Alone Nicole is determined! Guys counting their cash while they bash!

Back Information – Caleb won HOH and Derrick won 5G’s and the Hollars


7:15 am Victoria was the first up and into the shower. 10:00 am Big Brother woke the houseguests up.

12 :30 pm the feeds went to fish for the have not competition. When they come back we see Caleb put Derrick and Nicole as have nots. The food they got was mushrooms and snot roast (Beef Liver).  Nicole was upset for being a have not again, she was crying and saying "send me home, I am so sick of this crap." A very down Nicole talked to herself saying that she should never have talked to Caleb, it made no difference, Frankie gets his way and puts her up again 2 weeks in a row as a have not. They all think I am going home so they will be mean to me, I am not going home. Derrick came out and told her the pork cheese thing was not good. She told him Frankie got what he wanted and that she is a have not for the second week in a row, Derrick said that he didn’t get everything he wanted.

Derrick went inside and saw Frankie, Derrick told him that nominations should be soon because Caleb got called into the DR. Frankie said she (Nicole) better not come crying to me or I will punch her in the face.

Caleb came out of DR and talked to Christine. He told her they have the votes to keep her. That if Nicole wins VETO that Victoria will go up and out.

We once again get the feeds shut down from 3:13 pm – 4:30 pm. When they come back we see Nicole and Christine are nominated.

The ceremony must have been very demanding because when the feeds return they all went to bed. The excitement is killing me here. We did see Nicole talk to Derrick and say she is alone and people are mean and this week will be real hard. He told her to win the POV. After he left she went to sleep in the HN room, talking to herself she tells herself she has to eat and sleep to stay strong and win the POV. That she is alone in the house.

Victoria went into the HN room to talk to Nicole. She told her she was the target. They talk about how Frankie told Caleb to make her a have not, and Caleb listens and does it. They talk about all the butt kissing, how they all kiss the HOH’s butt. Victoria told Nicole what a great guy Derrick is and how he sticks up for her and protects her, she said she wanted him to win. Nicole said that only her (Vic) and Derrick are the only ones left in the house with a heart.

Derrick left the HOH, Frankie bashing of Nicole and found Christine in the bathroom. He gave her a pep talk telling her to focus on things she can change like winning POV. He then told her he would use it on her if he wins. She thanked him.

At dinner time, Frankie cooked and ate the have not mushrooms. He asked Derrick and Derrick said OK but he did not ask Nicole.

Derrick and Frankie talk briefly about the failed TA mission, the play. Again Derrick tells Frankie it was a good mission and there was nothing more they could do. Frankie believes that America did not vote for it because he was dressed in drag and America could not handle that.

Frankie talked with Christine and Christine said neither Victoria nor Nicole will talk with her. Frankie proceeded to tell her that Nicole was conniving and a bitch and needed to go. She was poison. He told her Victoria finally figured out how they are using her and is upset too.

10:00 pm Cody got called into the storage room, they got two bottles of wine, some body art and tattoos and some play dough. He came out and asked Victoria why they gave them this crap (Body paint and play dough)? Victoria told them because we are boring!

Meanwhile, Derrick was in the HN room by himself talking to the camera. He was telling us that he could not save Donny because he would have to draw a line and he would have to pick between team America and the detonators. He said he has worked hard to get to the position he is in. He is playing for himself. He is closest to Cody. He gave Jokers and Hamsterwatch shout outs. He gave his wife a shout out too. He hoped America understands about why he could not save Donny.

All pretty much had fun painting faces and bodies and playing with the play dough.

Caleb, Cody and Frankie talked briefly in the HOH about how they are being portrayed to the public. Frankie said if Julie Chen calls him out on anything he will just say next questions that everyone said good and bad things in the house. Cody said that Kaitlin was shocked last year when she was labeled a mean girl in the house because of how she acted with Gina Marie and Aaryn. Frankie was taking a bath and tried real hard to get Cody and Caleb in the tub with him. Frankie said that his fans are watching this year so there are a lot more 12 year olds watching. Caleb said he does not understand how Donny could win America’s favorite player… Frankie said he was an underdog that saved himself that was it. That his or his sisters fans probably don’t watch Big Brother but he still feels he could win it. Caleb said he will win it because he is beast cowboy. Frankie said no gay player has ever won Fan favorite.

Later downstairs with everyone Frankie said he wanted to be like his sister, he didn’t want a singing career just be a famous dancer. He said he wants his own TV show.

1:03 am Everyone was getting ready for bed. An early night by all. Derick and Nicole in the HN room were discussing the VETO competition and what it might be. Nicole just wants it to be something she has a chance at. They chat a bit about game like what happens if she won VETO etc. Derrick said he will not tell anyone they were talking game. Nicole said everyone is playing like there will be 5 winners when really only 2 win money.

2:30 am – All quiet and sleeping in the Big Brother House with visions of VETO dancing through their heads!


Who will win VETO? Can Frankie say something nice about anyone in the house? Will Derrick realize that it is now he has to make a move? Thanks updaters it was a long and boring night in the house!