Coming into Monday the expectation is that Victoria will save herself and Donny will be the replacement. But there have been several options floated about including putting up Caleb, Zach pitched to have himself put up as a diversion to his alliances and late last night Brittany was actually going to wake up Cody hoping to play on his sympathies and request blind control of the replacement nominee. Will Cody go with the flow or switch things up?   

8:00 AM

Brittany is up early and she’s noticeably sore from completing her task of 2,400 soccer goals yesterday. The rest of the house gets the wake-up call just before 9 AM.

Right off we see Brittany showing Hayden her foot by the hot tub. There is a blister and one toenail is hanging off. When she leaves Donny comes out and talks a little game with Hayden. Donny would nominate Frankie and Derrick and if the POV was used he would put up Amber. They go over the days of events.

Brittany has gone up to the HOH talking to Cody. She thinks she would have a better chance of staying if she’s up against Nichole. She was hoping she might get something to save her when she completed the soccer task. She was going to give up at one point and Donny talked her out of it. They trash talk Frankie’s game.

During their talk Big Brother had been requesting everyone turn in their activity tracker. After the 6th time, Cody takes his to the storage room and Frankie rushes in behind him. Cody reports Brittany wanted to put up Nicole.

Next up, Donny wants to speak with Cody. They talk about putting up Caleb. Cody says the people he talked to wanted Brittany out before Caleb. Cody is worried about his game if Caleb went up and still stayed in the house. He also makes note that his brother would be disappointed in him for not making the move to put up Caleb. Donny tells him it’s a big decision and think about what his brother would say if he was in here. Donny tells him he understands and won’t hold anything against Cody, no matter how it goes. Cody lets out, “I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I’m not putting you on the block. They hug and walk down stairs.

We see Cody speak to someone off camera, “I’m putting Caleb on the block.” The next thing we see as Cody is called to the Diary Room, Frankie runs in and wakes up Zach and then Derrick to relay that Cody has changed the plan.

11:00 AM

Cody emerges from the Diary Room and Derrick meets with him in the HOH. Derrick says Frankie told him about Caleb going on the block and Cody calls him a little weasel.
Cody doesn’t expect Caleb to go home and points out Donny has helped them, not hurt them. Derrick thinks if Caleb goes up, he will be the one going home, but will respect whatever Cody decides.
While they were talking Big Brother called them by name to change their batteries. Frankie took it upon himself to go to the storage room and run the batteries up to the HOH room so they could keep talking.

It would appear to us that Caleb will be the replacement nominee before the feeds go out.
Just under an hour later the feeds return and we see Cody very upset with himself. He’s pacing around the HOH breathing very heavy and at one point throws his hat down in disgust.

Meanwhile downstairs, Donny and Brittany can be seen in the nomination chairs; Donny says he was the last one who wanted to be sitting by her.  

Cody comes downstairs and hugs Donny before going outside. He’s still pretty disgusted and various people take turns telling him what a good thing it was that Donny is the replacement nominee. Frankie tells him how courageous he is for looking out for the house. Derrick points out this isn’t real life and he’s played it strategically not personally.

Back inside Jocasta, Victoria, Donny and Brittany are coming to terms that they are the next four to be evicted. After they disperse, Hayden stops by to assure Donny he is staying. Amber, Christine and Caleb join them in silence.

A little later Frankie assures Donny that he will be staying. Caleb also tells Donny he thinks Brittany will be going home.

Frankie leaves to go coach Cody about what to say to Donny. Mainly this was a decision to keep the whole house happy and pacified. Trying to make Cody feel better, Frankie says, “You don't slay the giant by walking up to him; you do it by putting poison in his drink.”

Meanwhile Derrick meets with Donny in the hive room. When Derrick asks if Cody's target is Brittney, Donny says he thinks so, “But what Cody wants doesn't matter now”. Derrick plays the Team America card to assure Donny he is safe. They continue on for some time about how they think things will go and assuring each other is safe.

Brittany has made her way to the HOH to talk with Cody. She doesn’t like that Donny was put up against her and now knows ‘the guys’ are up to something. The conversation continues with them getting snippy with each other until Cody is called to the Diary Room.

Derrick and Amber talk briefly that Brittany is the target.
Next Derrick and Zach talk and confirm Brittany is the target.

1:00 PM

Frankie and Caleb have a game chat. Caleb wants him to know that Amber will talk to people outside the alliance about personal things, not game. They are faithful until Jury. Caleb would nominate Victoria if he wins HOH but isn’t sure of the other spot. Frankie suggests Jocasta. They note that Brittany is trying to stay but it won’t work.

Nicole goes up to tell Cody she appreciates not being nominated. She knows Brittany was throwing her name at him. Cody denies it. Christine joins them and they take some time to trash talk other players; Frankie, Zach, Caleb, and Brittany all get a mention.

2:00 PM

Amber is now in the HOH with Nicole and Cody. Cody says he is starting to pull back from Zach. Amber wants it known that she and Caleb are not playing the game together. She also does not want to be in Jury alone with Caleb.

Continuing the rotation, Jocasta and Christine are now in the HOH with Cody. They are watching the kitchen on the spy screen where Caleb is eating a pickle to get a date with Amber. They talk about how everyone knows she does not like him that way, except for him.

Later, Amber and Nicole are trying to prank Zach while he sleeps. Hayden is sleeping there too but hears them and warns Zach. They leave and come back to get Hayden. They convince him to close his eyes then put cream in his hand and push it into his head.

5:00 PM

Outside, Donny points out to Jocasta there are four people that have never been on the block. Jocasta recites their names; Cody, Christine, Derrick and Frankie. With that in mind, Donny wants to know who she would put up. Jocasta stays quiet.

8:00 PM

Zach, Derrick and Cody talk that Brittany is going home but they want her to think she is staying. Cody tells Zach not to get her riled up otherwise. He’s worried she will throw everyone under the bus.

Right after that Frankie tells Derrick he wants Brittany to think she doesn't have a chance.

Zach, Frankie, and Christine team up on the dishes. Zach says, “Wouldn't it be nice if it was us three at the end?”

Victoria let’s Derrick know she heard people knew Donny was going up but Derrick didn’t say anything to her. Derrick plays it off that he didn’t even know.

Derrick goes to Cody to say they need to be more tight-lipped because of what just happened with Victoria. They continue to chat under the guise of vacuuming the pool.  

Victoria comes out of the Diary Room and Derrick wants to let her know that he has the votes to evict Brittany and Donny will be safe. They joke back and forth. Victoria wants to know what is entertaining about her. Derrick replies, “You act naïve”.

10:30 PM

Frankie tells Zach that he has to backdoor Amber. Frankie won’t put her up.

There is a frightening conversation that reveals the houseguests don’t know where Amsterdam is. When Zach takes his trip to Germany, he wants to get in a cab and tell the driver to take him to Amsterdam.

Cody pulls Donny aside to explain he was put up for the sole reason of sending Brittany home. Cody could not risk Caleb knowing that Cody was after him. Donny says he will keep his mouth shut because the people in the house are so paranoid that any little thing someone says can grow.

1:00 AM

Back in the bathroom, Brittany tells Amber she should have the votes to stay but it might be close. Cody wants to keep her and picked Donny so she would win. Amber says that if Cody wants her to stay, then she should be safe. Amber promises her vote.

Hayden and Zach take a minute to say they should get rid of Amber and Caleb next.

Meanwhile in the HOH, Cody, Derrick, Amber and Caleb talk that Brittany will be voted out. Amber relays the conversation she just had with Brittany. When Amber leaves, Cody worries she will tell Brittany what’s really going on.

Frankie joins the in the HOH while Cody points out that Victoria and Donny wondered why Caleb felt safe enough to take money in the POV competition. Caleb wants Victoria to go next week. Derrick prefers Jocasta. They think the winner should give all the bomb squad members $5,000.

Caleb, Cody and Zach do some shirtless dancing. Frankie thinks it’s hot and Christine says, "Best night of my life."

3:30 AM

Brittany has noticed, "I come outside, everyone goes inside. I don’t know where I stand." She tells Cody it’s obvious that it will be her, Victoria, Jocasta and Donny out next. She requests, “Just leave me for last”.

Not long after, Zach tells Brittany he's saving her and to "just get 4 more votes." Then Cody will be the tie breaker.

Later, Zack, Amber and Frankie are up in the HOH bed. Amber worries about the conversations she’s having with Brittany. “I just go along with whatever she says. So if she says Zach needs to go, I just go along with her.” Cody comes in and sees them all in his bed. They jokingly ask him to leave. Cody relays his conversation with Brittany.  When Frankie worries that Brittany knows so much about all of them, Zak and Cody come back with a sarcastic, “I wonder why, Frankie?! Amber!” Zak relays that he told Caleb that he wanted to keep Brittany and Caleb went directly to Amber with that information.

They talk about Caleb having a big crush on Amber.  Amber didn’t come here for that. When Amber leaves they watch the spy screen and laugh as Caleb follows her around the house. They spend some time bashing Caleb.

A few minutes after Cody, Frankie, and Zak turn off the lights to go to sleep, Brittany knocks on door and asks, "Are you guys sleeping?" They say they are and ask if she wants to join them. She declines.

With the exception of Brittany doing her make-up, the house goes quiet at 6:30 AM.

Will it be a unanimous Brittany eviction? Or will the moles create enough stir to change some votes? Could it be enough to keep her in the house? And what will Caleb do next to win over Amber?   

They kept the Updaters busy today. Thanks to all of them!