One hour she is going, the next she is staying. Yo-yo campaigning all day and she is not on the block yet!

10:00 am Judd and Andy are the first up, they immediately start taking game. They want Elissa to go up as a replacement nomination. Judd is worried that if they keep Elissa then Jeremy will come after him.

Once the others wake up they all huddle in their little groups and talk game . They hash around the pros for voting David out to keeping him, the same with Elissa, and with everyone, enough game talk to make your head spin.

11:18 am – Aaryn and Elissa make up from their fight the other day. Aaryn apologized first and they hugged it out. Elissa tells Aaryn that she was sad because she thought she could really hit it off with her. Aaryn says she was stressed because she heard Elissa would put her up if MVP. She goes on to say that this week is more relaxed after getting to know each other and she wasn't trying to say that Elissa has no friends. Elissa says she thought Aaryn was getting all the girls together and she can't buddy up to a guy because she's married. Elissa again points out how similar she thinks she is to Aaryn. Aaryn tells her to come to her whenever she hears something from now on because Aaryn won't lie. Elissa thanks her for initiating the conversation with her and says she wants to start from scratch. Elissa says she loves ministry and people obviously will have questions about her wanting to be charitable if she comes across as this crazy person.

12:00 noon – Candice cooked breakfast for everyone that could eat. Pancakes, banana pancakes and French  toast.

Gina Marie and Spencer want to corner McCrae and ask if he is using the POV but can’t ever seem to get him without Amanda.

McCrae talks to David and tells him that Elissa is a plague and will be the replacement nomination when he uses the POV. McCrae then mentions jokers website and said he did not like it. He tells him to really campaign hard and he will stay.

1:00 pm – Elissa holds a yoga session for people in the backyard.

2:10 PM – Andy, Nick and GinaMarie all take pictures using the photo booth.

McCrae tells Elissa that he has to put her up or he will be put up next week and hopes she understands the position he is in. He said she will go up and Candice will come down (guess those were good pancakes.)

GinaMarie is telling Kaitlin that it's just a game so look out for yourself. Gina proposes an alliance of Jeremy/Kaitlin/ GinaMarie/ Nick/David/ Aaryn & says they can run the house because they'd be the strongest group. She likes Spencer but he isn't as strong as she (GinaMarie) is. GinaMarie also said she wants to get rid of Elissa so someone else can be MVP next week.

3:45 pm – Well the first houseguest  (Aaryn) said to David that she can’t wait to get out and see the tapes!

5:00 PM -GinaMarie pulls David/Jeremy in a room & tells them that Boom Squad (David/Jeremy/Kaitlyn /Gina/Nick/Aaryn) is in full effect. She says that they need to stay together because they're the strongest in the house & bring themselves to the top.

5:30 PM  Amanda and Elissa secretly talk, Amanda says that if Elissa stays, they need to make it seem like no one is aligned with her & it's a shocker. Elissa suggests Amanda says what a bad game Elissa has. Amanda says maybe they need to stage a fight. Amanda wants to feel people out first. Elissa offers to swear to God for a couple week deals if that's what Amanda needs because she'd never swear to God but she means it. She knows she has no chance to win this but she'd be an extra vote to them.

Amanda wants to out Elissa being Rachel's sister in front of everyone so it seems like a huge fight. Elissa asks if McCrae is putting her up for sure. Amanda tells her that he has to but she thinks they can spin it so that Elissa can stay.

Amanda tells Elissa that McCrae/Amanda want her to stay but she's been shaky on trusting her. Amanda says she can see the house splitting in 2 & there's drama in the younger group. She tells Elissa she needs to stick to the deal. Elissa says she's willing to make a deal but she doesn't want to have a fight again after all the drama.  Elissa says her first week was totally screwed & you'd think that Rachel would have prepared her better. Elissa seems hesitant about having a fake fight because she'll feel stupid if she goes home after it. Amanda says it's the only way.

Amanda walks off from Elissa & says to a group "She's so f***ing annoying."  Amanda sits by Howard/Aaryn/ Jeremy/Gina/ Judd/David/Nick & says that Elissa is so annoying because she made it seem like they're in an alliance. Jeremy jokes that they are. Amanda continues to act annoyed. People are pretty much ignored it. Aaryn goes over to where Amanda is. Aaryn says that the Producers aren't going to want Elissa to leave so something will happen to help her. BB: "You aren't allowed to talk about Production." Aaryn: "Yeah, because I'm right." Aaryn says it happens all the time where they bring someone back.

So then a large chunk of time was used by McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Judd and Spencer to come up with an idea on how to get Candice to vote their way and to vote David out and keep Elissa.  They want to tell Elissa to act sad as if she is going home and not tell Candice to vote for until right before voting because then if she does not vote their way she will be a target next week. They want to keep Elissa because they feel she will be MVP and they can control her nomination.  

So another Alliance is formed (these happen so fast in the house this year.)

Spencer fills in Howard with their new alliance (Spencer, Howard, Andy, Judd, Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Elissa.) Spencer and Howard are already in an alliance with Jeremy, Nick, and McCrae, which is where their true loyalty lies. Spencer tells Howard that they will get David out this week. Spencer says if someone from their new alliance wins HOH, then they will get them to go after Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Jessie and keep Jeremy and Nick safe. If someone from the other side of the house wins, then Jeremy and Nick will go after Amanda, Andy, Helen, and Judd to keep Spencer and Howard safe.

Jeremy and Kaitlin are this year’s showmance. They head to bed at 3:45 where you can then hear the kissing sounds happening under the covers.  

The Nick and Spencer alliance is silent and strong. Here is the conversation they had while the others were in bed. They have signals too, if one of them rubs their eye in the presence of the other it means  everything is OK, if they want a drink that means they need to talk soon.

Spencer tells Nick the best thing for his game is to get Amanda out. Nick says he agrees and "ASAP". Spencer tells Nick they need to be careful and not outsmart themselves.

Spencer wants Nick to join the mega alliance and wants the others to bring up bringing in Nick but Spencer says he won't push it. He wants this by having Nick vote Elissa out so they know he's on the same page as them. Spencer will let the others come up with this idea.

Nick says this about Amanda/McCrae "She's annoying the piss out of the poor guy." 
Spencer wonders where Amanda is going to sleep after McCrae isn't hoh next week.

Spencer/Nick agree Rachel's fan base will help Elissa win MVP each week  Nick says Spencer is the only person that speaks his language

Nick also tells Spencer that he went to medical school. Nick then said to Spencer that he is there to play a game and not have a showmance, that nobody finds love on reality TV.

6:00 am – All in bed, some tossing and turning, some cuddling but all in bed


 What will tomorrow bring….. more campaigning? The VETO meeting? More alliances formed? How about some back stabbing…. Sounds like another summer of Big Brother! Thanks updaters you’re the best!