Waiting, VETO and Misting 

12:30 pm Frankie wakes up, puts on makeup and is called in to the DR. He comes out crying.  He kept saying ‘Oh my God”.  Victoria gets up and starts her daily routine and Derrick is called in to the DR. It takes Derrick awhile to get up and get into the DR.  While Derrick’s in the DR Frankie studies the memory wall for the morph VETO competition later,

At 1:30 pm  Frankie told Victoria that they were building the VETO competition and that it would be like 4 hours till they compete.

After Derrick gets out of DR he goes into the bedroom. Frankie follows him and said to him that “they love us” (meaning America. It seems that the DR told them that if either of them win they would get an additional $50,000 since they were part of team America. Frankie believes that they have to both be F2 and only the winner would get the extra money, It is confirmed later that they both don’t have to get to F2, even if one of them won they would get the money. Frankie wants Derrick to save him so they can win the money and split it. Derrick tells Frankie that Cody will not flip. (Read partial transcript here)

Most of the day is quiet and the house guests spend a lot of time studying the memory wall for the competition and waiting for the VETO competition to begin.

6:42 pm the VETO ceremony finally starts. When the feeds return at 9:00 pm we see that Cody won VETO and Frankie came in last, Victoria even beat him. We hear Victoria quickly asking Derrick if they were going to blindside Frankie this week and Derrick saying yes. Cody finished in 2 minutes and 22 seconds. It was a timed competition, one where once you beat the best score you stopped playing. With that they guessed that Frankie never got past the second picture, Frankie said he did not know Ambers eyes.

Caleb hugged Victoria and said she was not going anywhere. He then told Cody and Derrick that he wants a 1-1 tie so he can send Frankie home.  Frankie enters the kitchen and he said in his speech he is going to say that he regrets pushing the reset button.

 Cody and Derrick go to the fire room. Derrick tells him he loves him. Cody said he wants to by loyal to Caleb and bring him to F3. He said he will feel bad if he has to send him home.

Playing pool Caleb and Cody discuss F2 deal. Caleb believes he will win against Cody because he has lots of the jury people votes locked up.

Once Frankie heads to bed (and talks to himself for about an hour about how he should not have pushed the button etc.) Victoria did some laundry and Derrick and Cody got to talk a bit more. Cody tells Derrick that he knows for sure that Caleb wants to take him (Cody) to F2 Derrick sprays his mist and convinces Cody to take Victoria to F3 and cut Caleb next. Cody jumps on the misty ride and agrees they will take Victoria to F3. Derrick said to Cody that he told him on week 4 to save Caleb and now he is telling him it is time for him to go.

All the houseguest’s think that it will be a double elimination on Sunday and ending on Tuesday.

Derrick and Caleb talk briefly, Caleb again tells Derrick that he knows he has 6 votes in the jury and one of them was Derricks and that it was enough to win.

3:49 am all were in bed

Can Frankie convince Cody to use the VETO on him? Will the Derrick mist last till the end of the game? How mad will Caleb be by leaving this week? Who will win the next and most powerful power of VETO? Lots will be happening over the next few days!