Quick review: Cody as the HOH and POV holder plans to leave Nicole and Donny on the block with Donny as the target. He has thrown out hints of making a big move which usually resulted in Derrick talking him out of it. Team America was to create and execute their own challenge this week. They decided to create a play which the house guests performed last night. America will vote if the task was challenging enough and executed successfully for them to receive credit. Oh… and there was another megaphone incident Sunday causing an indoor lockdown and lots of fish.  Will there be any surprises today?

9:00 AM

The wakeup call seems to have succeeded in getting up two of the eight house guests. Victoria and Donny have begun their day. We hear “The bedroom lights must remain on during the day” that confirms the others are slow in getting up.

The only semblance of game talk prior to the Veto meeting was the tail end of a chat where Derrick tells Cody, “Got to go with the odds”.

11:00 AM

After 45 minutes for the meeting, we are returned to an unusually quiet house. In a repeat from two weeks ago, Donny and Nicole are shown commiserating about their predicament.

Nicole knows the target is Donny and asks Victoria to tell her if the votes flip. Victoria assures her it won’t.  

Derrick and Frankie are in the Fire Room talking about the play. (They acted out what the evicted house guests would be like if they actually made final 8).
Donny did a great impression of Devin.
Christine did a good Paola but would have been better if she dressed the part.
Cody did Zach.
Caleb was not into it. He was doing Hayden
Victoria was funny but did a terrible Amber. She just wanted to show off her butt and boobs.
Nicole did ok as Brittany.
In case you are wondering, Frankie did Joey and Derrick did Jocasta.

Derrick is very complimentary of all that Frankie did for the mission. They speculate about next week’s competitions. They reconcile some hard feelings that surfaced yesterday.

Next we see Christine telling Cody she wanted some alone time with him yesterday, but Caleb kept showing up.

Three minutes later we see Caleb back with Frankie and Derrick. He’s complaining about Christine interrupting his talk with Cody last night.

Not long after we see Christine and Nicole in the backyard. Christine confirms to Nicole that she has her vote.

2:30 PM

Cody addresses the masses (Victoria and Christine) in a fake drunk voice saying there will be a Pandora's box. Everyone will be covered with manure and I... I will be covered in money!

Christine mentions her ears hurt every time she sleeps. Cody replies "I hurt my face every time I sleep in this house. Feels like someone is punching me when I'm sleeping."  (He’s more right than he knows! https://vine.co/v/MYiDJWbvvaH)

They don’t want to give each other ammunition at the moment, so Donny and Nicole agree to tell who ever stays what they would do as HOH as they are walking out the door Thursday.

Later, Donny checks with Derrick to see if Frankie has changed his mind yet to keep him. Derrick says he doesn't know. Donny is pushing the Team America angle hard.

An indoor lock down is over and everyone disperses throughout the back yard. Over on the hammock, Victoria is telling Nicole she is 100% safe while Derrick and Frankie are across the yard figuring out how and why to keep Donny instead. They mention getting hints they should keep him from the Diary Room.

6:30 PM

Christine and Derrick have a hammock talk. They each make the case why they wouldn’t win in final 2.  

Afterwards, Derrick and Victoria meet up. Derrick wants to know what she talked to Nicole about earlier. She lets him know Nicole asked if she should talk to Derrick about his vote. When the conversation turns to their thoughts on Christine, Victoria launches into a serious rant about how annoying she is. (Rather interesting since earlier today Victoria and Christine shared a serious rant about how much Nicole annoys them.)

Nicole and Derrick do have a chat alone; mostly about the finale and previous cast members though.

Caleb does some extreme juggling and is told to stop when he makes several very high throws. He switches to throwing pillows. After he whips one hitting Nicole in the head, she returns the favor. His next throw results in broken pottery. He tells Big Brother he’ll stop and they can take it out of his stipend.

9:00 PM

Derrick and Frankie are seen in the HOH bathroom noting again that the Diary Room's hinting to save Donny. Frankie then finds Caleb and oversells the idea. He does not go for it. Instead, he finds Derrick and reports what Frankie was trying to do. Although Derrick agrees with some of the reasoning he does not push it with Caleb.

10:30 PM

Derrick goes to HOH to use the shower. Before he makes it in, Cody appears wanting to shower there too. Cody reports that Frankie tried to get him to keep Donny but he shut it down. He feels safer with Nicole. Derrick doesn’t try to change his mind.

Later Victoria continues her Christine bashing to Derrick. She also wants to know what Derrick talked to her about for so long earlier. They end up with Derrick quizzing her on the days various events occurred.
Nicole takes another temperature reading of how the house is voting from Victoria. She feels good but will keep Christine close and talk to Derrick to be sure.

Elsewhere Caleb and Frankie are in agreement Victoria should go before Christine. Caleb mainly wants the accomplishment of the group making final 5 while Frankie thinks people could be tempted to take Victoria to final 2 over them.

Nicole does finally get with Derrick to tell him she won't put him up if she gets HOH. Derrick eventually confirms she has his vote. They resolve that all the bad feelings between them were because of things Zach was lying about.

1:00 AM

Frankie and Caleb continue with their chat on the hammock: Caleb advises to quit helping Christine study. He even goes so far as to say that she should go before Nicole. Frankie’s comments are supportive.

Derrick and Frankie meet up again. Derrick reports there is too much resistance to save Donny.

Meanwhile Nicole has pulled Caleb into the Beehive Room to see where his vote is. Caleb tells her straight up she has his vote and she is not leaving.

Frankie, Caleb, Cody and Derrick end up in the Fire Room. Derrick leaves so it would not look sketchy. Caleb reports he told Nicole that Christine is jealous of Cody spending time with Nicole. They think Nicole will target Christine. Caleb says they can threaten Nicole to putting up Christine and Victoria. The meeting ends with a group hug.

Out back alone, Derrick makes a point to tell us, “As soon as I get the opportunity, I'm sending [Christine] home. She literally thinks she's the female version of Dan. She's not. Not even close."

Victoria comes out and continues her anti-Christine campaign to Derrick.

Inside Cody entertains Christine by using her foot as a telephone before they eventually make their way to bed and the house goes quiet around 3:30 AM.

Have Derrick and Frankie given up efforts to save Donny? Did Christine just become the next target? And did every possible pairing of house guests end up on the hammock today?

Thanks to the Updaters for sticking with it today!