With the Veto meeting just a couple hours away, Howard has been telling people if they can’t work it so someone besides Candice goes up, he wants them to vote him out. Will that change after the meeting?...

8:15 AM
Time to wake up for the day.  It takes them about an hour to start talking game (but once they do, it’s almost nonstop all day.) First up, Amanda confirms with Judd the plan is still to vote out Howard. Judd also reports he and Andy told Spencer they were keeping Howard and voting out Candice.

When Judd undresses to take a shower, all the girls start cat-calling and saying he’s a hottie. Judd turns on the Have-Not shower and says, "Things are about to get chilly."

Out back, Spencer informs Howard there is a plan to keep him and vote out Candice. He just needs to be cool.

Spencer goes to work up in the HOH telling Aaryn of a possible plan to vote out Candice. He will keep her posted.

Helen gives Amanda a heads up that Howard says they should vote him out and keep Candice. Amanda doesn't believe it for a second and has a feeling something is up.
The observant viewer will notice that Amanda has on Judd’s Bear shirt and Helen has on Andy’s cat shirt for the Veto meeting. Helen later says they are going to make Andy’s shirt as famous as Judd’s.



10:10 AM
Feeds are out 45 minutes for the Veto meeting. As expected, Spencer used the veto on himself and Candice is up in his place.

Amanda wastes no time. First she makes Jessie promise that she won’t flip her vote. Amanda says, “I will protect you through the game and I need you here.” Jessie is concerned about a recent conversation she had with Candice that did not go well. Amanda advises if it is bothering her to go talk to Candice.

Spencer takes a reading with Helen, telling her he wants to keep Howard. Helen is reluctant and doesn’t think Judd and Jessie will sway either.

Jessie finds Candice in the bathroom and things quickly get heated. The main thrust is Jessie felt ambushed when Candice came to her wanting to know if she was on board with keeping “Howie” the other day. Candice thought it was a straight up question that should have had a straight up answer, “either you have a pair of balls or you don’t.”  They finally hug it out, but the tension was still in the air (Score one for Amanda suggesting this conversation right after Candice was officially nominated).

Meanwhile Amanda wants to make sure she is still safe and gets assurance from Helen. Helen also tells her that Judd is going to campaign to get Candice out and Spencer is not going to campaign against Amanda but against Candice too.

Shortly after, Amanda finds Judd in the HOH and requests a private chat. Judd assures her she’s cool and will have 1 or 2 votes at the most. Judd tells her he didn't want to worry her over nothing in regards to a deal from the other side that doesn't help anyone but Howard.  

Goof Troop meeting in the cockpit room (Amanda, Andy, Judd and McCrae.) They discuss letting the others think they are voting out Candice, but letting Spencer know about the vote to evict Howard right before the live show. Andy wants him to feel included in case he wins HOH.
Judd leaves and Aaryn joins them stating once she found out that Howard said he didn't want to be here without Candice, Aaryn wants Howard gone. She reports that Spencer thinks he has the votes to evict Candice using Aaryn as the tiebreaker. They let her know they are purposely letting Spencer think that. Helen joins and confirms the plan.

Next, Amanda has a quick chat with GinaMarie about the plan in case others approach her about keeping Howard for real. Amanda mentions Howard may have some special power.

Out back, Candice and Howard are seen arguing while he is on the elliptical. Howard doesn’t like her being negative and that neither one of them are going anywhere.  Candice is less certain stating she does everything for a reason and can't be manipulated and they know that.

Meanwhile, Aaryn, Andy, Amanda, Judd and Helen are together going over possibilities. Aaryn is okay with whatever they decide as a group and assures there is no way Amanda is going.

Not long after, Amanda and McCrae have a private chat in the Storage Room. McCrae advises her not to talk to anyone, have fun and let him do the talking.  He says she should keep her head down and make cookies and do her nails (Does he not know her at all by now?). Amanda says she trusts him, they kiss and both say I love you.

Aaryn explains to Andy and Judd the mattress flipping was blown out of proportion and she would never touch anyone else’s things. But she expects that episode must have made TV Magic.
McCrae joins and they give him differing advice on how Amanda should act this week. McCrae says she just doesn't want to be out of the loop. Judd reports he told GinaMarie to just agree if anyone approaches her with another plan. They note that Howard is all over the place and asks for the world but gives up nothing in return.

Spencer reports to Howard they got the votes, but Aaryn is afraid to go against Helen. He plans on telling her she will have more people backing her if she goes their way. He also plans on calling Aaryn out on live national television (a bit odd since he is no longer a nominee).

Andy fills in Jessie to just go along with Spencer and company and also explains the plan to tell Spencer at the last minute that Howard is going, so they don't have time to come up with an alternate plan. Andy says they're working on making Candice hate Spencer.

At the same time, Aaryn is telling Amanda she is afraid of Jessie because she flip flops. But, Helen confirms that Jessie is not gunning after Amanda. Helen also drops the nugget that Jessie would be gunning for Aaryn (apparently wanting tension between Jessie and Aaryn.)

Next Aaryn and Andy assure each other they will make jury. She makes a point of saying how much she really hates Candice and wants to know if there is a tie, will everyone really want Howard out. Andy says yes.

1:30 PM
Now it’s Aaryn and Elissa talking in the HOH. They try to figure out what’s going on with the MVP, but eventually decide they won’t find out anyway until BB tells them. They continue having a very nice civil chat. Aaryn explains the plan to agree with anything the other side asks. Elissa worries Spencer could have a special power.

Out back Amanda is planning out in great detail what McCrae’s life will be in Florida. They can go to the beach. They can go to the Dog Park. She will help him find a job… McCrae's response, "I think I'm done sun tanning." They go to the cockpit room and Amanda does a data dump of how most everyone will vote to keep her. They both think it is a good sign that Howard is scrambling.

Later, Judd and Elissa laugh it up saying they should make an alliance called Black Widows for all the girls that lost their men.  

Back in the Have Not room, Howard and Candice are going through the state of things. Candice thinks it is more likely that Howard will stay. Howard tells her if it is a split vote, “I ask to go home. I will pitch to everyone I go and you stay.” When Howard mentions that he was not back-doored, Candice says it was so Aaryn could backdoor her. (She was picked to play in Veto, but she is making the point Aaryn didn't nominate her, hoping she wouldn't play.)

Meanwhile out on the hammock, Helen tells Elissa they need to protect Amanda, “No matter what anyone says, vote out Howard.” She tells Elissa that Judd is dangerous and if she gets MVP to get Judd out.

Later, Amanda is bashing about Howard to Aaryn, McCrae and Judd. Aaryn makes a point to say she was being portrayed as a racist bitch, but she thinks this week she is being portrayed as "misunderstood."



4:20 PM
McCrae tries talking game with Elissa. Amanda joins them and also tries to talk game with Elissa. Elissa seems to keep changing the subject.

One of the day’s highlights is a long meeting in the HOH between Aaryn, Amanda and Helen. They all think they know who the MVP is and decide to name their guesses at the same time. On the count of three they all say “Judd” in unison. This solidifies the formation of the Circle of Trust alliance and they spend the better part of an hour recounting all the ways Judd is sketchy and acting strangely.

They are very creative in how they think he has manipulated the house with the MVP nominations the last two weeks. He is a mastermind. Amanda thinks he would take Jessie over Elissa to the final 2. Helen adds, "I think [Judd and Jessie] have to go on the block together." She doesn’t want another "Dan" winning this game. If Judd and Jessie have already flipped, Amanda will still be safe even if one of the others flip. Amanda states firmly that they need to keep this whole conversation a secret.