10:00 AM: Wake up time! All cams show HG getting ready, showering etc. Cody, Zach and Frankie are spooning together in the HOH bed, Caleb wakes them. Over breakfast everyone except Zach, Cody, and Brittany discuss the night's vote and if there are enough votes to get Brittany out.

11:15 AM: Feeds got out and BB week in review plays

1:33 PM: Feeds are back and show the HG mostly resting up for the live show or eating in the kitchen. Derrick and Jocasta are talking in the fire room, Jocasta says she feels a bit better and Derrick says his stomach feels like dogsh*t. Amber, Christine, Nicole, and Victoria get ready in the BR, Amber does Victoria's hair and they are discussing what they are wearing tonight. They say BB hasn't yet told them if they need to be in athletic wear.

2:33 PM Caleb joins the bathroom makeup session, decides to use Amber's eyelash curler, mascara and eyebrow pencil. Amber says he looks like a doll and Christine is impressed that his skin looks so good as he isn't wearing any other makeup. Nicole decides to go lay down in the rock room, invites Amber to join her. Hayden follows and lays down in between them with Frankie laying in the other bed. Amber get called to the DR and Hayden thanks God that he gets to lay alone with Nicole. Feeds go to fish for a few minutes and when they return we see Nicole and Hayden cuddling in the bed and they look to asleep. Meanwhile Brittany, Caleb and Donny are in the living room discussing Brittany's speech for the live eviction. She says she isn't going to say much, there really isn't much of a point if everyone's mind is already made up. Caleb is holding the sock monkey in his lap, he told Amber that he would keep in on his lap during the live show. The feeds return to highlights for the next few hours while the live show is on.

Live Show: It's tough for them to even tease that the vote is going to be close. The broadcast begins by revealing that Frankie's grandfather has died and is notified by a letter from his mother in the DR. The letter urges him to stay in the house and that even though his grandfather didn't really know what was going on he was diligently watching the show and the live feeds. The HG have a group hug and Julie offers Frankie her condolences. Next is the feed recap, they show Caleb being torn about evicting Brittany, but pretty much everyone else seems decided.

Julie announces to the HG that this week's have nots are decided by the fitbit wristbands, the 4 laziest HG will be have nots unless one of them wins HOH. The unlucky 4 are Nicole, Derrick, Caleb and Christine. They then highlight the showmance blossoming between Hayden and Nicole, featuring her hometown and family. Nicole's brother says that Hayden is ok but he would rather Nicole come home with the money than him. They show the live feed footage of their under the covers make out session. Next is the live vote and Brittany is evicted with a unanimous 10-0. In her exit-interview Julie surprises her with her kids, they hug and cry.

Next is the HOH comp, which is a quiz, Hayden and Christine are up first chosen randomly by a draw earlier in the day. The HG have to buzz in first identify which competition the country song playing is describing choosing either BOB, HOH, or POV. The other person is then eliminated and the winner chooses the next pair up. Christine answers correctly first, and play continues until its down to Christine, Zach, Derrick and Frankie. Just before going up Derrick asks Frankie if he wants to see his grandfather and Frankie nods, Derrick then doesn't answer the question and gives the first HOH spot to Frankie. Zach and Christine then face of and Zach wins it to become the second HOH. Julie asks Derrick if he knew the answer to the question and if her intentionally threw the comp to Frankie, he says he did, but somethings are just "more important". Julie reveals the next Team America mission, it is to manipulate 2 HG into getting into a fight during either the nomination or POV ceremony. 

7:15 PM The feeds are back after the live show. Derrick is complaining about the stupid tracker making him a have not. Caleb whines to Amber that he thought for sure Julie would mention their date. Amber and Jocasta clean up the Have Not room for the new residents. Caleb tells America that the trackers are dumb and he is the most active person in the house, his ego clearly taking a beating by the Have Not choice. Frankie and Zach hug and celebrate their win in the beehive room. Zach tells Frankie he is giving him 100% control over the HOH. Frankie tells him to nominate Donny as a pawn, Zach refuses. They agree that Caleb is the target this week but they have to backdoor him. Frankie plans to nominate Hayden and Donny and ensure they win so Zach remains the sole HOH, he doesn't want to be the one to send Caleb home. On the off-chance that they don't win though he will use the POV on Hayden and backdoor Caleb himself.

Zach leaves and Derrick comes in, tells Frankie they just have to convince Zach to nominate Donny as Frankie will look shady if he does it because of Team America. He says that Cody didn't want to do it last week but they convince him. Frankie plans to get Hayden on board with being nominated by asking him if he wants to "fall on the sword" for Nicole. Frankie tries to convince Victoria to throw BOB with Amber so Amber will stay on the block, she refuses. He then tries to convince Christine of the same plan, she also refuses saying "you never know what could happen". He then tries to convince Hayden, he also refuses suggesting Victoria, Amber, Jocasta and Caleb.

9:00 PM: Zach is in the fire room talking to Cody. Assures him that him and Derrick are the only ones totally safe this week. Derrick joins them agrees that either Caleb or Amber are going home next. They plan to put one of them up that way if one of them wins the veto they can backdoor the other. Zach really angry that Christine won't take one for the team, wishes Hayden was in the Detonators instead of her. He doesn't think she brings anything to the table. Amber crashes the conversation and Zach leaves. She doesn't stay long, as she leaves Cody and him laugh that they are "so good at this game" he will miss seeing her in her bikini every day. Cody also brings up how Brittany called her out for being all over Cody last week because he was HOH. Donny comes in because he has to unpack, him and Derrick agree to meet up in a few minutes to discuss the new Team America task. He leaves and Zach isays it won't be fair to put Donny up, Christine needs to prove herself.

10:05 PM: Derrick leaves and goes to talk to Donny in the ice room, learning about the new Team America task. They think it should be easy with Frankie being HOH.  They plan on trying to do it at the nomination ceremony and that way if they fail they still have the veto ceremony to try again. They think Amber and Zach might be a good choice to manipulate. They wish that Brittany was around for this task because it would be so easy. Christine and Nicole are talking in the storage room. They are really angry with Zach, and when Hayden comes in they tell him about it. They agree that they want him gone next week, his mouth is out of control. 

10:57 PM: Frankie and Zach get their HOH room. Frankie gets Justin Beiber as his album. Zach's letter is from his brother. Zach's brother won a gold tournament. Frankie's letter is from his Mom, he cries and his Mom thanks everyone for being there for him.



11:30 PM: In the have not room, Caleb tells Cody that Amber will out the alliance if she goes up. He says he is done protecting her in this game. Amber is upset and feels like she can't trust anybody at this point. Zach, Hayden, Derrick and Frankie talk game in the HOH room. Caleb comes in and tells Zach to do whatever he wants, Amber told him that she is out of the alliance and not talking to anyone. Caleb suggests that they backdoor Amber though because she will out the alliance if nominated outright. Says she basically "kicked him in the balls" when he tried to talk to her. Caleb leaves and Derrick starts to plant the seed with Zach telling him to blow up on somebody during nominations. Meanwhile Cody and Amber have been talking in the beehive room. Cody says he is about to blow up on Zach, he is sure America has been voting for the stupid things he has to say. Victoria comes up to HOH and asks to speak with Zach privately. Begs him not to be put up, is tired of being a pawn. Frankie comes in and she begs them both and sobs that her family will be upset when they see this.

Late Night: Christine and Amber are in the SR complaining about Zach. Meanwhile, Zach calls up Nicole to the HOH room separately to talk. He asks for her recommendations and basically only pisses her off. In the HOH Zach tells Cody, Derrick and Hayden that Nicole and Christine are his targets. He practices evil nomination speeches while they laugh. Zach says Cody is going to have to damage control for him. Hayden says he will too. Derrick says he will have to act mad at Zach for 3 days. Frankie comes in and hears the plan, Frankie and Derrick use this opportunity to encourage Frankie to be really mean to Christine in the ceremony. Cody and Hayden say this is a really bad idea. Frankie goes and tells Nicole and Christine that Zach may put them up and says backdooring Zach is totally an option if they win BOB.

Later, Amber and Zach make up in HOH and he gives her a hug. Amber comes back down to the rock room where Cody and Christine are laying in the bed, she is being very touchy feely with him and strokes his arms and back. Amber lays down in the second bed, with Hayden and Nicole in the third bed they all chat for awhile about non-game things and eventually turn out the lights. The conversation continues and Amber, Hayden and Nicole have a pillow fight, Amber hits him really hard in the face and the feeds go to fish. Feeds return about 10 minutes later with all HG now in bed about 5:20 AM

A big thanks to all today's updaters! I can't wait to see if Team America pulls off their next mission and gets Zach blow up at tomorrow's nominations!