"Dear God. What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring."

Sherlock Holmes- Sherlock



07:05 AM   Jeremy is called to the Diary Room, heads back to bed when he comes out.

09:57 AM   Judd tells Andy & Spencer that while he likes Nick better than Elissa he thinks that Nick needs to be voted out because he is too shady. Andy thinks that it's proven that Elissa does whatever Helen tells her to do., he tells them he thinks it would be stupid if the 7 of them do not keep Elissa, plus he tells them Candice hates the other side so they have her as well. Andy feels that Amanda likes McCrae more than he likes her- Spencer says "I don't know about that".

10:27 AM Jeremy asks Spencer about Helen "Do you think she's offended when we call her H-bomb because of like, Hiroshima?"

10:38 AM Howard & Andy- Howard whispers that he doesn't trust Amanda, that she is a nutcase & she is spreading rumors that there is a guys group & that puts any guy in doubt.. He tells Andy that he will do what the majority wants but he thinks the target on them will be bigger if Elissa stays. Andy thinks they have the perfect opportunity to get rid of Nick & that with Elissa they have a guaranteed vote through the MVP. He tells Howard if the vote should go the wrong way they can say they voted out Elissa. Andy is concerned that Jeremy is going after him after he gets rid of Candice & Amanda "All of us are good people & deserve to stay here" Andy just doesn't like the bullying by Jeremy & crew. Howard repeats he is going with the majority, that they have a few days they should just lay low.

11:05 AM   Andy, Jeremy , Aaryn & Judd in the kitchen eating breakfast. Andy says they are counting down the days until Candice pulls a Chima. They talk about school & if they were paddled in school, Judd was. Aaryn says "no one else can spank my kid but me." She asks Andy if he played with barbies when he was young, Andy says he was a chatty kid who liked flowers.

11:24 AM In the HoH room Kaitlin & Aaryn talk about Jessie, Kaitlin says "she is an interesting person.", & that Jeremy told her Austin girls are "weird". Aaryn agrees that some Austin girls are weird because they are "way to Liberal" Kailtin tells Aaryn "Jeremy's skin is so hot" Aaryn responds "yeah he is an Indian they retain heat"


12:26 PM   Jeremy tells Aaryn she is the strongest girl in the house, tells her he has Spencer & Howard under his belt. "It's a black man thing" Jeremy says about Howard trying to be dominate "they have horrible communication skills.

12:40 PM Aaryn passes Howard in the kitchen and says "you look like a rapper or a football player with that bandanna on"  Talking to Nick & GinaMarie Aaryn calls Judd a "Hillbilly"

01:11 PM   Spencer & McCrae on the backyard couch watching Jessie & Jeremy in the pool, Jeremy wants to do chicken fights. Spencer grills McCrae about cutting Amanda out, McCrae says he is fine with cutting her loose "I can get girls whenever I want"

01:42 PM Amanda & Nick talk, she makes him promise he won't put her or McCrae up if he gets HoH or MVP Nick agrees. She tells him she doesn't know where his & Spencers heads are at. Nick tells her Spencer is shady to him. Amanda says Spencer is a good liar. Amanda to Nick I hear you have something with e says "I've heard that too"  They talk about MVP Amanda says Jeremy will not win MVP because he has been vicious to Elissa.

02:44 PM    Up in the HOH Aaryn & GinaMarie watch the fish, Aaryn points out the white fish swim up top & the black fish swim at the bottom of the tank. GinaMarie "like the back of the bus"

02:57 PM   Elissa gets her hat back from Dry Cleaning days after Jeremy wiped it on his butt.

04:07 PM   In the back yard the house guests chat about a variety of things including the World Trade Center, people being rude giving more attention to their phones, eyesight, being without technology, how to treat a woman & how if you have a DUI you can't get into Canada. 

04:50 PM   Amanda goes up to the HoH to give Aaryn some advice. She tells her that for her own good she needs to be more mindful of the things that she says. Amanda tells her that while she understands that Aaryn is joking when she says these racist things but that others don't, & they are offended. Amanda tells her she just needs to be more careful & she should take Howard aside & apologize to him & tell him she was joking when she said the things he has overheard. Aaryn says she doesn't even know what she could have said & that it is the most "obnoxious annoying thing I have ever heard" Aaryn is positive it is coming from Candice because Candice is insecure about it & that people are making it a bigger deal than it is. "After all people talk about me being blonde & call me "Barbie" all the time, "what's the difference?"

05:27 PM   In the HoH Aaryn tells McCrae people need to step up, she feels when people don't step up it is a slap in the face. she is irritated with people who want to be home and that some don't even know Big Brother, she says Kaitlin didn't know anything about BB. Amanda is shocked Kaitlin was recruited in a bar. Andy comes in. Aaryn says she knows they will mess with her emotions to get her to break, Amanda says evicting David was the worst & Andy says she handled it very well, he adds that Candice is really suffering from being a Have Not.

05:48 PM Aaryn leaves and Andy & Amanda talk about things, Andy says Helen tells him everything, Amanda is afraid Spencer is after her Andy tells her he will find out. Andy says they need to keep Elissa that Nick just tells people what they want to hear. Andy is sure Howard and Spencer will vote Nick out that Howard says nothing nice about Aaryn's side

06:05 PM   Andy explains to Spencer that it bothers him they will not vote out a power player, Spencer tells Helen told Amanda something he had told her, he thinks Helen talks to too many people. Aaryn joins them, she is mad about Amanda talking to her about the racist comments. She is tired about people asking about her family. Spencer says he heard that when Candice asked Aaryn her middle name Aaryn said "Shaniqua" Now Aaryn is mad at Candice & defending herself to Spencer & Andy. She brings up her blonde hair blue eyes & how she is called Barbie & how she doesn't like people putting words in her mouth. Spencer tells her no one believes the poison Candice is spreading & how once Elissa is gone she won't have anyone to listen to her. Aaryn says she has had to deal with this her whole life. Spencer says it's because of her beauty people try and make her ugly on the inside. Aaryn is upset that now Howard believes it. She tells them that there is a minority alliance.

06:34 PM Andy is concered about his safety if Jeremy wins HoH next week, Aaryn tells him it will be Candie & Jessie because they cause all the problems. She thinks Howard will go soon because he isn't strong and she doesn't see any comps he will win.

06:49 PM   Candice and Helen talk in the Have Not Room, Candice is upset about Aaryn's racial comments like "Shaniqua" & feels like shoving her fist down Aaryn's throat if she hears another racial joke

06:56 PM  Amanda talks to Howard about her conversation with Aaryn about the racial comments, she tells him Aaryn victimized herself, it was like Amanda was talking to a wall.

07:55 PM    Amanda tells McCrae about the racial conversation with Aaryn and how she made herself the victim talking about how people made mean comments about blondes. Amanda comments that there are no Blonde activist groups, they both think Aaryn is really dumb

08:25 PM   Amanda, McCrae & Aaryn Discussing who will be MVP when Elissa is gone. McCrae says there is no point guessing who it could be but they can safely say it won't be Candice or Jessie. Aaryn tells them that Helen thinks people should volunteer to be Have Nots. Aaryn says there is no way she is doing that and they all agree they would never throw a Have Not comp. Aaryn leaves..Judd joins the couple and talk turns to Judd not trusting Spencer he tells them he's told Jeremy if the votes don't go the way Jeremy expects he should look at Spencer.  Judd says Spencer is so disgusting & if he gets HoH he is putting Spencer up. Amanda says the only people she trusts are McCrae, Judd & Andy. She tells Judd she has not heard his name come up as a target. Judd leaves and Amanda tells McCrea she really does trust Judd and they agree they want to work with Judd & Andy moving forward.

09:44 PM   The storage room seems to be the place to be- over the next couple of hours a variety of duo's use it to talk about their games & deals.

12:14 AM    Aaryn talks to Howard about the things Amanda said to her.. She tells Howard that she guesses Candice has gone to some people and said some really not OK things about her that just aren't true. She has never meant to say anything in derogatory way, ever.She tells him the fact is that Candice took it that way & is also making up other stories just like Elissa does about things that aren't true. She says she isn't even going to approach her about it because it so much lies. If anyone thinks I'm racists that is ridiculous. Howard tells her they are good he knows she isn't a racist.

01:45 AM    A lot of talk through out the house about voting, alliances, The mean girls, who might get MVP & how they can use MVP if Elissa stays. There is a meeting of the MC and some cute HoH time between Jessie & Judd & then some not so cute  time between Jeremy & Kaitlin.

 04:42 AM   Little by little the house begins to settle in for the night. Howard & Candice share a bed and it looks like Judd is VERY happy to sleep next to Jessie.. Lights out all asleep.


 A special thank you to all the Joker Updaters without you guys this wouldn't be possible- and to all the readers Thank You, without you this would be pointless.