Good morning Tuesday

10:17am  - Donny does his morning eliptical. The other HG's are either not yet awake, already napping or in the bathroom for their daily marathon makeup routines.

12:06pm - HOH camera time. Cody starts taking pictures. He takes some selfies with sleeping Caleb and Frankie, one with the belt he won in the HOH comp and some of Nicole without makeup and with shampoo in her hair. Christine takes pictures of him doing laundry. Then Christine & Cody take pictures together.


1:09pm - Christine and Nicole in the backyard talking on the chaise lounger. Christine saying Derrick is sleeping 17 hours a day. Nicole telling Christine about a fight with Caleb the night before and that she wanted to hug Christine first but too many people in the way. They are both glad Zach is gone. Nicole thinks Adam Brody is the finest man on the planet.

... meanwhile in the kitchen....

Victoria is STILL complaining about Christine to Derrick. Derrick tells her he loves it when she's jealous.

2:07pm - Cody joining Nicole, Christine. Teasing Nicole that they need to make out to give the people what they want. Talking about other house guests. Cody cannonballs into the pool and starts splashing Christine. Christine threatens to pull his shorts off.

Gossip, flirt .. repeat...

3:00pm - Frankie joins a group by the hot tub says he's pissed he missed the camera and leaves.

Caleb is awake and joins the group. General chit chat about what day they are on etc..

3:27pm - INSIDE LOCKDOWN turns into Jeff highlights

4:37pm - Feeds back they HG's did the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. They each challenged their families. Caleb explains it to Cody. 

5:38pm - Everyone back outside

5:55pm - First game talk of the day!! A couple second conversation between Nicole and Derrick. Derrick telling Nicole to talk to Frankie.

6:00pm - Victoria complaining about Christine again this time to Nicole. Nicole tells Victoria she would never her up she's her closest friend in the house. The two talk about the lack of loyalty for a while. Nicole repeatedly says she trusted the wrong people but Victoria doesn't respond. Nicole says she knows that Victoria trusts Derrick. 

6:51pm - Nicole and Derrick talking on the hammock. They are talking about what a good person Victoria his. Nicole said she was asked if she came back into the house who she would want to work with and she said Derrick. Nicole says everyone is so close and Derrick tells her don't assume that. People aren't as close as you think. He hints that their are sides and he's just seeing that. He thinks maybe he didn't play hard enough at the beginning and now he's not as close as some of them. (ED Yup he said it!)

Derrick said he was pissed at how she left based on rumours. He tells her the strong duo's would have to be broken up. Nicole says she knows he and Victoria are close but doesn't think they have a F2.


Next to the hammock for quality time with Derrick is Caleb. Derrick pumps him up that he's headed for stardom.

Frankie was varsity darts but Caleb was state wrestling champ.. winner is ... Caleb :)

9:00pm - Hitman summit: Cody & Derrick in the HOH room. Cody calls Frankie a scumbag and Christine a pathological liar who thinks she's so smooth. He points out that Frankie runs to Christine after every conversation she has with him. He says next week she goes up next to Nicole. Cody says he wants Donny to go since Donny is after Derrick but his real target is Frankie.

Derrick reminds Cody Christine is playing both sides.  Cody wants Frankie or Christine to go before Nicole. Derrick wants Nicole first.

-- End of summit when Christine walks into the HOH  and Derrick runs to the bathroom --

Cody and Christine spend time flirting and laughing with Frankie in the HOH bed.

10:05pm - In the backyard Caleb tells Derrick that Christine must really like Cody cause she just won't stop even after the Zingbot. He later tells Derrick that they disgust him. Derrick acknowledges he can see how much Caleb is bothered.

10:21pm - Derrick asks for Hitman t-shirts ideas to be sent to @Derrick_L13 or @Cody_Calafiore

10:35pm - Group in the backyard eating  the food Victoria made Derrick. General chit-chat.

11:34pm - Nicole talks about how close she is with Hayden. Her and Victoria talk about what a great guy he is.

At about 1am - Derrick goes to bed and Christine and Cody do their talk-y , flirty thing in the kitchen for a while. Lots of production talk leads to lots of fish. Some hugs later and its lights out.

Next up: Can Donny pull a rabbit and save himself?