With McCrae on the block and holding the Veto, it is a safe bet he will save himself today. Spencer will have to choose either Andy or Judd to go up against GinaMarie. He has been leaning heavily toward nominating and targeting Judd for eviction. Late Monday saw some jockeying in different directions. Judd tried to get Andy to volunteer to go up while Spencer and Andy hatched a plan to try to get McCrae to use the Veto on GinaMarie. With only two people voting, Spencer has repeatedly asked that it not be a tie. Will the house (what’s left of it) go along? Or will things take a different turn after the Veto meeting? 

8:30 AM
The house guests were up late, but Big Brother has no mercy and sounds the wakeup call at the normal time this morning.

Judd lobbies Spencer one last time to get Andy up. Spencer is not biting. He says he trusts Andy and continues to assure Judd that GinaMarie will be the one leaving.

11:00 AM
Feeds return from a half hour Veto meeting and we find that McCrae did use the Veto on himself and Spencer chose Judd as the replacement. We also learn that Judd confronted McCrae during the meeting. GinaMarie talks briefly to McCrae, who is already back in bed. She’s going to go find out what is up with Judd. Meanwhile Judd is pacing back and forth in the HOH as Spencer tries unsuccessfully to get him to sit down. GinaMarie and then Andy join in the HOH with Judd still pacing around. He is recounting the things he said to McCrae. Among them were: McCrae was the reason Judd left the first time and he tried to get Judd out numerous times since he’s been back. Judd doesn’t expect he’ll get anymore cigarettes from McCrae now. The others are listening and being supportive.

Once Judd leaves the HOH, GinaMarie goes to work. She asks to be told if she's the one leaving so she can wear a dress instead of athletic gear. She won't go the route of Judd and make them feel bad because of her knee, but she wants to stay. She reminds them that Judd lied about Kaitlin to save Aaryn. Andy wonders if Judd went off on McCrae so they would keep him.

After Andy leaves, GinaMarie tells Spencer that Judd gives up on comps when they need him the most. When Spencer worries that he could be on the block with Andy next week, GinaMarie gives her word she will keep Spencer.

Judd finds Andy alone and asks for assurance. Andy says he is keeping Judd and tells him not to worry. Judd will be going after McCrae and wants to roll with Spencer and Andy.

While GinaMarie is in the Diary room, Judd tries to convince Spencer that McCrae will be after him before Spencer or Andy.  Judd will make nice with McCrae in front of the others so there won't be tension.  Judd strokes Spencer’s ego a bit and then says Spencer needs to break the tie for him. Spencer says he'll keep him.

They get their first clue of the schedule change when GinaMarie tells Judd she found their luggage in the Storage Room. Even after Judd predicts the eviction is probably tomorrow, they all go back and forth as to what it means, if anything.

1:30 AM
While under an Indoor lockdown, Spencer is called to Diary room and then goes directly to the HOH room. Judd, GinaMarie and Andy are in the Living room keeping watch and speculating what Spencer is doing. It is really bothering Andy in particular. He can’t take it and goes to knock on the HOH door, “Spencer, what’s going on?” Just as Spencer yells back through the door, "I'm in here with Rachael Riley!", Big Brother intervenes, "Andy! Knock it off!" A few minutes later Spencer emerges and lets them all know he was doing the HOH blog.

Spencer gets the camera. McCrae declines to participate so the Exterminators get creative with poses.  

When they finish, Judd is up in the HOH asking Andy and Spencer again if he’s staying. They tell him he is. They seem more certain about the eviction happening tomorrow and the finale will be the 18th.

A little later Judd is still making the case to keep him. He wants Andy to know he'll be terrible at the next HOH and that Andy will be great at it.

Later, Andy and Spencer break away to the HOH and tell each other they don't know what to do. They want to discuss it further but GinaMarie is right behind them. When Judd joins them, GinaMarie gives him the third degree about why he has issues with McCrae.

3:30 PM
McCrae is up telling Andy how great 50k would be and how "bitchy" Andy was to Elissa in the double eviction. Judd and Spencer join them for the first real Elissa bashing session of the day. Judd complains about Brenchel's Army being zombies and voting America’s Choice for Elissa. Andy says, “Don't vote for me! I only want clear minded individuals voting for me for America's Favorite." Spencer adds, "Hey Brenchel's Army, why don't you go have a mass suicide."

Alone in the back yard, Judd works on Spencer again. He thinks McCrae knows his days better than he lets on. He has been saving the fish food bags. (Apparently they are able to figure out what day it is from the fish food containers). Judd asks if Spencer ever felt like he was going home when he was on the block. Spencer responds, “Every time”.

Later, McCrae requests a chat with GinaMarie to propose a final three deal to get Andy out next. GinaMarie agrees saying no one can beat Andy in the final. She wants McCrae to make it a 2-0 vote to keep her so GinaMarie doesn't owe Spencer anything by breaking a tie. They agree to work together against Spencer and Andy. They even shake hands and hug on it. And it’s also worth noting GinaMarie says McCrae smells all nice. They work a little on what happened on what day. GinaMarie mentions the bead necklace she made was confiscated because she was using it as study aid. She explains she remembers things by making up a song.

Next, everyone is out back eating sandwiches GinaMarie prepared. One by one they go back inside until it is just Judd and McCrae. Judd wants to make sure everything is still good. McCrae tells him it is. Judd says, “I’m going to keep avoiding you for the rest of the night but don't take offense.”

Judd goes in, but Spencer and Andy come back out. Spencer to McCrae, “Can I ask you who you’ll be voting?” McCrae smiles but does not respond. They think the season will be very liked and high rated because they had so many things going on. Anything they sell on E-Bay will sell fast and for a high price.

5:00 PM
Spencer and Andy get time to talk privately. They are almost positive they are going to vote out Judd and discuss how to tell him. They aren't going for a blind side. Spencer worries that Andy might take GinaMarie to the final instead of him. Andy swears he is taking Spencer. They want final three with GinaMarie and strategize how to beat her in the final HOH.
Andy: I wonder if the fight between Judd and McCrae this morning was fake.
Spencer: I don't think so.
Andy: I think we give Judd too much credit. I'm going to be mad with all this planning and I get 3rd. I didn't sleep on airplane beds for an extra five nights to get 3rd place. I didn't hold my tongue with everybody to get 3rd.

Meanwhile McCrea and GinaMarie recall moments they heard the audience. McCrae was “Pumped” when he won Veto and heard the cheering. They were able to hear boos when Aaryn left too. So they can both have a memento, GinaMarie tempts fate when she takes a knife to the tether she shared with McCrae. They complain about Elissa’s attitude; she has never had to face hardship.

Next Andy is alone in the backyard with McCrae asking if they are on the same page about voting Judd out. They don't want Spencer to worry about breaking a tie. Andy begs America not to give Elissa America’s Choice vote. It will kill him. Andy talks about Elissa being the hinky vote to evict Amanda. McCrae goes along.

With everyone out back, McCrae tells them he totally forgot about the cameras and walked out of the shower naked. Everyone laughed. They wonder why they aren’t on lockdown and figure the next HOH is probably going to be questions. They also decide they will respond "Whatever" to anything Elissa says at the finale.  

GinaMarie is inside preparing dinner. Judd tells her he'll do whatever it takes to let people know how good GinaMarie has been (When he’s in Jury).

McCrae is stressed if he doesn't get HOH, he will be gone. Based on Judd’s actions at the Veto meeting, Spencer questions if McCrae has some sort of secret alliance with Judd.

8:00 PM
Judd puts out another feeler to McCrae about his vote. This time McCrae says he is waiting to be told how to vote. Judd promises final two with McCrae. 

It doesn’t take long for Judd to seek out Spencer to ask if he's going to tell GinaMarie that she's going home. Spencer says he's not supposed to say anything. (All of the sudden people started blaming production rules for not being able to discuss the vote.) Judd tries a different tack asking what percentage he should worry about going home. Spencer tells him zero. Judd is suspicious because GinaMarie hasn't even asked if she's going home.

Andy and McCrae hate they can't tell Judd he's going to be evicted. Not long after, Judd tells Andy he's freaking out and wants to know if he's going to stay. Andy says yes. Judd says he's going to keep asking because he's nervous.

GinaMarie calls everyone in for dinner; baked chicken and "Uhas" potatoes. She only set out four place settings and tells them she already ate.

Judd and Andy play on the phone in the living room, telling GinaMarie Nick is on the line and then up.





Andy joins McCrae and Spencer in the HOH. He doesn't like being around Judd because he's so nervous. Spencer says he's begging to stay. McCrae says Judd has been annoying with all the campaigning. With all the guys in the HOH, Spencer says they should let America pick three favorites and give them $10,000 each so Elissa doesn't get it all.

GinaMarie is there now too becoming frustrated with the origami instructions. She does manage to finish a cicada.
They goof around pretending their mike packs are phones and using them to tell corny jokes like "What do you say when two houses fall on you?... "Get off me Homes." Lots of general chit chat and not too much bashing.





10:30 PM
They have migrated back outside continuing their chat. Judd is walking around blowing in the air over and over. They ask what he’s doing and figure something is hanging from the camera.

Later GinaMarie and Andy are in the kitchen studying what events happened when.

Meanwhile Judd is out back once again pleading with Spencer to keep him.

12:30 AM
Everyone migrates back to the HOH room except Judd; but not for long. He finds them. GinaMarie says the first thing she will say to Nick is “Where’s my kiss?!” Judd says “Don't go about it that way.”

After folks clear out, Judd states "I hope I don't forget nothing (in his packing)." Spencer says it wouldn't matter because you'll be here. Judd says, "That’s what I was fishing for."
They have a long chat about life in general until Judd comes back with, “You think Andy's for sure, right?”. Spencer replies, “All he told me is you're staying.”

Everyone has been told to get to bed early because of the Tuesday events. The house goes quiet by 1:15 AM.

Will they get to tell Judd he is leaving next? How will he handle a second eviction? Can McCrae maintain his winning streak? Or will it look like we are heading for an Exterminator trio when the feeds return on Wednesday?

Thanks to those special Updaters that are sticking it out as the season winds down!