Surprise, Surprise, Surprise Victoria loses part 2, Cody counting votes…….


The houseguests slept in this morning there was no movement until 11:30 am. We then see Cody doing his early morning routine getting ready for the day. Victoria followed and started her hours long getting ready for the day routine. Derrick slept through all the morning routines.

The DR asked them for their choice of food for lunch and they decided to get Chinese food.

Derrick and Cody both complained about the feeling in their hands which is slowly coming back after competing in the last competition. They are using the rolling pin and rolling it over their fingers trying to get the feeling back.  Derrick is also worried that his daughter might not know him.

1:30 pm Derrick and Cody have a brief discussion about how neither of them will take Victoria to the final.

After eating Chinese food Cody does not feel well and goes and lies down.

All speculate that there will be a competition today, and Derrick believes it will be at night.

While Cody was in the DR Derrick and Victoria talk about the upcoming competition. Derrick tells her to try her hardest. Victoria kept talking to him and trying to get Derrick to tell her to throw it. He won’t tell her to do it, he keeps telling her to try her hardest and throwing it is up to her.

After a long DR session Cod came out saying he did not believe that the competition will be today and Derrick kept saying it will. They discuss lockdown and figure out that they have been inside since Monday. Derrick also tells Cody that Victoria is certain that he is taking her to the F2 but he isn’t.

They all kill time playing cards. Nothing exciting.

5:00 pm Derrick came out of DR and said he did not think the competition would be today either.

6:30 pm the feeds go to Jeff interviews and part 2 of the HOH begins. Cody is locked in the HOH as this is going on, He threw limes into a bucket. He studies a bit going over nominations etc. He then starts counting votes and realizes he does not have Caleb’s, Victoria’s or Nicole’s vote if he is in F2 with Derrick. As he pondered over the votes he does not believe he can win against Derrick. He also wonders out loud if he can get Hayden’s vote once he hears about the hit men. Cody practiced his jury speech a few times too. Cody was anxious while waiting too. He wanted it over with.

At 8:45 pm the feeds switched to highlights and when they return we see Victoria crying and Derrick telling Cody he did it. Derrick had won part two of the HOH.

The competition had to do with plates and putting them in order, it took Victoria 30 minutes to do it. It took Derrick 15 minutes. Victoria still crying gets called to the DR. Cody and Derrick talk, Cody tells Derrick that he thinks Derrick has the edge over the votes, Derrick immediately denies it and changes the subject to how devastated Victoria will be when she is evicted and how they (him and Cody) have and amazing alliance one of the best in BB history. He then said now their families can get excited. Derrick then said they were like brothers and winning the 50K was good because he got another brother out of it. They briefly talk about Victoria and Derrick does not want to crush her dreams but also does not want to devastate her on finale night. Cody said he wants to crush her and does not understand how she keeps saying she worked hard to get here, Derrick responded by telling him she does not think Derrick helped her or carried her she believes she did it all herself. Derrick said he hopes she will stay friends with her after he sends her home but he doubts it.

12:30 am Derrick talks to crying Victoria and she is upset because she lost. He tries to comfort her by telling her she did her best, he did better because he had longer arms and legs. She said her best was not good enough. Derrick thought it was one of the best competitions of the season he loved it.

After Derrick gave her a pep talk they decide to pop the champagne and toast the competition and to help make Victoria sleep. While sipping champagne Cody tried pumping her up too, saying she did her best that is all that mattered, her picture was still in color etc.. Told her of Derrick’s advantage being bigger than her he could get up the wall quicker. Cody tells her not to beat herself up over it and Derrick tells her once they are out she better answer his texts because he hates people who ignore his texts.

Later once Derrick and Victoria again talk and he tells her how good she did. Victoria finally goes to sleep in the Fire room. Derrick talks to Cody and tells him that he has to tell her he is not taking her to F2 because he can’t stand 4 days of this carrying on. He said if she had finished in 16 minutes it would not have made a difference he would still choose Cody over Victoria. Cody agrees that the false hope will make it worse for her. Derrick did say he had an advantage because of his size in the competition.

4:12 am Derrick and Victoria in bed and Cody alone in living room playing cards. He said out loud that gotta go….who??? Derrick got up and joined Cody in living room. Victoria joined them and they discussed the competition, the harnessing and how hard it was to pull yourself up, that the counterweights did not help.

5:38 am All the houseguests head to bed finally, looking forward to getting the next 4 days over with


Will Derrick tell Victoria about not taking her to final 2? Will Derrick take Victoria over Cody to F2? Will Cody take Derrick to F2? How boring will the next 4 days really be? Who will befriend who and who will win? Only time will tell!

Thanks updaters for a great season and hanging in there! You’re the best on the web Jokers!