8:30 AMBig Brother woke the house guests up - we see Donny getting breakfast and Frankie roaming around the house. Donny then takes his indoor stroll.

9:30 AM Donny, Frankie and Derrick met in the Fire room to discuss the Team America Challenge. They decide to let Frankie check to make sure Zach is still going to give his speech at the nomination ceremony. Frankie then goes up to the HOH and talks to Zach and find out he is still planning his degrading speech.

1:15 -2:43 PM The feeds turn to Jeff Interviews and the nomination ceremony was underway. When the feeds returned at 2:43 PM we immediately see Victoria crying to Frankie and Frankie telling her that she has the votes to stay and that he will use the VETO on her if he wins it .Frankie leaves and Jacosta joins her. Victoria goes through the same things she said the week before, why her etc.

 Nicole is also crying in the bathroom and Hayden is consoling her.

Frankie nominated Victoria and Jacosta and Zach nominated Christine and Nicole

Christine and Cody in Storage room. Christine is trying to convince Cody that Zach is the saboteur. Hayden, Nicole and Amber join Christine and Cody in Storage room. They all discuss Zach’s speech and laugh and said they did not know how to respond.

Derrick, Frankie and Zach were talking about doing damage control for what Zach just said. Derrick said he will deny ever knowing that Zach was going to it. Frankie said he will tell people that he did not know what he was going to say just that whatever he was going to say would be epic. Zach said he had no choice but to put up Christine or it would have looked sketchy. Zach said he feels great that he did what was best for his game, and he had no regrets. Zach said he has the votes to stay so he is not worried about what Christine and Nicole think.

Zach asks Hayden who hates him more, Zach said Christine, Nicole is just sad.

Frankie and Zach chat a bit and Frankie tells him that If Christine and Nicole do not win the Battle of the Block competition that Zach better win POV or his game will be screwed. Zach said he did not care that neither of them did anything and he has the votes to stay.

Frankie then talks with Cody.  Cody said that Zach was pulling a Devin and putting up alliance members (Christine), Frankie said he is just happy that Amber is not up and can be backdoored. Cody said that if Zach can be nominated and he has to pick a replacement nomination that everyone is going to want him to nominate Zach. Frankie said if everyone wants Zach gone then he won’t be able to back door Amber. Zach interrupts and tells them that he was just downstairs making fun of the have nots (Nicole and Christine). Frankie said he better lay off and be nice.

1:00 pm Zach and Frankie were spooning in the HOH room. Frankie said to Zach I am literally falling in love with you, Zach responded by saying Really? I am falling in love with you too.

Amber said to Hayden that what Zach said to Nicole and Christine was uncalled for. Hayden said he did not mean it he just wanted air time.

2:30 pm Feeds cut again for Battle of BOB competition. They come back at 4:20 pm. So we find out Frankie si still HOH and Zach has been dethroned. So Victoria and Jacosta are this week’s nominees. We see Victoria crying

Zach then tells Frankie that it worked out perfectly and Frankie agreed. Zach said that he will patch things up with Nicole and Christine.

Frankie, Nicole and Hayden chatted in the HOH room. Frankie said he does not know what he will do till after POV. Hayden said he would like to see Amber or Caleb back doored, Frankie said back dooring Zach is an option too, Nicole agreed with that. Hayden said if Victoria goes home this week it will be a waste of his HOH, Frankie said Jacosta is awful at competitions and should go too.

Meanwhile up in the HOH Zach told Caleb that Victoria is the target and if she wins POV then Jacosta will go home. Caleb totally agrees. . Frankie then entered HOH and said he told Nicole that he (Zach) did what he did because of TV, so he should go make good with Nicole.

7:45 pmThe feeds were cut for a few minutes, once they come back we see a lot of the houseguests coming out of the HOH room and then Derrick in the Have not room looking sad. We then hear that Derrick had read a letter to the houseguest’s stating his grandfather has passed away. Everyone hugged Derrick and he thanked them for the support. He said he will do something later to get a message to his family and that it will suck that he can’t be there for his Dad. Frankie offered to take his Have not position this week and Derrick declined and said he did not want special treatment.

9:15 pm The backyard is opened and the houseguests can go outside. Caleb talks to Jacosta and tells her he does not want Zach to nominate Amber. He said he asked Zach not to blow up but to please not put up Amber.

The houseguests goofed around and did not talk game much in the backyard. Victoria complained, rehashed the BO competition with Derrick. She just kept harping about how awful it is to be on the block.

Zach did say he might not make good with Christine, but Frankie begged him to. He wants her to be comfortable to come talk game up in the HOH.

11:15 pm Zach and Frankie get ready for bed, Zach said he would rub Frankie’s back and Frankie said he loved that.  Frankie kept saying “what my love” to Zach. Frankie and Zach talk baby talk to each other. Frankie then told Zach he should call out Amber at the POV ceremony for trying to get him (Zach) back doored.

MidnightNicole gets to remove her germatard. She plays with it a bit doing a strip tease. Hayden loved the show while Nicole kept saying it was embarrassing.

Victoria talks to anyone who will listen to her complain. She as wondering why Amber wanted to sleep with her tonight. Wondering why Amber was the only girl not nominated.

3:00 am Amber tries to get Cody to talk to Frankie about his replacement nomination. She said she did not want to be it. She thinks he will listen to her. Cody pointed out that Zach and Frankie are sleeping together so he will listen to Zach first. Amber wants Zach nominated as replacement nomination. Amber said she has told the truth and all it got her was in trouble.

Everyone was in bed at 3:30 am except Amber who was in Diary room. Victoria jumped into bed with Cody to see if he would tell her who Frankie would put up as a replacement nomination if someone wins POV. Cody said he did not know but it might be Amber. Cody asked if she won HOH who would she put up if it would be Frankie she said probably. Vic said she did not like Caleb, Cody said he is scary because he would do what Amber wants. Cody said he did not want people to link him to Zach said he was aligned earlier on with him but he misses too much sleeping all day. He said he thinks Jocasta will be going after him. Vic told Cody that Brittany  told her to only trust Derrick and him. He said it sucks that she trusted me and I was the one that got her out. He said it was over BS and he does not know why he did it.

3:45 All in bed and quiet


What will Zach do tomorrow? Will Victoria or Jacosta win POV? Will Amber end up leaving? Tomorrow will tell! Thanks jokers updaters best on the web!