BB Brother Daily Recap August 15, 2014

Skittles, Backfire and Paranoia setting in


So first early Friday morning, this meeting took place to figure out who should go on the block.

12:54 am (after a whole hour alliance meeting (about 11:50 pm was when it started, after HOH reveal) where no one wanted to volunteer, it seemed Zach was being pressured the most to volunteer to go up next to Donny to throw it but he didn't want to do it, so they decided to do a random draw with Skittles)

 Christine = purple skittle

Caleb = green skittle

Cody = red skittle

Zach = orange skittle

 Christine's skittle is drawn first. She is next to Donny

Cody's skittle is drawn 2nd, Caleb's skittle is drawn 3rd. They are the other nomination pair.

9:20 am - The houseguests get woken up to start their day. We see everyone doing thier morning routines.

Derrick explains to Donny that only Victoria and Zach are safe this week that they pulled skittles out of a bag to figure out who will be on the block. (Really.... while you were sleeping Donny we decided you will be on the block and Victoria is automatically safe, then we drew skittles to see who would sit next to you all week because they would throw the BOB competition  making sure you remain on the block too! )

Derrick tells him he has two chances to save himself and if he does then Victoria will go up. Donny left and Frankie said he was not buying it, and Derrick said nope he was not that he was stoned faced. Frankie then said Derrick did a good job explaining the logic.

10:42 -10.46 am - Production must have thought the live feeds were off, we see production in the house setting up pictures etc. then we go to trivia for a bit.

11:49 am The feeds return and we see that true to the skittles: Frankie has nominated Cody and Caleb and Derrick has nominated- Donny and Christine

 1:59 pm We get fish again for a short time. When the feeds return, we see Donny and Frankie talking about the team America task, the task that they are going to try to perform this week is to organize a neighborhood watch and hide clothing. Derrick joins and said he wants to take something from each houseguest then hide it, and leave a message on the bathroom mirror saying the better watch their stuff for the next 24 hours. This will open the door for him to organize a watch of their stuff for 24 hours.

During the inside lockdown all afternoon all the house guests napped and ate.

5:40 pm - Zach got called to the DR, he came out and said come on everyone it is time for the battle of the block and we go to fish

7:13 pm The feeds returned and we immediately see Donny and Christine have won the Battle of the block and Derrick has been dethroned (he was covered in orange goop).

Derrick and Donny talk in the bathroom and Derrick tells Donny safety is a beautiful thing that he is happy he won. He also tells him he hopes that he (Derrick) gets to play in POV to ensure his own safety and he is glad he gets to play in next week’s hoh competition. Then he said Victoria will now be the target.

Chris and Cody were talking in the fire bedroom, Chris said Donny knew something was up because she did not find one bone. That she did not act excited when they won and he knew she threw it.

After Donny got out of the shower he was lying on his bed with tears running down his face. Then he was called to the DR.

Christine and Zach were talking she told him that production yelled at her when she tried to help Caleb and they made her take bones to the destination. The bones would light up and she was forced to play them.

Derrick and Frankie chat in the Hoh room, Derrick said he has always wanted to work with Donny because of the Team America team because America likes him but nobody should think that he can’t expect not to be put up. Derrick said he could talk to Donny till he was blue in the face and he still would not believe him. (As he shouldn’t). Frankie said he hopes someone uses the VETO, he wants to take down Caleb and put up Victoria. Victoria will leave this week. Derrick then said that me and you (Frankie) are playing a great game and Donny is the underdog so that is why America loves him. Donny winning is great TV just like me winning last week…great TV.

A bit later Christine tells Derrick that Donny knows she was trying to throw it and he was leaving. He was our number 1 target. Derrick said that Frankie might back door Zach if he spills and tells Donny that he was a target this week. At the same time Donny tells Zach he hopes he wins the VETO or he might be back doored.

8:25 pm – We got Jeff’s interviews on the feeds again. When they returned we see they picked players for the VETO competition. Derrick will be hosting, Zach is not playing. Everyone else will be playing, Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Victoria, Christine and Donny.

Later Derrick as crying in the HOH room. Victoria tried comforting him, he said he heard a production guy say "Go Donny" during the competition and it upset him. He said he is pissed.

Before bed, Donny tells Zach that he is alone and how hard it is being alone. He hinted for an alliance. Zach asked him to keep him safe during VETO (not use it) and Donny agreed to.

1:03 am – The Detonators were in the HOH room talking and they were talking how they are not allowed to and how hard it is to throw a BOB competition now that production does not let them. Christine asked “Does America hate us?” then we immediately get fish. They then think that is why production clapped for Donny when he won and Derrick heard them coaching him on.

Later Zach tells Frankie that nobody can beat Derrick at F2, nor can they beat Caleb. He then said he would blow him (Frankie) to get to the F2 position.

In the bedroom Victoria climbed into bed with Derrick saying she was worried about the replacement nominee, Derrick tried to reassure her that she is not going up. He said he thinks it will be a mental competition and that noms will stay the same.

The house is all quiet at 3:45 am.

Who will be the replacement nom? Will Zingbot wake them up tomorrow morning? Will Derrick lose control and a member of his alliance this week? Thanks updaters!