. Joey thinks she's going to be the replacement nominee and wants to make a speech. Brittany tells her that Devin likes to stir things up and if he goes up they might have the votes to evict him over Paola. 

Joey tells Devin about an all girl alliance and wonders who Caleb will nominate. 

About 6:00pm Joey walks through the house telling everyone that Caleb is going to talk to them regarding who will be the renom. She said she just wants everyone to know so they all get a voice and so it's a true house vote. (She later tells Paola she did that to set Devin off and hopefully get him to be the renom instead of her.)

This sets off a chain of tells, and retells and more retells. The game is officially on.

Devin says Joey just sealed her fate.

Derrick asks Caleb if Joey does have an alliance with enough votes to get out Devin if he was nominated. Caleb tells him don't worry about it, she's going home. 

8:30pm Joey tells Devin to his face she wants him out. Devin responds by telling the other HGs what Joey said. 

This sets off another round of tells, retells and more retells.

Victoria and Nicole are worried that Joey's actions are putting the other girls in jeopardy.

Caleb is happy because now the "house" wants Joey out and he walks away unscathed.

Cody/Zach/Derrick alliance still going strong. Cody trusts Derrick fully.

Devin and Caleb talk in the HOH about the game and how easy everything will be for a while. I believe one of them mentions Brittany going next week.

Easy doesn't last long because right after the Devin/Caleb chat, Brittany and Devin have a heated conversation in the HOH room. Brit tells Devin about how he makes "people" uncomfortable. Devin asks for examples. Brittany mentions the sheets. He explains the sheets and how he was trying to do something nice for the married girls. She then mentions the lotion and he doesn't know what she's talking about. Then she says she can't talk to him, leaves and tells Paola how mean he is and starts crying. She gets called into the DR.

Starting about 1am, Frankie, Cody and Christine were talking in the hammock about how they feel sorry for Brittany cause Devin was mean. They talk random gossip for over an hour about the other HG's including how Derrick is a good talker and makes people feel comfortable. they talk about their families etc. They talked a lot about Devin imploding and not lasting long. They think Donny is very smart and is an information gatherer

Derrick, Caleb , and Cody talking in the backyard about the renom speech and how bad of a player Joey is and that Brittany made a mistake talking to Devin without thinking how that could bite her. Derrick says that Brittany tried to apologize but Devin didn't want to talk to her.  They discuss votes and who the different HG's would nominate. Derrick has mad respect for Jocasta but they all agree she's a floater who won't go against her principles and will be happy to get as far as she can. Cody said he has Victoria even though he thinks she's annoying. Derrick said he has Jocasta. Caleb said he has Nicole. They are ready to get rid of Brittany. Paola seems to be a non-factor in their discussions. They think they can get Donny and Hayden to vote their way.

2:00am - Zach is still awake. Christine congratulates him: WTG Zach. He admits he does sleep a lot

Caleb ends the day how he started by talking about Amber and how his romance is going.

The majority of the group stay in the backyard chit-chatting about bands, how many people applied to be on Big Brother and other random topics until about 6am. 

Brittany and Joey talk a bit more in the bedroom about Joey going on the block. By 7am everyone is quiet

What will happen next? Will Devin or Joey be the renom? Will Derrick slip up and blow his cover? Will these people get to bed at a reasonable hour?

Always end with a happy photo: please enjoy Devin's beauty routine he's sharing with Zach.