9:20 AM The feeds start back up with Caleb and Frankie playing pool and discussing Amber in the backyard. Frankie wants Zach to wait until tomorrow to confront her because he knows she is going to freak out  and he doesn't want to have to deal with it until he has to or be pressured into putting Zach up as a replacement. Caleb acts indifferent.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Amber are chatting in the kitchen about how tired they are and how the fish they had last night was really gross. Everyone decides to go back to bed, Frankie gets back in with Zach and relays his conversation with Caleb, encouraging him also to leave the situation alone until Monday. The next few hours pass with almost everyone but Donny sleeping. He mostly wanders the house alone playing with the slinky, eating and humming to himself. 

1:01 PM Feeds cut out for another wake up call and when they return a few minutes later most everyone is finally out of bed. Frankie jokes in a BB voice "Victoria please put on your makeup." Donny and Jocasta have a chat in backyard about the Veto comp, Donny says that she needs to stay calm and talk to Hayden. He recommends she lay low and resist the urge to name replacement noms, tells her to fake a stomach ache if they ask her and go to the bathroom. 

1:50 PM Jocasta and Hayden talk in the beehive room. Hayden says he just wants to do what is best for his game and not piss people off. He says that no matter what he does she is not the target and she shouldn't worry. Meanwhile, Derrick joins Donny in the backyard and they plot about the Team America task. They plan to prime Zach before the meeting tomorrow morning to be sure he is amped up. They discuss the future of TA, Derrick backpedaling saying he wants to take it week to week. Donny mentions looping in Jocasta but Derrick resists and says he wants to keep it just the 3 of them. They agree that Amber is a tougher competitor than Caleb is and that she "thinks for the both of them". Derrick goes back inside and Caleb pulls him into the storage room to talk about Amber. Derrick reassures him that he will have the last laugh and this will put her in her place. 

3:09 PM The Photo Booth opens up. This weeks twitter people are girls. Frankie thinks that one of the girls looks like Nicole. Frankie goes first followed by Derrick. The girls take a group shot and Amber takes some with Hayden. Next Hayden, Cody and Frankie take some with Frankie in the viking helmet. 


4:30 PM Zach, Frankie, Cody and Derrick are in HOH with Zach rehearsing for the Veto Ceremony, practicing the speech for Amber. Frankie and Derrick are egging him on and doing every thing they can to ensure that they complete the TA task. It's mostly incoherent rambling about "Beastmode Cowboy" and pickles but Derrick and Frankie are eating up. Talk turns to Christine and the Detonators boot order. Zach tries to convince the others that they should replace Christine with Hayden in the alliance. Frankie argues that Hayden has a better chance to beat them later in the game, tells Zach to get over it. He agrees that he will take her as far as he can but she will definitely be the first Detonator to go. Frankie heads outside to chat with Caleb, giving him a description of what he's going to say to Amber, telling her that stringing Caleb along hasn't been fair. Caleb asks him to tell her that he's the one who asked him to put her up but only after the meeting. 

6:10 PM Christine and Nicole are laying in the hammock and Zach comes by to check in. Christine says she has Amber under control and has told her not to talk to Caleb and laughs about the fact that Amber thinks she is being "such a good friend." Zach tells them he may have a little extra speech at the veto ceremony. Nicole asks him to please leave her out of it this time. They agree that this week has worked out perfectly. Christine wants to try and further manipulate Amber into saying something stupid to Caleb so that he votes her out. He then goes to the backyard couches to talk to Caleb. Caleb feeds him information to make her feel bad during the ceremony. Zach agrees with him that this is only a ploy to get her in line and as long as she apologizes to everyone and doesn't freak out they will save her (Zach is lying to him). Caleb brags about how many girls will be all over him after the show and at the after party. 

7:50PM Frankie invites Donny up to the HOH room to talk and Derrick is there too. Tells him that Zach is primed for the Amber attack tomorrow and that production has been alerted to expect it. They clarify that production told them that it's ok if the argument is one-sided, as long as he berates her for at least 20 seconds she doesn't even respond. They talk about how nice it would be to keep earning 5k a week. Derrick leaves and Donny repeats his conversation with Derrick from the morning about taking the TA alliance one week at a time. Frankie tells him his theory that this season has been "Superfans vs. Students" because half of the house had never seen the show and the other half were superfans. He says it should be the people who don't know the game should be the first to go. Donny promises that if he wins HOH he won't nominate either Frankie or Derrick next week. Donny leaves and Hayden comes in to talk about the Veto. Frankie wants to know what he's told people. He says he talked to Jocasta, that he is going to do what is best for his game but says that he told her he doesn't think she's the target whether he uses it or not. Says he hasn't told Victoria anything yet, he is planning on taking her down because she is guaranteed vote with them. Frankie tells him that he is going to tell everyone that Hayden doesn't know the plan to nominate Amber. Hayden says he can't wait to see her reaction. Next up is Victoria, Frankie doesn't tell her that she's coming off the block but assures her that she will not be going up this week. She is giggly with him and cuddles in the bed as they discuss how as there are less and less people to nominate as people get home. 

9:30 PM Jocosta leads a memorial service in the backyard for Frankie and Derrick's grandfathers. Frankie starts is off with a prayer to St Jude which he says is the patron saint of his family. Jocata then reads from 1 Thessalonians 5-13, telling the HG that the meaning of the passage is that when someone passes we should rejoice in the good lives they've had and the even better life they will have in heaven. Derrick stands up and eulogizes his grandfather (who passed over the weekend) as does Frankie. Frankie tells a story about his grandfather working as a clerk at a telecommunications company and working his way up by never giving up and triumphing over a problem. Jocasta then proceeds to go around the room calling everyone out individually as to how they can lend their support, which is a bit receptive and awkward at times.Jocasta invites everyone to step up and offer kind words of encouragement. Zach says he would never thought he would make any friends in the house, but with the two of them he can honestly say really cares for them, says Frankie is one of the funniest people he has ever met. They all get up one at a time and say some kind words.  They close the service with an "Our Father" prayer (Zach, and Victoria abstain) and then have a group hug session.

10:05 PM Cody further expresses his concerns to Frankie about Caleb and Zach. Frankie says other than Derrick, Cody or himself would backdoor Zach. Cody says that is actually good for their game but makes them nervous. Frankie was worried that Zach was going to blow up his entire game at the memorial service. Cody says that Donny also makes him nervous because he doesn't take game to him. A bit later Zach goes over his speech again in the HOH room to Caleb and Derrick. Caleb asks him to tell Amber that "Beastmode Cowboy" is the reason you are sitting in that orange chair during the ceremony. 

11:30 PM Frankie tells Nicole the plan for the Veto and nominating Amber in the hammock. Nicole in awe of his ability to manipulate Caleb to do the dumbest things in BB history. Says it's perfect because that way he gets no blood on his hands. Tries to coach Nicole on who she should nominate is she get's HOH next week. Tells her that if it's a double eviction she should put Zach up because he probably won't win Veto. She is actually skeptical thinking maybe they should keep him around. He says they can always backdoor someone else if he wins Veto. 

12:13 AM Frankie and Christine in the HOH bed, he is telling her the plans for tomorrow. Relays his conversation with Nicole and says he told her to nominate Zach/Jocasta in a double eviction. Christine says she is scared of Donny, thinks he would nominate her and Caleb. Frankie agrees that Donny shouldn't be trusted. Tells her that he has been running "Operation Brittany" on Amber making her feel safe.  Caleb comes up to HOH, Frankie asks Christine to leave so they can talk. Caleb tells him he has changed his mind and actually wants him to reveal in the Veto ceremony that it is Caleb's idea to nominate Amber. He says he has already told Zach to include it in his speech. Frankie tells him not to worry and they will coordinate. Caleb leaves and Jocasta comes in. Frankie lies and tell her he has no idea if Hayden is going to use the Veto and she seems surprised and Frankie says that Hayden has talked to him but hasn't decided what he is going to do. Frankie asks her who she would want up with her if Hayden does us the Veto, who would she be comfortable campaigning against. Jocasta shies away from the question, says she has to be comfortable campaigning against anybody. 

1:33 AM Cody, Zach, Christine talking on the backyard couches. Discussing how they want Caleb out. Christine says she is really doing something for her alliance this week because Amber is not coming after her. Cody says that the reason Frankie is so gung-ho about getting Amber out is because then Caleb will be in his back pocket. Zach says that Cody just has a vendetta against Caleb. Christine wants to backdoor Caleb but Cody says he wants to put him up directly. Christine says that her and Frankie have convinced Caleb to throw HOH if it's a double eviction because you are only HOH for 30 minutes and you don't even get a letter. Meanwhile, in the HOH bathroom Frankie is taking a bath while Derrick is starting to stress out about Amber freaking out when she's nominated. Frankie says he isn't sure if he should mention it being Caleb's idea like he wants. Later on an excited Caleb is concerned he won't get the credit while Derrick assures him he will. 

2:24 AM Frankie and Zach talking in the HOH bed. Frankie tells him he has decided not to name anyone in the ceremony, just say he found out some disturbing information because it will drive everyone crazy. Then he is going to cry and say he's sorry and it out of his hands now, but make her feel so safe. He says that Nicole and Christine aren't mad at him anymore, are so grateful that they are safe for the week. Frankie reminds him that if he wants to be in the final 2 with Zach that they need Christine because she is the only one that will target the other guys.

Outside in the backyard Hayden tells Nicole that he knew about Zach's nomination speech. Nicole gets really mad that he didn't tell her. Hayden says that he would have gone up if he had told her. Tells her he practiced it all night, that he didn't want to know that he tried to talk him out of it. She says she doesn't trust Hayden now and has tears in her eyes. She eventually forgives him and thanks him for finally telling her. He tells her about how Caleb was manipulated into thinking it was his idea to nominate Amber and that he is a puppet. He also tells her that Caleb doesn't know that he is going to use the Veto on Victoria, he thinks that he is using it on Jocasta. He continues to reassure her and apologize throughout the night. 

3:50 AM Zach is practicing his rant again in the HOH bed with Frankie with the lights off. They chat and laugh, Frankie is in pain from the Veto comp. Zach tells him he should just go naked, he won't feel weird. Frankie says "I mean, you want me to go naked?" and says "only if you're naked too." Zach just laughs and they soon fall asleep. 

5:26 AM All Houseguests in bed except for Caleb who is creepily standing over a sleeping Amber. Cody is lying in the bed furthest away encouraging the prank. He hits her in the face with a pillow and runs out the door. She wakes up confused and goes to the storage room to change her batteries.

Well that's all for today kids.  A big thank you to all the updaters who covered a busy day of game talk! Who do you think will be more upset if Amber is evicted Caleb or Amber? Do you think the puppet will lose control and become a real beastmode cowboy?