Since Zach has the Power of Veto, Christine is expecting to put up a replacement today. Most were planning on it being Victoria with Donny being evicted. Last night Christine even let Victoria know she would be going up. But late last night the boys went to work hard on Christine to put up Nicole instead and thereby save Donny from eviction. Christine seemed to be swayed.  Will she follow through at the Veto Meeting today?

9:00 AM

Wake-up call comes and goes with many still in bed. Guns and Roses and Queen were among those played.  
Donny makes a pitch to Frankie to see if they can still salvage the America’s Team mission by putting up Victoria as a pawn and getting her evicted. Frankie was not receptive.

Christine and Frankie are in the HOH preparing her speech for the meeting. They want to make it dirty and include something about the knife in her back.  Nicole bashing ensues. Frankie tells Christine, “Everybody loves us.” He’s referring to the reaction they got from the trip out of the house yesterday to attend a Dallas Cowboy’s practice session.

Meanwhile Nicole is downstairs asking Victoria if she would tell her if Nicole was going up.  Victoria says she would.

Derrick and Donny chat about the mission. Derrick doesn’t want to jeopardize Donny’s chances by having a sketchy meeting with all three of them this morning that might make Christine nervous.

Donny disappears into the house and Nicole comes out. Without throwing anyone under the bus, Derrick lets her know things have changed. Nicole figures out if that’s the case, she would be the one going home. She isn’t sure Christine would really do it though.

Derrick leaves and Donny comes out. Nicole asks him if he’s heard she’s going up. She notes everyone is being super strange to her. Donny suggests she talk to Christine.

Derrick has gone up to the HOH with Frankie. Seems production wants all three Team America players to meet up and discuss the failed mission. They don’t think they can even pull that off, but note they'll all still be there for next week. A little later Cody gets his first kiss of the day.

Nicole goes inside with Donny’s suggestion in mind, but Christine is surrounded in the kitchen. Frankie gives hugs and kisses. Cody gets some extra attention.

Cody and Donny have a chat where neither says they know what’s going on with the Veto (though they both really do). Cody doesn't think other season’s had the "blatant, made-up lies" that this season has had.

11:00 AM

Veto Meeting. When the feeds return it is confirmed that Zach saved himself and Nicole was the replacement nominee. Cody is upstairs with Christine.She is happy how it went but was nervous during her speech. Frankie pops in for Cody's second kiss of the day.

 Nicole is downstairs in the Kitchen with the others fairly silent and expressionless.

Not long after, the nominees are out back walking laps together. Nicole figures someone told Christine something and Nicole had no chance to defend herself. She thinks everyone was expecting a huge reaction from her, but after last week they can't shock her. She actually makes the comment; she can read Derrick like a book. She is still working things through and they are supportive of each other’s predicament.

Meanwhile Caleb is up in the HOH gloating to Frankie and Cody that they timed it right about hitting Christine with the information that Nicole was going after Frankie, but Christine would have been her target if Frankie saved himself.

Downstairs, Derrick tells Victoria that HE planted the seed with Frankie and Christine to put up Nicole. Victoria asks if they're working together. Derrick doesn't know but he planted the seed with Frankie so it worked.

Later Christine is heard saying, "Cody, I can't believe you did a photo shoot in your underwear! So that's on the internet for anyone to look up?" (and I suspect internet response time slowed while feed watchers did a simultaneous Google search!)

Nicole came outside and stood by watching while Zach, Cody, Caleb, Frankie and Christine were talking by the pool table. No one said a word to her and the longer it went the more awkward it became. Eventually the camera zooms in and we can see that Nicole had started to tear up.

The pool game ended and people began to scatter. When Nicole goes inside Victoria notices she is upset and gives her a hug and takes her back to the Have-Not room to talk. She is trying to be strong but her feelings are so hurt. Still trying to figure it out, Nicole actually wonders if Cody and Christine are secretly married because they're always touching each other.  Nicole warns Victoria that her and Donny are next to go. Victoria says she knows and advises Nicole to clear the air with Christine.

On the other feeds Christine is heard saying she just realized there are going to be three people in the jury who hate her guts.

Nicole does go out and asks Christine if they could talk and clear the air. As they head off to the Beehive Room, Cody says, "That's gut wrenching... to see her upset like that.” Caleb says she did it to herself.

Now alone, Nicole says she's hurt because they’ve been close through-out the whole game and what Christine said [at the meeting] didn't make sense. Christine starts off saying she was told she would be going home next week if she told Nicole what was going on. Then she explains she was told last night that there was a plan for her to be back-doored. Nicole said she knew she should have told Christine first. Nicole breaks down saying all she's done is tell the truth to the wrong person. She's still going to try to find a way to stay. She's not going to give up. Just before they hug it out, Christine looks at the camera and asks the feeders, “Please don't hate me” and apologizing for back-dooring Nicole.

1:00 PM

Frankie is seen telling Victoria he did his big reveal because he got paranoid and he wanted to be himself in the game. It was completely selfish and he didn't like lying to people. He knows he will be fighting for his life in this game, but at least he's fighting as Frankie J Grande.

In a chat with Derrick, Caleb reveals if he makes final 2, he would have Donny’s vote because they are both ex-military. His next targets are Nicole, Donny, Christine, and Victoria with a Caleb, Derrick, Frankie and Cody final 4.  Derrick thinks they can do it. Derrick stresses Christine has to go before Victoria. Caleb wants a Caleb, Derrick, Frankie final 3.

Meanwhile a sobbing Nicole gets into bed saying, "I should've asked her about it. That's a bad move on my part. I'm sorry Mom and Dad. I tried." Derrick stops in and offers to talk. She says she's fine so he heads out to the Kitchen.

He’s there with Christine, Cody and Frankie. They anticipate Nicole will try to throw Christine under the bus this week.  

Not long after Nicole, Cody and Christine are out back listening to Donny talk about a study that even small children consider pretty people more intelligent and then adds, “That’s why no one wants to cuddle with me; because I’m ugly”. Nicole says he can't cuddle because he has a girlfriend. In less than a second, Christine goes from saying, "Yeah!" to thinking ‘oops!’ followed by a long silence.

Christine goes in to take a nap and is informed by Victoria that Frankie is in the HOH bed. Christine decides to go to one of the rooms downstairs.

Next, Nicole comes in and tells Victoria she wants to come up with something good for her speech Thursday. Victoria notes what Christine said today was harsh. It was something to the effect, ‘I’ll take this knife out of my back and put it in yours. Nicole, take a seat’. She notes Christine is acting so sorry for what she said but Nicole doesn’t really think she is. They agree there are three villains in this house; Christine, Frankie and Zach.

4:30 PM

Most everyone has been napping for the last hour, except Donny. He’s been wondering around and finally settles in for a bit of fishing in the pool.

Later we see Nicole crying again with Victoria. She does make note, "The way that [Christine] acts with Cody freaks me out. She talks dirty to him. She is always on top of him or cuddling him and they're always talking about sexual jokes. I'm not even married and I wouldn't do that." Victoria thinks it's all for game and notes Christine wants to be the last girl in the house.

Out on the hammock, Derrick and Christine talk about the state of things. They both want people who have played an outstanding game to win. They are impressed the Bomb Squad has made it so far. Christine says, “I don’t even want to know if anyone watches live feeds. I only want to know that Tim and my parents watched. That’s it... Tim, I Love You! You can only have one beer per week. We have a tight budget!”

6:30 PM

Dinner preparations are underway. Victoria tries to help while Christine is making mashed potatoes with a wooden spoon. Derrick prepares to make tuna steaks on the grill. Victoria reports to Derrick that Nicole thinks she has a chance of staying.

Christine says she missed everyone when she went out on Sunday. Victoria agreed, “We missed you too”. Frankie showers Christine with kisses on her face and shoulders and says, “You guys, this is just like family!”

7:30 PM

The feed choices are watching Donny take a shower or listening to Frankie talk about Arianna. When he’s done, Donny joins everyone out back while Frankie talks about Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress. Donny asked if she had some body guards with fly swatters following. Lots of pop culture chatting.

Caleb wants to go home and "jump back on his steroids", he quickly backtracks that he is just kidding.

Victoria goes out to the hammock with Nicole. It’s mainly Nicole bashing Christine.

9:00 PM

Victoria feels bad for Nicole. Derrick points out she would vote Victoria out. He will make sure Nicole knows she doesn’t have the votes.  Victoria worries what Christine will think about all the time she is spending with Nicole. Derrick stops her, not wanting to talk game, “I’m off until Thursday”.

Nicole talks to Frankie, “I was emotionally numb until Thursday. I haven’t played dirty up through this point and I’m not going to start now. I am an emotional wreck and want to cry. I’m very hurt by what things people say even though it’s just a game. I feel completely alone.” Frankie is supportive and they talk about family being there no matter what.

Nicole goes to walk the back yard with Donny and commiserate about their situation again.

Meanwhile Frankie reports to Zach and Caleb, “Nicole is a mess now. She feels very guilty. She was told something and twisted it to make it worse.” Caleb wonders, “Why don’t you clear the air and talk to them directly about it?” Frankie says, “Its water under the bridge. Don’t worry about it.” (Hmmm, the new Frankie reminds me a lot like the old Frankie).

Derrick, Cody and Christine are strategizing at the pool table about how to work next week when Big Brother rushed them in for inside lock down. People were yelling over the wall. They heard “We love you Big Brother!” A female voice said, “I love you Zach!” A male voice said, “I love you more!” Derrick wants to tell Zach. Christine does not. She is irritated anyone would love him and equated him to Evel Dick. The feeds were cut for about 30 minutes during this time, but we could see the houseguests inside on the TVGN coverage.

Zach was told what the others heard and then he was called to the Diary Room.

11:00 PM

After lockdown, Cody and Derrick continue their strategy session. Derrick thinks they need to start winning HOHs to make sure they make it to the end together. Cody wonders if they should send Zach or Frankie out after Donny and keep Victoria in for their games. Cody is very anti-Zach.
Derrick lays out for Cody that either Donny or Victoria can not be nominated this week so one of them is eligible to be a replacement nominee. (Later in the evening Derrick runs through this with Frankie too).

Elsewhere Frankie and Zach are re-bonding and we get a couple tidbits from Frankie:

“I desperately want my own TV show after BB.”
“When people don’t like me, it drives me nuts.”

Nicole and Victoria go for round three on the hammock. Nicole’s disposition has not improved much, but she’s not crying. She does try to get information from Victoria, but the best she gets is a recommendation to talk to Derrick. They see Zach and Cody talking and bet there is a final five deal somewhere.

Coincidentally, Zach is talking to Cody about a final five with Derrick, Caleb and Frankie.

Nicole and Victoria head in to get ready for bed. They continue talking game. Maybe Nicole can make the case that Donny is the bigger threat.

Caleb has joined Zach and Frankie and talks about the Dallas Cowboys trip. People wanted his number. Frankie said people told him they hoped he will win. Zach counter by reminding them about the people yelling the Zach Love over the wall tonight.

1:00 AM

Christine, Frankie and Caleb are talking in the Kitchen. Caleb seems a little jealous about their admiration of Cody’s looks so he pulls Christine aside to show her his abs. Just as Christine is ‘wowing’ his muscles, Frankie jumps in to hug his abs.

Victoria finds Derrick in the backyard to tell him she just did her goodbye message for Nicole. She’s a little teary. Derrick again reminds her Nicole didn’t care if Victoria went home and Victoria shouldn't care either. He reminds her Joey screwed it all up for them in the beginning and jokes that she can start an all-girl alliance with Christine.

As they play pool, Zach tells Frankie he’s second-guessing his mean goodbye message to Nicole since she is in jury. Christine has joined them when Frankie observes, “Derrick and Cody have never been nominated.”

Next,  Cody and Christine get some flirting and hugging in when she compliments the quesadillas he made. Moments later Victoria runs to the shower to hug Derrick for fake hurting his feelings.

Zach reminds Frankie if he didn't win BOTB or veto this week, he would for sure be gone over Caleb. Frankie thinks he could have gotten out of it and Zach underestimates him. Zach reminds Christine that she would have been gone if Frankie won veto. Zach tells Frankie that because Frankie threw them under the bus to Nicole that Frankie would have been evicted. Frankie says it hurts him to hear that. Zach tells them repeatedly that everything is good now and they will be final 6. When Christine leaves Zach says they will be final 5 meaning Christine would be the first one to go after Donny and Victoria.

Inside, Victoria and Christine both think it’s best for Nicole to go out this week given her position in the game. This will be a blessing for her.

Cody, Frankie and Zach talk about getting tattoos after the show.

3:00 AM

Derrick, Zach and Frankie figure out:
Derick has the parents demographic. He's the "Helen" of last year.
Zach has the college demographic.
Frankie has the mom demographic.

As everyone else heads off for bed, Frankie has the HOH room to himself and talks to the camera, “Hey mommy, are you watching? Hope you're proud of me. I'm excited I can talk about you guys now. It's been really hard not talking about my family, and my YouTube, and Twitter, and Vine. Pretending that it's not like a huge part of who I am. Now everyone knows my secret and I have nothing left to hide. Seems to have not negatively affected me with a majority of the people. Obviously there will be some haters, but there are going to be haters anyways. Alright, love you guys. Going to bed. See you in the morning.” And with that, he ties a bandana over his eyes and the house goes quiet at 4:00 AM.

Will this be the end for Nicole? Has Frankie officially taken over the house? Can we start a countdown until Zach tries to flip the house again just for fun? …3…2…1!

Thanks to the Updaters! Only you understand what a challenge it really is.