Coming into Monday the plan is for Hayden to take Victoria off the block; Amber will go up under the guise of proving her loyalty to the alliance but with the expectation she will be evicted. However, Caleb thinks the Veto will be used on Jocasta and Amber going up will scare her back under control. Team America has been encouraging Zach to go off in the Veto meeting and he has planned an ‘epic speech’. What could go wrong?

8:30 AM

The wake-up call comes and Victoria is called to the Diary Room. Instead, she goes from room to room looking for a hat and glasses before finally complying.

Several house guests are getting ready in the bathroom while Amber tells them she was hit with a pillow while she slept last night.

Caleb meets with Frankie to make revisions to Zach's speech. He now wants it to “look like I have nothing to do with it." Frankie reminds him, "But you're taking credit for it."

Caleb has been bragging to the guys one by one about hitting Amber with a pillow while she was sleeping last night. With each telling it becomes more devastating, eventually saying he smoked her in the face with a rock pillow.

Caleb stands motionless for several minutes as he watches Amber through the patio door. He eventually moves on to help Zach rehearse his lines.

Victoria rehearses her veto speech to Cody.  He says he likes it.

Sporting his "sexy onesie military" look, Caleb launches into a freestyle rap (rhythm and rhyme be damned!)  Derrick says it sounded like a rap song played backwards.


Feeds come back from the Veto meeting. Hayden did save Victoria and Frankie put up Amber. Amber tells Derrick, Frankie and Cody, "I think this was planned by you guys." She leaves and Cody thinks Zach tipped Amber off. Cody is very unhappy. He also feels Zach is throwing him under the bus, but it is unclear how. Frankie vows they are putting Zach up. They note Jocasta is crying.

Amber arranges some things and climbs in bed in the rock room as Caleb walks by without a word. She doesn’t get a chance to get comfortable before being called to the Diary Room.

Outside now, Caleb tells Zach, "She's mad. She's in there throwing bags around. It's great."

Frankie and Zach estimate that Zach was going into Amber for about 1 minute 30 seconds at the meeting. Then Frankie accuses Zach, "You're the one who told Amber I'm not to be trusted." Zach denies, "I never said that! Why would I say that?" They eventually high five in celebration of how the meeting went.

Amber confronts Derrick and Cody, "Why are we deviating from the plan? We are supposed to be getting rid of Zach." Derrick says he is voting for her to stay and directs her to talk to Caleb. Amber presses the issue and Derrick let’s on that Frankie got information this morning that made him want to nominate Amber.

Zach and Victoria spar a bit with Zach saying, "It's like we just went through a crazy POV meeting or something. Be happy, you're safe."

Zach pretends to be surprised Hayden saved Victoria. Caleb says Hayden told him just before the meeting. Cody comes in and verifies Amber is upset wanting to talk to Caleb. Caleb says if Amber wants to talk to him, she can come up to him personally instead of sending someone to get him.

Amber wants to know from Nicole if she knew ahead of time (about the meeting). Nicole denies. Amber gets sarcastic with her, “I’m Sorry if I just met you Caleb and I Don’t want to go on a freaking cruise with you! This would have been the time we could have gotten Zach out. I’m gonna throw all of them under the bus.”

Christine joins and denies knowing what was going on. Amber saw Zach and Caleb smile at each other, so she knew what was about to happen. That's why she remained so calm and just smiled the whole time. She counts four votes with the two of them plus Cody and Derrick. Christine points out Caleb said he will never vote Amber out. Jocasta enters and Amber asks if she knew. Jocasta did not. Amber talks again that this is personal because of Caleb, but this time alludes to something in her personal life that prevents her from wanting a showmance or a boyfriend right now.

Frankie starts telling others Amber is trying to start a girl's alliance again.

Hayden and Cody agree they'd go after Zach, especially in a Double Eviction because he puts a target on them with his behavior.

1:00 PM

Zach is called to the Diary Room and does his evil laugh all the way there, passing Amber and Derrick along the way.

Shortly after, Amber is campaigning to Cody. He volunteers to talk to Nicole and Hayden to get her the rest of the votes she needs. She says her targets are now Zach and Caleb.

Meanwhile Caleb is up in the HOH telling Frankie, "The only thing she had to do was come straight to me and say she was sorry. But now we see where her head is."

Hayden joins Amber and Cody. Amber questions him and he tells her. “I wasn’t ever 100% trustworthy in you since week two with Devin. I am voting for Jocasta, but I’m open. I didn’t take [Victoria] off to have you intentionally go up. I did it because of MY game.”

Hayden meets back up with Cody. They are happy with their discussions with Amber. Frankie comes in and repeats his new lie about Nicole saying Amber is trying to restart the girl’s alliance again.

Amber takes another crack at Derrick. He advises her to not make Zach mad because she needs his vote. He suggests she work stuff out with Caleb too.

Amber then finds Frankie and questions his intentions. He says she is obviously staying, but to talk to Caleb.

2:00 PM

Talking to Derrick and using the Bible, Caleb is on a roll about how Amber should be coming to him, not "the enemy". Amber interrupts them and requests to speak with Derrick. Derrick tells Caleb what we are all thinking, "I bet that really chaps your ass."

Amber relays her meeting with Frankie to Derrick. He tells her to go talk to Caleb.

Amber goes to the Beehive room and says, “You have something to say, Caleb?" After an awkward back and forth, Caleb tells her the reason she was nominated was to test her. If she blew up the alliance, she would go home. If she confided in the alliance, she would stay. Caleb said he heard from Frankie that Amber blew up the alliance to Nicole. Amber can't wait until everyone goes home and sees everything.

An irritated Amber runs into Christine, so they go back to talk in the bathroom. She tells Christine that Caleb thinks she blew up the alliance to Nicole. Christine is shocked and says that’s not possible.

At that moment, Caleb has Nicole in the beehive room asking her directly about what is being said. A confused Nicole tells him Amber didn’t say anything about any alliance. Caleb is realizing he has been lied to.

Caleb goes back to standing motionless at the sliding glass door surveying the people in the backyard.

When Amber comes inside, Caleb takes her into the Bee Hive Room and says Frankie's being an instigator. She’s really bothered that she is the one being considered untrustworthy while Zach is getting a pass. She makes sure to point out the ways Caleb is responsible for her being on the block.

We also see Christine and Nicole have met up and Nicole reports she told Caleb the truth. Frankie joins them and Nicole says if she needs to lie about something Amber did or didn't say she will; she just needs to know.

Frankie doesn’t get far before being confronted by Amber and Caleb. Frankie denies and asks Amber to leave so he can talk to Caleb. Amber agrees (Are you kidding me?!) saying, "Can I know the truth after this?"

Caleb knows he was lied to about Amber forming a girl’s alliance and wonders what else they lied about to him. Frankie tells him, "You just threw me under the bus to Amber. I don't appreciate that." Frankie has Caleb get Nicole. When they are back with Frankie, Caleb asks her, "After the meeting, did Amber tell you she wanted to form an all-girl alliance?" Nicole fumbles around the answer and Frankie tries to steer her but switched to asking her about the date. Nicole says Amber has no feelings for Caleb. Caleb responds, "I'm hearin' so much, and my mind's going bonkers!"

When Nicole leaves them, Frankie tells Caleb: "I'm sorry if I made it sound like something else was said. I don't understand why you're getting manipulated so easily." Frankie tells Caleb he is blinded by Amber and points out all the ways she’s just not into him, “She's gonna go home now because she can't keep her mouth shut. She lied to you about the date. You're going to go home and see and be so upset.” Defeated, Caleb says he sees it now. Frankie’s advice; make sure everyone knows he is no longer working with Amber.

After Caleb leaves Nicole gets to Frankie telling him, “Don't throw me under the bus, because I'd never do that to you." Frankie says it has to be "gloves off" with Amber now.

Frankie moves on to Cody telling him Caleb sold them all out to Amber about them all knowing she was going up.

Caleb is called to the Diary Room. He says he doesn’t want to go right now and stays sitting on a couch. When he does get up he tells Derrick, "Just know I have your back, no matter what."

A confused Derrick asks Frankie what is going on. Frankie brings him up to speed.

3:30 PM

Amber tries to switch things up with a bikini offensive...

While Nicole tells Derrick and Cody that Frankie used her to pit Caleb and Amber against each other, Frankie is telling Victoria a version of what’s happening too.

Victoria leaves Frankie to check with Nicole. She reluctantly goes through it all again adding that now they have to tell Amber she's going home and everyone is scrambling. 

Frankie and Christine go upstairs. Hayden follows them too. Frankie goes through all that’s happening with them. Nicole, Victoria, Cody, and Zach join them and Frankie says they're sending Amber home and Caleb’s the next target.

5:30 PM

Caleb and Amber have an exchange. Amber thinks she’s going home now. She saw Caleb and Zach exchange glances at the meeting. Caleb denies it and says he wants her there. She is not convinced. He presses her for how she really feels about the date. Amber doesn't want to get into detail about her "sob story" but something happened outside the house and she can't deal with most guys right now. She leaves him sitting there.

Caleb requests a chat with Derrick. He recounts what is being said and is trying to get to the truth. Derrick says they'll never know the whole truth until they get out of the house and advises Caleb to vote with the house to keep their trust. Derrick explains now that Amber's on the block, people want her out. Caleb volunteers to go up and go home next week if Amber stays. Derrick says he may not have a choice.

Nicole tells Derrick in the Kitchen that Amber's staring holes through her. Derrick: "You got boned. Frankie threw you under the bus." Derrick says the game’s only going to get harder from here. Big Brother is starting soon. Nicole: "It started today!"

Caleb is back to working on Frankie to rally for Amber. Becoming more irritated, Frankie points out again that Caleb is “scrambling for someone who doesn't give a [darn] about him”.

Later Frankie and Amber chat in the Beehive Room. She's counting on Cody, Caleb and Derrick’s votes. Frankie agrees. She understands that she went up because she was the only girl left.

Now with Christine, Caleb goes over his selling points to keep Amber. Christine says she wants to work with Amber.

Nicole has a strange clearing the air conversation with Victoria. Nicole felt like Victoria liked Hayden and was jealous of her. Victoria says he's like a brother to her, like Britney and Lane.

7:30 PM

Cody and Frankie agree to keep lying to Amber and blindside her.

Caleb campaigns to Cody again. Amber joins them while Caleb does the talking. Cody just plays along.

Caleb moves on to Zach. Zach too plays along and says he's keeping Amber.

Zach and Hayden meet in the storage room and are excited how perfect the day has been and look forward to the blindside.

Back in the Kitchen, Zach has an identical conversation with Christine with Frankie there. Christine cannot wait for Thursday.

Next Zach and Frankie talk about back-dooring Caleb next week because of how he is acting.

9:00 PM

Playing pool, Zach has suffered a string of loses to Derrick. Zach says he will never let Derrick beat him again and agrees to jump in the pool with his clothes on if it does. Moments later we see how that went…

Meanwhile in the Bathroom, Nicole tells Hayden she is mad that she has to lie for Frankie again. Hayden advises she tell Frankie she will tell Amber, "I was told to say things and I won't throw anyone under the bus, but multiple people told me I had to say it. I was pushed into the situation and was a scapegoat for a lot of people." Hayden thinks Amber will start freaking out, but the pressure would be off Nicole.

Nicole takes Hayden’s advice and talks with Frankie and Christine in the Bee Hive room. Amber comes in and Nicole goes through the spiel suggested by Hayden, but she really fumbles it up. Frankie actually jumps in and leads her through it. Amber doesn’t seem to be concerned about it. She’s more into telling the others she that she won't tell anyone her life story for sympathy and votes.

Outside Hayden plots with Donny to have Caleb on their side once he finds out that Amber is going. Hayden is also concerned about Frankie getting himself and others into trouble. Donny says, "I don't know that I'd put him up, but I'd vote him out for sure. Everybody likes you and me, but everyone loves him and we don't stand a chance against him."

Cody, Nicole, Frankie, Zack, and Christine have made their way back to the HOH room and have a bash Amber session. They get a little Victoria bashing in for good measure.

Meanwhile Caleb is campaigning to Hayden again in the Bee Hive room. Hayden says he will talk to people and try and get votes for her to stay.

11:00 PM

Cody and Derrick compare notes out in the hammock. Caleb comes out and interrupts them to make the case for Amber again.

Elsewhere Victoria worries to Zach and Christine she's been changing in front of the cameras not realizing it would be shown. Christine bets she is #1 on Jokers.

Zach purposely irritates Victoria, “How many times were you on the block?” When Victoria doesn’t answer and decides to leave Zach says, “You're gonna be sitting on that block for the fourth time in a row!” Nicole decides to leave too after that one.

2:00 AM

Caleb starts a very long conversation with Amber. He's sorry for his part in her going up and also admits he was the one that hit her with the pillow last night. They are both calm, but she’s not letting him off the hook for anything. She asks, “Do I have to eat a banana to stay?” Caleb keeps laughing and saying “You're not going home. Trust me.” Amber finally tells Caleb that Nicole said she was forced to lie today.

Still sure of things, Caleb says if Amber goes home he’ll write a check for the money he makes in jury and send it to her. He tells her he runs the alliance. She leaves him with, “You need to think about what you’ve done.”

They throw pillows at each other before parting ways and the house goes quiet at 4:30 AM.

Will Caleb figure out the depth of his delusions? Will Amber be told she is going? The whole day reminds me of my first scout outing where they had me looking for a left handed smoke sifter for hours. I can’t imagine the turns we’ll see before Thursday!

And some bonus quotes from the day:
Caleb to Amber, "You take everything that's said and you rearrange it to how you want to hear it"
Caleb to one of the guys, “I’m not even gonna get her number now!”
Caleb to Amber, "I don't want you close to anybody else!"
Caleb to Amber, "Derrick's gonna do what I want."

Thanks to all the Updaters for their time and effort!