Big Brother Daily Update August 23, 2014

Wisdom teeth, geniuses and alcohol can’t make these guys entertaining!


Big Brother let the house guests sleep in until 10:00 am. Victoria was up and down most of the night with her wisdom teeth bothering her.

Cody gets woken up by Donny. He suggested that Cody works with him and try to get out some people. That he understands if he nominates him that he is just being used by Derrick because he would never keep him over Victoria. Cody just agreed to stop Donny from talking and not really listened. He points out that he never has done anything, he has been on the block 5 times, that Derrick never has been on the block.

12:37 pm We get fish from feeds when they return we see that Nicole and Donny are have nots and they won the tofu squishy kebobs.

Derrick approached Donny and asked him about coming after him. He said Zach told him to work with him, but he feels Donny keeps coming after him. Donny said he is being paranoid. That he has been on the block 5 times and if he does not win veto he goes home. Derrick said he thinks it will be him (Donny) and Nicole on the block (Smart guy,) and that Nicole the last time campaigned against him.

Derrick goes up to the HOH and talks with Cody. He told him that Nicole is a liar and has to go but not this week. That he is sick of Christine telling the DR they are throwing comps etc. That she has to go first. That getting Donny out this week is the best thing to do.

3:00 pm We get fish on the feeds again, when they return we see nominations have taken place and Nicole and Donny are nominated.

Victoria is miserably in pain and her face is swollen because of her wisdom teeth.

Caleb is convinced that Donny is some kind of special agent, that he keeps his clothes drawer too neat that he must be military. He talks to him and tries to get him to admit something. Caleb wants to get it out of him. He is just a lawn man. Caleb tells him he thinks he is a genius and he is making them all look stupid. Donny thanked him for the compliment.

When Caleb relates his conversations to Derrick about Donny he said he thinks he has a 150 IQ and probably a Silver Star recipient. Caleb said he reads people very well and Donny is a genius or he has a mental issue.

All day the house guests speculated about Pandora’s Box. Not wanting it if it saves Nicole or Donny. They wonder what will take the place of the BOB competition on TV, they think maybe a luxury competition or Pandora’s Box.

8:20 pm – Cody comes out of DR and talks to Derrick and told him that he wants to put up Frankie if Donny or Nicole win HOH. Derrick said and send him home, he said yes. Derrick told him Caleb would be pissed and there numbers would be low next week if one of them win HOH.

Nicole and Donny chat, she tells him she wished she did not come back. That it is them against us and we will just go. Same old stuff. Donny said they won’t turn on each other either. Caleb is too dumb to figure it out and once he does it will be too late.

 10:22 pm Cody gets called to storage room and they get two bottles of wine. Christine wonders to Victoria why they got alcohol and she said it was because they are boring. (She got that right)

Cody, Victoria and Christine are the only ones that are drinking the wine.

 Donny and Nicole get ignored a lot by the others. They comment and say they can clear any room. Donny wonders if he will be able to shave his beard in the jury house, Nicole said Hayden can get corn rolls.

Frankie, Caleb and Cody chat and discuss how great they are and how they have smoked the game. Derrick joins the group and Christine joins then they start making fun of Donny and putting him down etc. Another hate fest against Donny. Christine is going to destroy him in her good bye message, telling him how much she hates him. (Sure sounds like a way to get a jury vote Christine) She tells the others that now that nobody is going to be coming back they can leave honest and mean good bye messages (she must be a super fan).

They all agree that Victoria should not be able to play in POV tomorrow because of her teeth.

3:14 am all were in bed and asleep


Who will win POV? Will Nicole and Donny be able to pull something out and both stay? Will Victoria leave the game because of her teeth? Will she be part of jury? When will the guys realize they have to eat each other to win? Will anyone ever figure out that Derrick is set to win this game? Only tomorrow will tell! Thanks updaters!!!