The weekend hasn't shaken things up. The house still seems convinced that Donny will use the Veto and Devin will be leaving this week. Two thirds of the ‘Zach is Amanda’s cousin’ rumor is complete. Can Team America pull it off before the deadline? Will today’s Veto meeting change things or is Devin a dead man walking?   

9:00 AM

Devin is the only one up (walking around) before the wakeup call. Afterwards the house is bustling everywhere. Derrick gave shout outs along with Zach and Brittany. Jokers was mentioned. Derrick and Cody chat about nominating Caleb next week. Victoria finally mentions the Team America rumor to Brittany. The mission is complete.

11:00 AM

The feeds go out for the Veto meeting. About an hour later we return to a calm house. Donny did use the Veto to save Jocasta. Devin was the replacement nominee, joining Caleb on the block.

Devin tells others to just act normal around him for the next few days and have fun. Devin is eventually left alone in the kitchen.

Derrick is very excited he gets to talk to a fan as part of his HOH.

Team America meets about their mission. They don’t yet realize Victoria passed the rumor to Brittany, so they decide to plant some more seeds. Once they know they have succeeded, Donny will let Zach in on the rumor so it can be killed and cover their tracks.

Donny notices a rare light rain in the backyard.

Devin tells Christine and Cody that he's not going to campaign. He just wants to enjoy the time in the house.

Frankie and Zach strategize how to convince Jocasta, Donny, Brittany and Victoria to put up people they want in case they win HOH. Zach plans to get closer to Donny.

A little later Zach is very excited and pulls Frankie into the Storage Room to say Derrick and Cody are working something. Frankie asks if they are going to flip the vote to target Caleb. Zach says, “No... but Cody and Derrick are trying to expand their alliance to bring in Hayden”.

Derrick tells Victoria he thinks it will be an 11-0 vote for Devin to leave. Victoria is glad it won't be scary in there after he leaves. She also thinks she will win America's choice. Derrick thinks Donny will win it.

Brittany and Donny have a little game talk. Brittany doesn’t trust Victoria and notices she's getting close with Derrick.

Derrick and Donny get Zach in the HOH room to tell him the rumor that Paola told them about Zach being Amanda's cousin. Zach reacts, "That is a good move by her, wow! How do I play it?"

Shortly after Zach is trying to convince Victoria and Nicole he is not Amanda’s cousin. They are not really buying it, especially Nicole. She wonders if, "It’s America trying to stir up trouble."

They move to the bedroom with Frankie. Zach is upset with Nichole because she didn't come to him right away when she heard the rumor. Nicole is upset with Zach because he didn't trust her enough to tell her he's Amanda's cousin. Zach then starts leading them to believe the rumor is true, but goes back to denying it again. At this point no one is sure what to believe.


4:00 PM

Hayden joins them and points out Joey told him she was America's player. They laugh and don’t believe that’s true. Frankie chimes in, “Don't tell anyone, but I'm America's player!”

Later Hayden and Donny have a chat out back. After Brittany stops by and leaves, Hayden says she has great boobs. Cody joins and tells them he dreamed he kissed Brittany and makes them promise not to tell.

Not long after, Brittany impersonates the boys to Nicole. She runs through Hayden, Donny, Frankie and Cody.

6:00 PM

Talking with Cody, Caleb is still convinced Donny is ex-military.

A little later Donny and Caleb talk about everyone being paranoid, especially when people stop talking when someone enters a room.

Earlier Victoria was very happy to receive a new supply of her face wash from the Storage Room and she wondered if it was from America or maybe her mom sent it. But now she is very emotional, convinced it was from her mom and she now knows her mom is watching the feeds.

Devin mentions to Caleb he wants to compete in one of those physique shows just to say he did it.

Brittany is surprised how much Donny knows about reality TV shows. Donny recites all MTV reality shows. Others join and reality shows becomes the main topic of conversation throughout the day.

8:00 PM

Caleb lets Brittany know that Devin pulled Donny into the Bee Hive room and said he might have 6 votes to stay but Donny told him no.

Derrick and Amber have a chat and think they are safe with Don, Christine, Brittany, Hayden, and Nicole. Derrick expects 11-0 for Devin on Thursday.

Frankie comes out and cuddles up with Cody. Then while Frankie talks about his kabala bracelet keeping him safe from the evil eye, Cody gives him a not-so-evil stare.

Inside, Caleb jokes he's going to take a penalty vote and eat a cookie. When he picks one up, Big Brother calls him out to “Stop that!”

Frank and Zach meet up again and talk about Devin leaving. Zach lets on he doesn’t think he needs to try for HOH this week and Frankie can’t imagine, “who would even nominate me!" Zach gets in some trash talk about Victoria.

Caleb, Donny and Hayden chat that Devin won’t get any votes to stay.

Nicole says she is volunteering for Have-not next week. Christine also plans to be a Have-not.

10:00 PM

In his British accent, Frankie hosts a sex education class out back using visual aids.

Right after that, Zach wants Derrick to throw fruit very hard at his bare back. Derrick complies and doesn’t hold back. He misses the first couple tries, but finally connects and leaves a bruise.

Victoria looks into the distance while others chit chat about various things until she speaks up to Nicole and Zach that she is engaged. Others want to know what’s going on but Zach, Nicole and Victoria keep it to themselves (for now).

Devin tries to make a case to Derrick that he should stay over Caleb.  

Afterwards, Derrick joins Frankie, Caleb and Zach.

Zach lays out Devin’s horrible HOH step by step to the others and they all laugh. Zach is not sure how the jury stipend works prompting Derrick to ask, “You signed your contract, right?" To which Zach replied, “Yeah. But I didn't read it!”

Similar to an earlier conversation with others earlier in the day, Caleb has Amber alone and is once again rolling on and on and on about how things are, how things are going to be and that’s just who he is… At one point he wants her to commit to weekly talks with him but she won't say yes. He responds with, “That's not acceptable.”

Elsewhere Victoria tells a story about being picked up and taken away by a crow when she was 2yrs old.

1:30 AM

Derrick and Zach play pool and talk about Cody’s flirting until Cody arrives and the second nightly meeting of their new alliance gets underway. Things don’t look good for Caleb. Jocasta and Victoria don’t fare well either. Not to get blood on their hands, they think Christine would go after Donny and Jocasta and maybe Victoria. When Zack mentions he's not going to try to win HOH this week, the other two hardly acknowledge it.

They continue talking that it might be too late to start and alliance with Brittany, and out walks Amber with a face that says it all about her chat with Caleb.  

Amber leaves and Caleb shows up and goes on and on about Amber and the date he thinks he's talking her on after the show.

When Derrick and Cody go back up to the HOH they are both annoyed that Zach was planning to throw the next HOH (Guess they were listening after all). They seem to be on the same page as they review most everything that was already discussed at the pool table. They are concerned that Zach is a loose cannon and wonder if they should form an alliance with Hayden.

The house is completely quiet by 4:00 AM.

Will Devin make some bolder moves to try to stay in the house? Or will Caleb annoy people enough they decide to change the vote? It will be fun to watch!   

Thanks to the Updaters for keeping an eye out for us!