Morning: BB wakes the houseguests up around 10 am. Everyone is grumbling and moving slowly until about 10:30 when Hayden and Donny start talking outside in the backyard. They are talking about what they would do if they won the money. Hayden says he would keep his apartment but buy a car and spend most of his time traveling, specifically backpacking through Europe. Jocasta is doing laundry nearby and joins them. She talks about how production told her she needs to eat fruits and vegetables since she isn't getting any nutrients. She walks away and the conversation continues.

Donny is on the elliptical and says people at home are probably making fun of him for being the old man walking on the machine. Devin walks out and gives Donny a California geography lesson which he seems really interested in. Devin walks away again and Nicole joins them complaining about being hungry. Hayden wanders away and Donny uses this opportunity to remind Nicole of the TA rumor about Zach being related to Amanda. Nicole says she may have never noticed had he not said something. Donny says that Elissa didn't look much like Rachel either, and he way not have realized if not for seeing them side by side from the beginning. Nicole asks Donny if he was a girl which boy in the house would he like? He says that that "oh lord" last time you asked my opinion it backfired (referring to his suggestion that she nominate Christine). She laughs and apologizes and he says Hayden because he is cool and that is so much more important than being cocky like some of the other boys.

Hayden is called to the DR and as if answering the question Hayden runs outside quickly to hand her a banana before heading into the DR. The rest of the morning is relatively uneventful with the HG mostly grooming, eating and complaining about not getting good sleep the night before. 

Afternoon: Derrick, Amber, Caleb and Victoria are chatting in the HOH when the photobooth is announced. Amber cheers that most everyone is asleep so they get to go first. Her and Caleb pose for cute shots. Jocasta goes next and brings the framed photos of the guys who were the top 2 retweets. Christine, and Amber take a turn next. Amber and Frankie put red lipstick on and kiss Caleb on the cheek. Donny takes some shots with the veto necklace while Devin hovers awkwardly outside. Caleb pulls Frankie aside and is whispering something inaudibly potentially Amber because Frankie says "Does she know?" and "Awww".

A bit later Brit, Jocasta, Christine, Nicole, Donny, Amber and Hayden discuss how creepy Devin is acting, always hovering around. They joke that Devin is going to stalk Donny after. Caleb and Frankie are sunbathing near the pool and Caleb says he should have turned his head when Amber kissed his cheek. Hayden and Amber are jogging through the backyard, BB announces that it takes about 19 1/4 laps around the yard to equal 1 mile. Caleb and Frankie join the joggers. The afternoon passes with most of them hang in out in the backyard and a few napping inside.

Evening: About 7 PM Frankie and Caleb are inside changing for the pool. Caleb walks past a sleeping Zach on his way out and partially obstructed from the camera he kisses him, climbs on top of him and hugs him. Zach asks him what time it is responds that he is going to sleep for another 2 hours, Frankie says "goodnight lover" and walks away.

Back  in the backyard Hayden and Nicole have started a game of leap frog.  She is scared at first and the HG 'boo' her until she gives in and does it. Frankie and Devin are in the hot tub watching and talking about when Frankie was an MC in at a club in NYC. He says he misses NYC, he used to work from 12:30 to 6:30 AM, says he had a "Zach schedule" when he lived there (referring to the fact that Zach sleep all day.)

A little later Donny, Brit and Zach (who has finally emerged about 8:15) have a conversation in the backyard about the game in general. Devin keeps creeping over into the conversation and after he walks away. They talk about how being nominated feels and how Zach felt being on the block on a Thursday night. 

Late Evening: Christine, Zach and Frankie discuss losing their virginities in the bathroom. Frankie's answer is inaudible, Zach says he lost his "late" at 16 and Christine says 20. Zach admits to having had more than 25 sexual partners, Christine says she is not surprised.

A couple hours later Brit, Amber and Derrick discuss the POV ceremony in the HOH room. They are concerned that Devin is trying to mess with their heads. Derrick assures them not to worry that Donny is definitely going to use it on Jocasta and Devin is going home this week. They also discuss how Victoria is very paranoid, following Derrick everywhere and just acting generally insecure. Jocasta comes upstairs and joins them, is reassured that nothing fishy is going on and that she is being saved for sure. Cody comes in and tells them there is a rumor going around that Devin is not going to be put up, Derrick quickly squashes it.

Late Night: About 4:30 AM Caleb and Amber are the only ones still up and chatting in the BH. Caleb spreads the TA rumor to Amber about Zach and Amanda. They plan to wait to see if it's true and confront him about it. They head into the backyard a little later and take stuff out of the dryer. Amber puts on a hoodie and zips her whole face in it getting her hair stuck, Caleb has to help her out. They go to sleep soon after. 

Well that's it for Sunday, a big thanks to all the updaters!