Frankie Spills, Tears Flow, Derrick still running the show


A little summary, Thursday August 7, 2014, Christine and Nicole won HOH. Frankie immediately said he expects it to be Donny and Victoria and either one of them can go. The HOH competition, and them getting their baskets and HOH room happened late Thursday night and went into the early morning on the 8th.  Everyone wanted to control Nicole’s HOH. She was still very upset because the vote changed and Hayden left. They all blamed it on Frankie and Zach. Derrick even had the balls to blame it on Victoria he said he voted out Hayden because Victoria did. Zach threw Christine under the bus. He told Nicole he did not want to even talk to Christine, he only wanted to work with her. Zach tried to convince Nicole that it was in her best interest to put up Donny. She did not fall for it, but it looked like she did fall for Zach’s sweet talk and she believes that he is on her side. So he then started on how bad Christine was, how she has to go etc. 

Meanwhile Derrick was talking to Christine, she voiced her concern of being associated with Frankie and Cody also said he will protect her and keep her out of harm’s way with Frankie and Zach.

At 12:55 PM the feeds came back from being on Jeff interviews. We see Nicole had nominated Caleb and Frankie while Christine nominated Zach and Donny. Caleb assured everyone that he will throw the BOB competition so that they stay on the block and Frankie will go home.


3:00 PM all houseguests take a nap.

Nicole tells Zach all the lies Frankie has told her and how he threw him under the bus. Zach was pissed and walking around the house ready to explode .Frankie keeps following Zach around. Zach does not want to be associated to him anymore.  Caleb is also pissed at him because his lie sent Amber home. Caleb wants to apologize to Amber on national TV.

 4:48 pm Nicole, Derrick and Caleb in HoH, Caleb said Frankie asked him if he was going to throw the BOB competition. Nicole then tells Caleb that Frankie and Christine made her lie to Amber. Caleb is pissed because it is that lie that got Amber put up and then voted out. Caleb said he is going to sit down during the BOB competition and say Frankie I am ending your game. Caleb said he plans on calling Frankie out and grilling him on his lies during the competition. Zach joins the group to bash Frankie and Zach said he is not going to say one word to him for the rest of the summer.

7:52 pm the feeds cut to the Jeff Interviews and it is BOB time. 9:30 pm the feeds come back on. We see Cody and Victoria in the kitchen, Cody saying if Frankie wins we are screwed. Then the feeds went back to fish. The feeds then return again at 12:50 pm and we see Zach and Frankie, Zach is telling Frankie to stop staring at him, Zach then starts telling Frankie that all he and Christine do is talk shit about people. They start yelling at each other about liars. Frankie then said to Zach” your game is as dirty s a dildo coming out my ass”.  Caleb then apologizes to Frankie because FRANKIE and Caleb won the BOB competition. Frankie won the BOB competition by himself. Caleb did nothing to help him. They were in a huge yelling match, Frankie admits he is a Big Brother Liar. Frankie admits that he did tell Nicole to put up Derrick and Cody. Zach told him he is done with him that he fu$%^ed them all over. Zach kept saying he had his back and how Frankie fucked that up. Zach tells Frankie that Christine and Nicole both told him how he makes fun of him behind his back. Derrick tries to intervene and tells them both to hash things out privately. Zach refuses to. All the guys move to the fire room for Frankie’s meeting.

The meeting was with Caleb, Derrick, Zach and Cody, Frankie tells them he is a Youtube personality and has 1.5 million followers. He is a multimedia mogul. He then tells them his sister is Arianna Grande. He then told them he has been playing the game very paranoid. Frankie said that he thinks, Derrick, Zach and Cody are a very tight final 3 and it drives him crazy. Frankie then told them he is not a millionaire, but he is playing the game for a charity, to build schools. Frankie said holding the secret was killing him and then said he is not a bad person. He then said Nicole asked him who she should put up to assure that Zach gets sent home and he told her Cody. He said he is consumed by lies and it is freaking him out. Derrick asked why the change of heart, why is he saying this now. Frankie said he is trying to tell the truth. Zach said all he is getting that he wanted Zach up, Cody out and he (Frankie) working with the other side of the house. Frankie said no. Derrick then said most of us are who we say we are. (Derrick is still playing his cards and not telling them he is a detective). Caleb leaves and tells Donny who Frankie is.

Frankie said he only omitted his last two years of his life and he want s to play as who he really is. Derrick said his honesty is admirable. Cody asked him if he really is gay and Frankie said he really is very gay. Frankie said he was doing it to protect his sister and that he will always protect his sister. Caleb then admitted that he didn’t even know who his sister was. Frankie then said he is a beast and he is here to sta. Donny said he is alone and needs some help. Frankie said his back was against the wall so he had to tell the truth. He then tells them he played on Broadway in Mama Mia and asked them if they want to meet Justin (Bieber). Derrick said he holds no ill will against Frankie. Frankie said he is safe this week so he can help them if they come after him next week so be it. He said this makes some damn good TV. He then hugs them all except Zach who refuses to hug him. Derrick then tells him he should tell the girls his secret.

Frankie calls the girls into the living room and tells him his secrets, how his sister is a pop star and he is a multimedia junky. How he is playing for charity. Victoria freaked out, making Frankie to start dancing around the living room, Christine and Victoria were so excited to know that he knows Justin Bieber.

Meanwhile in another room the boys, Caleb, Cody and Derrick are planning their next move. They want to convince Christine to put up Nicole if the VETO is used. Cody does not think she will do it. Derrick said she has to or one of them will be put up, also that Frankie now owns Victoria because of this reveal.  Caleb then said he now knows why Frankie said he is America’s favorite player because he has millions of followers. Zach came in and said the same thing about America’s favorite player, and said he screwed all of them, they will all look bad if they evict the guy playing for charity etc. That this reveal screwed them. Derrick then tells Zach to mend things up with Christine, she is the HOH this week.  Frankie said to Nicole that he respected her for putting him on the block and Nicole said it first… I wonder what our Arianna fans think of me now.

 Meanwhile on another feed Christine (who will remain HOH) is telling Donny that he is safe. Since Frankie won the BOB Zach and Donny are still on the block.

Caleb won a night out of the house to a preseason football game during the BOB competition.

A little later Victoria gets Derrick alone and she asks him if Frankie is still the number 1 target and he said yes. He then told her Zach is upset because he thought he had a chance to be America’s favorite and Victoria said not now. She thought she had a chance too but now knows Frankie will get it. Derrick said he was playing for his wife and daughter and that Frankie was only playing for fame.

Nicole asked Frankie if he thought he was famous because of his sister, he said no, he does all his youtubes etc. to be famous.

11:40 pm – Zach and Cody chat, Zach apologizes and said he is a vote for them from jury house. That he knows he has screwed up and heading there. Cody tried talking him up and making him not quit playing the game. Zach said he is Fu#$@d and knows it.

11:48 pm Nicole is crying to Frankie saying she hopes she does not have to go through crap outside the house for putting him up, that he is the most famous person she knows. Frankie said his sister probably thought it was a good big brother move. He said he will not hold it against her outside the house.

Christine was crying in the HOH room. Nicole walked in and asked her what she was upset about, she said that the guys are going to push her to put up her (Nicole). She then said that no matter what Victoria will go up if VETO is used. Nicole said she wanted to start fresh with her, Christine said she won’t tell Cody anything anymore. Nicole said she wants to go to final two with her. Christine said she prays Donny wins VETO and that Victoria just does what the guys want her to do. Christine then said that Cody and Derrick completely played her and that Zach is her real target. Nicole said has has to play her game, that Frankie is a totally different person now and it should to change her game. Nicole feels that if she votes out Frankie now she is voting against charity and will be hated for that.

Later Cody talks with Nicole and asks her if she is a liar, if she has been lying to them. She said no and is offended by him asking that. She said she never lied to him Derrick or Hayden. Cody then tells her that Donny is shitting his pants because he is alone in this game.

Frankie tells Christine that Nicole tells the guys everything she said and what he said. He said all she does is lie.

He leaves Christine and interrupts the Zach and Cody conversation telling them that Christine is getting onboard for back dooring Nicole. He said that Nicole tells twisted truths.

Victoria was in that bathroom crying and Nicole talked to her. Victoria was telling her how Frankie screwed up her game and Derrick’s game. That she was there to play for money for life to live by and Derrick needs money for his family and how now a vote against Frankie is a vote against Charity. Nicole told her what others have been saying to her…. That she has to play her own game for her and let Frankie play his game.

Later Christine tells Nicole that Frankie wants her to go up. Nicole said she will put him up again next week.

Zach still in bed gets another 'don’t give up speech' from Cody and Derrick, they suggest going to Christine and telling her that Nicole was going to back door her this week and they did not want to so they wanted Frankie up.

3:23 am Frankie looks into the camera and said “Today was the most epic day of my life, I passed with flying colors and is safe for a few more weeks”. He also said he knows if he is put on the block he has the power to pull himself off, because he is a beast, he is a Grande and can do anything.

Derrick and Cody talk a bit before bed, they agree that Zach is screwing up there game, They want the final 4 to be themselves with Victoria and Caleb, with Caleb going out at 4 because he can beat Victoria at competitions. They discuss the order, Zach, Frankie then Christine. Then they head to bed at 5:20 am.


Oh what a night! Will the Frankie reveal help or hurt him? Will Zach try to stay? Will Christine backdoor Nicole? Will Donny hook up with an alliance? Can any of them vote out Frankie? Will Frankie really win America’s choice? Will VETO even be used this week? Wow another fun day at the compound tomorrow! Thanks Jokers updaters best on the Web!