10:53 AM-12:00 PM: BB lets the houseguest sleep in until almost 11 when they receive their wake-up call. Feeds start with Helen and Elissa in HOH, with Helen feeding the fish. Judd and Andy start game talk early on the backyard couches. Andy tries to convince Judd that Howard should go soon, and that he uses his religiousness to manipulate people. Andy says he's not worried because he and Judd are usually on the same page. There is no more real game talk for a while, just chit chatting and getting ready. Judd, Andy and Elissa do some laundry and talk in the backyard and Judd asks her how much better it is sleeping in HOH than the Have-Not room. Elissa says it’s the first time she hasn't woken up with blood-shot eyes in forever. They talk about how it’s a different game now and how it's nice that she doesn't have to lay low anymore. Andy and Jessie help gather all the dirty towels in the house that Andy names "towel hill." Andy follows Elissa up to HOH and they talk about how glad they will be to finally see Jeremy gone. At the same time Helen is on the backyard couches with Judd also discussing Jeremy's eviction and whether or not they can trust Spencer's loyalty.


Helen starts her morning jog in the backyard and Jeremy comes outside. He joins Judd on the couch and they discuss the Moving Company's demise and Nick potentially being a pro skater, Jeremy doesn't think he is. Jessie comes out and has a cigarette, starts an argument with a clearly half asleep Jeremy, she is trying to convince him to not be mad at her for switching sides, that he did nothing but lie to her and treat her badly. He says he never lied to her, just withheld information about the Moving Company and that he was loyal to Bangarang. Jessie says that she doesn't believe that or want to hear him out.  He asks her why she even started talking to him about it if she's not going to believe him, she says she thought that he would want to have a friendship outside of the house with her. She wanted to give him and chance to apologize, but that it's obvious how little respect he has for her.

12:00 PM: Helen has finished her run and returns to HOH where she has a conversation with Andy about Jeremy. They are nervous he is going to try and convince Kaitlin not to use POV and that he will try and manipulate her into letting him stay and win the money for both of them.  They agree that Andy will need talk to her today and convince her that it would be a mistake to do that. They laugh that he's been acting nice to everyone and actually doing dishes for a change. They discuss next week's HOH; agree that they can't let Elissa win because she will want to get rid of Spencer before Howard.  They consider throwing it to Amanda because she will go for Howard, they also can't let Candice win because she'll protect Howard. Helen says they need to make the Final Five (Andy, Judd, Helen, Amanda, and McCrae.) They continue to bash Jeremy, saying he ruined the show for his mother, she's a huge fan of the show, and Helen goes so far as to shout out to his Mom that she's "sorry for her disappointment." Judd comes up to tell them that Jeremy could hear her shout out in the backyard but joins in the bash fest as does Jessie. This continues for nearly an hour.

12:55 PM: Aaryn and Kaitlin discuss Jeremy and how the whole house wants him out. Kaitlin says she is using the POV no matter what because she knows if she doesn't he is going home next week anyway. Aaryn says Kaitlin and Jeremy are falling in love; she says they definitely like each other a lot. She doesn't think there is anything she can do for him at this point and that campaigning won't do any good. Kaitlin tells her that Jeremy is encouraging her to use the POV and told her that he used it last week knowing there was a good chance she would be put up and it's only fair that she do the same.  Aaryn says that she thinks that she's next and that she heard that Kaitlin is saying that she doesn't want to be associated with her. Kaitlin denies this and says it must be Amanda who is stirring things up. Aaryn asks her if she would tell her if people were talking to her about it, Kaitlin says she would. Kaitlin thinks Spencer and Howard should go before Jeremy, that Howard throws competitions and that it's not fair that strong competitors are being picked off first. Aaryn says that Jeremy's big head has been his downfall. Aaryn says that Gina Marie is making herself a big target by always talking about Nick, and that people are getting tired of hearing it and she has been trying so hard to tell her that he didn't really like her. 

1:55 PM:  Judd and Andy in HOH joking about Gina Marie and Candice not knowing much about the game. Gina Marie didn't know how the final HOH competition worked and Candice didn't realize that if you used the POV on someone that you couldn't be put up as a replacement.  They agree that they shouldn't have corrected them and that they should only tell people on their side how things work.  Howard and Helen join the conversation. They are talking about bullying in real life and how the definition of bullying has become too broad and that everything is considered bullying these days.  Andy says in middle school he was fat and had gay tendencies and he still wasn't ever bullied. Howard says most of the bullying he saw was gang related. Howard just doesn't like it when people look down on others (implying racial bullying.) Helen says that she felt like it was bullying when Jeremy was yelling at them, says bullying is not just an argument but when the other person feels scared that they are going to hit them. Spencer joins them. They all agree that if Kaitlin doesn't use the POV this week that they will vote her out. Helen reminds Andy that he needs to talk to her as soon as she gets out of the diary room and remind her that Jeremy will be gone within 2 weeks either way. Spencer tells Helen that he appreciates her "strong-arm tactics."  Helen jokes that Spencer has a crush on Jessie and that Judd better watch out; Judd says he's "not getting showmantic in here."

Meanwhile Elissa and McCrae are in the hammock talking. Elissa says she would like to make the Final Four at least if she is going to be on the Jury.  She asks him who he wants to make it to Jury; he says he doesn't know he's only worried about him and Amanda. He says Andy, and Elissa says "hmm" and "what about me?" McCrae says he wants Elissa with him and Amanda all the way to the Final Three; Elissa is relieved and says she feels an "inner connection" with him, Amanda and Helen but does not trust the others.  McCrae seeks advice on continuing a showmance after the show. Elissa says that Brendon and Rachel had "insane trust" right away.  Also she says that Brendon didn't come into the house caring about the game, and that he was recruited and when he met Rachel they had a "deeper soul connection." McCrae says it's different for him and Amanda because they both came in wanting to play the game. Elissa says that will be harder for them because they may have to make decisions against each other.  McCrae agrees but is glad that at least they don't have to right now or for the foreseeable future. Elissa asks if he would move to Florida with Amanda, he says he wants Amanda to move to L.A. with him, that he just finished a degree in production and he's hoping to network out there.  He says Amanda used to live in L.A. a while ago and doesn't want to move back, but there aren't many opportunities for him in Florida. He also tells her that Amanda told him that her dad wouldn't like him because he doesn't have anything to offer.  Elissa disagrees and says he is very socially adept. Elissa says she has been reading books for months to try and work on her social skills, and that it’s very hard for her to engage with people when she knows she has no desire to build a relationship with them.  She says that she loves talking to people at dinner parties, etc., can make small talk with "educated, civilized people" but not with some of the people in this house, she just has nothing in common with them.