10:30am Aaryn is up and washing her face in the bath room.
The HouseGuests get a late start with the day. Some HouseGuests are up and down but the house does not really come alive until after 12pm, even then some HouseGuests are still asleep.

Elissa and Helen are awake and talking game, they want to get Aaryn out of the house. The rest of the house is waking up.

1:54pm Jessie is not giving up and she is going around the house trying to make deals for her to stay. She told Aaryn she would throw HOH and said she would also go up as a pawn.

Jessie tries talking to Helen. Later she talks to Elissa about her plan to stay. Elissa is interested in Jessie's plan and Jessie asks her to try and get the other HouseGuests to go along with keeping Jessie.

Aaryn and Andy are talking game. Aaryn is uncomfortable with the plan regarding Helen. Andy and Aaryn make a final 2 deal.

McCrae and Amanda are talking game. They are talking about Helen and what they should do about her.

Aaryn and Amanda talk final 4 deals. Aaryn does not want to make any final 4 deals with GinaMarie and offers a F4 deal with them, GinaMarie and Andy. Aaryn doesn’t really want one with GinaMarie because she will tell the house. McCrae is trying to make a final 3 deal with Spencer, Andy and McCrae. McCrae wants a final 3 deal including Spencer in order to protect Aaryn and McCrae should Spencer win HOH. Spencer falls for McCrae's offer and says he is down with a Final 3 with him, Andy and McCrae.

There is a indoor lockdown. All the HouseGuests are making general chit.

9:10pm Some of the HouseGuests put on makeup that is way out there.

Aaryn and Jessie are talking. Jessie is still trying to save herself from eviction. Aaryn says she can not trust Jessie because Jessie tried to save Candice. Jessie can not sway Aaryn to help her from being evicted.

The HouseGuests spend the rest of the night making general chit chat. Nothing really important or exciting happens.

All the HouseGuests are in bed by 3:20am besides Amanda and McCrae. They stay up talking game for about 20 minute and then go to bed.

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