8:15 am  Not long after Brittany went to sleep Big Brother woke them up. The houseguests including Brittany got up and started to get ready for nominations and the Battle of the Block competition later that day.

9:40 – We once again have fish on the feeds and they don’t come back until 12:15 pm, we immediately see the nomination board and we see that Victoria and Jocasta, Brittany and Amber were nominated. Amber and Jocasta were nominated by Frankie, and Victoria and Brittany were nominated by Cody.

Cody, Caleb and Frankie were in the HOH room, they were talking about nominations. Cody said Victoria and Jocasta both said that they would nominate a guy if they got HOH so they had to get put up and Frankie said that Jocasta would nominate him for sure. Then Caleb said if he wins POV and Amber is up there he still would not use it.

2:15 pm We get the feeds cut again this time for the Battle of the Block competition. The feeds returned at 4:19 pm and we see that Amber and Jocasta are off the block and Frankie has been dethroned. Caleb hosted the competition.

Both Brittany and Victoria were complaining about people in the house. That they were sick of the high school stuff happening in the house. Brittany saying she does not talk game to anyone because she does not know who to trust. That the guys pick on weaker players. Zach interrupted them and he told Brittany to stay positive and she will have her vote. Brittany then said that last week he promised Devin his vote and Zach said that this week he means it.

Meanwhile, Christine went up to the HOH room and told Frankie, Cody and Nicole that Amber was downstairs trying to rally the girls to go against the guys. Then she went and found Cody and Derrick and told them the same thing.

Hayden and Victoria talk and she said everyone sees her as a pawn, she said look at Christine who has not won anything and has all this power.

5:40 pm  Amber and Caleb in the beehive room talking, she said she was sick of being a pawn, Caleb said she was up because she said she did not mind. He said people are not trusting her. Caleb then said that he thinks Frankie is the one stirring things up in the house and he just figured it out. Amber said she will talk to the guys about where she stands, how she is not against them. She said she likes Jocasta and hangs around with her because they read scripture together, pray together and is a good person. Amber also told him that she has no other alliance with anyone accept them and Christine, and that is who she is loyal to. Caleb said Derrick is the only one in the house he fully trusts. She said Devin really messed up her game, and she just wants to play her game and it took her a lot to get back the trust with both sides. Caleb then tells Amber that Brittany will go home this week. Amber then said to Caleb that she thinks the guys are all working in one alliance and she and Christine are on the outs of that alliance. That is she wins HOH again she will nominate two guys.

6:07 pm  Victoria came out of the DR crying and said to Zach "do you know why I was called in there?" and then the feeds cut to fish for like 5 minutes, when they came back the feeds were all on Amber and Caleb.

Caleb said that there is no way that two girls would get HOH, no way could they win against the guys. He said that they all will make jury.  Amber said that Brittany would be upset if she left this week, Caleb said that the only reason she would leave is because she is part of an alliance and they were going to break up that alliance this week. Caleb said Victoria is clueless and does not even know she is in the house. Finally at 6:28 pm Amber leaves to get something to eat.

7:00 pm  Victoria and Brittany have a little chat, Brittany told Victoria that people view her as someone that does not want to be here while she is viewed as someone that is fighting to stay here. Basically Brittany wants to win while Victoria just wants to stay and have a good time. Victoria said "who they to judge her are?, that she is always just a happy go lucky person. Brittany then said she wished Devin was still there, he at least told the truth. She then said they will pick off Jocasta and Donny next then all of them will make jury, which is their plan. Brittany then said she just wanted to tell her what others said and that she is guilty too of saying it. Brittany told her that if she was to leave that she (Victoria) better take the game seriously. Victoria said she does not have to explain herself to anyone. They both said they are not enjoying the game anymore. Brittany then said everyone there was two faced and that she did not trust Zach or Frankie. Victoria then said their chances of winning VETO are slim and if any of them win it they will not use it. Brittany said she is mentally stronger than Victoria and should stay and that she will not campaign against her. Victoria said the same she would not campaign against her. Victoria said that Frankie told her he was going to put up weak people but in his speech he said he was putting up fierce people and that it did not make sense.

7:25 pm Caleb and Frankie talk. Caleb tells Frankie that Amber said she would put up a couple of guys if she got HOH. He told him she was upset that she was nominated. He said that Amber told him about her other friends in the house and how she is protecting them. Frankie said Amber is in the middle and conflicted because of the eight. Caleb said she told him that she does not talk game with you. He said that Amber is loyal to them but keeps the others because she might need them later for her game. He said Jocasta is not making any moves and that she needs to go. Frankie changed the conversation to try to change Caleb’s thinking about Brittany. He wants to vote out Brittany saying she would put them both up where Victoria would not. Caleb said that neither of them can win HOH.

Frank, Nicole, Hayden and Zach were also chatting and they said Amber has been talking smack about him. Zach said he can’t wait till she goes home and sees how much everyone hates her. Zach and Hayden both say they hate her and Zach keeps calling her a snake. Zach wants to call her out so bad but won’t because she is safe this week. Hayden and Zach said they did not want her to make jury that she does not deserve it that all she is doing is sucking Cody’s dick and he knows it and it makes Amber look like an idiot. Nicole said Amber is just full of herself and she walks around saying that anyone not agreeing with the way she plays the game is just not playing the game.

Finally the lockdown was over and the houseguests go outside. They have fun swimming, in the hot tub, playing pool etc. For a while there was no game talk. Jocasta did pretend to be a newscaster and interviewed people for different positions like couch person (Victoria), Bed person (Zach), bathroom person etc., it was kind of funny and the houseguests played along. Christine and Donny did laps around the yard (good mileage on their fitbit). Donny told Christine that his brother and sister are probably watching him on TV because they are off for the summer and that his sister even has internets.

Victoria and Derrick chat and he tells her not to give up. She only needs 5 votes to stay. He said all he has to do is tell people to vote for her and she will stay. Victoria said she is not usually a weak person that she does not like the person who she is in the house. She then said that Zach told Brittany that she has to play dirty and throw her under the bus in order to stay.

11:20 pm Amber and Frankie talk about nominations. Frankie apologized for putting her up as a pawn but said that Cody said she would be fine with it so he did it. Amber said she took one for the team this time. She then said she is telling him what she told Cody, Christine and Zach and that was to come to her and ask her if they doubt anything she is doing. He then said he does not care who goes home Brittany or Victoria, he said Brittany is playing the game but is no mastermind and Victoria is just not playing the game at all. Derrick comes in and Amber tells them both that she has told the other girls nothing they have told her and her going on the block shows her loyalty to the alliance. Frankie said she is the mole of their alliance and Derrick called her Janelle because she has won competitions.

Caleb and Zach talk about Amber. Zach kept calling her a liar and said that he caught her in like 4 lies today alone. Caleb said that he wanted to talk to her about Cody because he walked in and she was talking to Cody and Frankie and she immediately left. That when he walked in Cody had his legs in her lap. Caleb said he was going to call her out and tell her he was over her and tell her he does not care if there is something between her and Cody. Zach said they have to get Amber out next week, she does not deserve to be in jury. Hayden joins them and Zach said Amber has built an empire and now she was out to destroy them. Zach and Hayden agree she is the biggest threat to the guys, which she already said she would put up guys. Zach thinks it will be a double eviction next week and both Brittany and Amber could walk out the door.

Meanwhile Amber was talking to Christine and Nicole in the beehive room. She was telling them the guys are picking off the girls. That next week she is ready to make a bold move and get Zach out. All he does is sleep all day then talk smack about her. She tells them she trusts them the most. She also said she trust Derrick. Amber also said she would backdoor Donny if she had a chance.

Christine reports back to Cody, Zach, Derrick and Frankie that Amber was trying to make an F3 deal with her and Nicole. She told them everything she said. Zach said the whole house will be against her and Jocasta next week for HOH.

At bedtime, Zach, Cody and Frankie all decide to share the HOH bed.

4:02 am – Caleb and Brittany talking the backyard. Caleb said Victoria does not deserve to be there because she does not play the game. Brittany said she does not talk game with Donny or Jocasta. She said that she only wants to get evicted because of her game. She said she adores Derrick and loves him. She said she is hurt because Cody put her up and that someone made him put her up. Caleb said he is sick of doing everything for Amber and getting nothing back not even a thank you. That she does not appreciate what he has done for her and thanks him when they are alone. She does not say it, she is afraid or does not want to say it and he pushes him away. She tells him Amber said he is one of the sweetest, kindest, genuine people in the house. He said he is and he is glad he was raised to be this way. Finally at 5:30 am with the sun on the horizon Brittany and Caleb go to bed, they are glad that they talked to each other! Or so they say!  



Who will win the power of VETO? Will Victoria be the pawn? Who will win the votes? Will Amber get a clue that the whole house is against her? Will Victoria or Jocasta finally play the game? Who knows some answers will be found out tomorrow! Thanks updaters great job!