It's a slow Wednesday ... but **** NEW ALLIANCE ALERT ****

Devin is still on his no-campaign - campaign tour. Going to the individual house guests and repeating he isn't campaigning but he's the best man for the vote. So far no one has said they are voting for Devin to stay. At this point it's unanimous for him to go but it's a long way until Thursday.

Devin: formulating the words to persuade the house guests to vote for him





Victoria is taking her turn and fixing up Hayden's hair. Donny said he looks like Goldilocks and explains the story to Victoria. Hayden heads outside to model his hair. 







...back at campaign headquarters...

Devin talks to Cody. Cody is very blunt and tells him he doesn't have his vote. Devin explains that Caleb pressured Cody to vote out Zach and Caleb agreed with him but tell him he thinks keeping him (Devin) would keep a negative vibe. He also told him that he agrees Devin is a better competitor than Caleb.

Cody and Hayden compare notes and agree that Devin has good points but they can't keep him because the target would be firmly on their backs

Devin asks Brittany if she can help him gain any votes with the girls. She said she would try but people are afraid to keep him at this point.

Devin pleads his case again with Donny. Donny tells him that "we" have to make a decision for us for our families and for our dignity. Devin asks Donny if he feels that he was approached with respect and Devin said he's trying to be respectful. Donny said he did feel he was respectful and appreciated it.

...A possible new alliance is forming...

Donny tells Jocasta that they need to stick together with Brittany and maybe Victoria. Donny then points to Derrick and calls him the ring leader and Jocasta agrees.Brittany joins them later and tells them that even though Devin has good points she can't get the votes for him to stay and they all agree

...HOH camera time...

Derrick is walking around the backyard, the bathroom and around the house taking pictures with the HOH camera.

...Lazy days of summer...

A lot of laying around the pool, some flirting, talking and discussing whether they will get booed or cheered when they leave. Derrick said both. 

...Back again at campaign headquarters...

Devin talks to Zach and Frankie individually and gives essentially the same pitch. He wishes he made different choices, please think about what is best and I won't campaign again. Zach said if he had the votes he would vote him to stay but he doesn't. Frankie said he appreciates the discussion

...Moving on to next week...

4:54pm Derrick and Brittany go into the HOH room to talk about who might be nominated next week. Both say they don't really trust Amber. They kind of trust Christine. Derrick asks Brittany why people are nervous about him and he believes Donny would put him up. (ED: earlier Donny did call Derrick the ringleader) Derrick said he trusts Donny and just doesn't feel it's reciprocated. Derrick tells Brittany she's quiet and that makes him nervous. She said Cody tells her that too and she's glad she's getting closer to Christine and Nicole.

Brittany asks what Derrick thinks about Cody. He says they aren't in an alliance. He reminds Brittany that Cody had her back when she was on the block. Brittany says she doesn't talk to Donny or Jocasta (ED: she talks to Donny)

Derrick asks her if she would put up Caleb and she deflects that question by saying she would discuss her noms with Derrick/Cody.

 They discuss who they think different people would put up if they won HOH.

Amber and Zach join Brittany and Derrick in the HOH room. Zach thinks Devin will leave unanimously.

Amber is worried Donny or Hayden will put her up if they win the next HOH. Zach is worried if Victoria wins.

... Team America fun ...

6:30pm Zach is lying and telling Brittany, Frankie and Derrick that he told Pao he was related to Amanda and includes a story about Amanda.

...Evening Gossip...

7:00pm Zach & Christine talking about how Donny doesn't like Christine.

8:00pm Cody & Zach talking about how Brittany isn't dumb just doesn't know the game.

8:54pm Victoria thinks Donny is sketchy. Zach says he would nominate Donny & Jocasta. Victoria thinks Frankie would put her up

... Evening Entertainment...

9:30pm Hayden and Frankie pretending to fight over a drunk character of Frankie's named Rachel. 

... Nighttime Gossip...

11:00pm Amber with Cody. Amber said it's hard to trust Frankie and Victoria.

Christine & Nicole talk about throwing votes to evict Caleb and frame Jocasta, Donny and Brittany

1:03am Zach & Cody in the storage room talking about how mad Caleb is that Cody is spending time with Amber. Cody said he knows and Caleb talked to him about it. Zach said he's throwing the HOH and Cody warns him not to tell anyone. Cody said he's going to try to win it.

Cody said he wants to trust Brittany but can't. Zach wants and alliance with her. Neither will put up Donny or Brittany if they win HOH.

2:38am Derrick and Cody In the HOH. They are upset that Zach wants an alliance with everyone. They don't want one with Brittany because they have to vote her out and don't want another alliance to blow up

... Nighttime Giggles...

2:58am Brittany and Amber flirting with Cody in HOH. Derrick warns Cody not to put a target on his back. 

3:04am Christine, Zach, Brittany, Derrick, Amber, Cody,  Hayden, Frankie, Nicole  in HOH laughing and talking.

... New Alliance Alert...

3:44am Christine, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Zach make an official alliance. Derrick names it "The Detonators" and the alliance is born.






 After the alliance gets a name and hand signal, the group talks about who trusts who and who would put up whom. This is similar to early discussions. Donny doesn't like Christine. Amber is in no man's land and is trying to get away from Caleb. People are talking about Cody getting too close to Amber and it's hurting his game.