Big Brother Daily Recap September 5, 2015

Jeff, Jordan and Mr. Clean visit the compound


Since Julie signed off on Thursday, Frankie won HOH and everyone hit the reset button. After hitting the button a timer was activated which the houseguests figured out that something was going to happen at 5 pm on Wednesday.  The houseguests do not know that the live show will now be on Wednesdays due to football. So onto the Friday recap……

11:00 am The feeds keep cutting to fish to wake up the houseguests. All were slow in waking up. Cody Frankie and Caleb all had plans today to clean the house. While cleaning Frankie keeps breaking into song which make the feeds keep cutting to fish. Caleb did say to Frankie that if he does not make it to f2 then him hopes he gets America’s favorite player.

From 12:22 pm – 3:34 pm the feeds were cut to Jeff Highlights. When they returned we hear about how Jeff just proposed to Jordan in the BB backyard. Their families were there and the houseguests got to participate too. The backyard was all decorated for the occasion too. The houseguests talked about how shocked they were when the doorbell rang and in walked Jeff. Jeff told them the house was disgusting and a pit. They were amazed at how beautiful Jordan was. The country singer Brett Eldridge was there too. The ring was huge and when Jeff proposed Jordan replied.. “Are you serious?” Cake and champagne was served.

Throughout the whole day the houseguests kept speculating on why Christine was booed when she got evicted. Of course Frankie kept telling America how much he hated Christine, was a disgusting person she was to make it look like he was not associated with her. He even said when they went to the football game that no one yelled out to Christine, only he and Caleb only  got shout outs.

Derrick cut his hand pretty bad trying to open the champagne. It did not need stiches but he did see the doctor.

Caleb and Cody chat. Caleb said that Derrick is sitting pretty good that everyone will bring him to F2 because he can’t win. Cody said he knows and that Derrick won’t even get nominated this week. (Derrick mist at work here)

The houseguests spend the day cleaning the house because of Jeff’s comments about how bad the house smelled. Caleb cleaned in his underwear. It took three people to clean the kitchen.

Cody and Victoria wer nominated. Cody was fine with the nomination. Everyone assumes the target is Victoria but the houseguests do not know that because they hit the button… these nominations are null and void.

Derrick got the next team America mission. It was to convince people there was a rodent in the house and they have to keep everyone up till 6 am trying to catch the rodent. He tells Frankie that the DR will play along too. DR told Derrick that nobody can even lay down. They decide to do it tomorrow night at like 1 am when people start heading to bed. They don’t want to do it on Friday night because people need sleep for the VETO competition.

Victoria told Derrick that Nicole took the hat back to Hayden but she is just playing dumb to the other houseguests.

The rest of the night was more speculation of the button and how great it was to be part of the Jeff and Jordan engagement. They discussed the booing too. Nothing strategic and no noteworthy fights, discussions or activity took place.


Who will win the useless VETO tomorrow? Will the houseguests fall for the Team America prank? Can anything liven this place up? Maybe BB should let a real rat loose in the place. Does anyone have a clue that they are all under the Derrick mist? Thanks updaters for hanging in there and reporting on this exciting day in the compound!


Engagement photo credit: CBSBigBrother