Big Brother Daily Recap July 12, 2013

Who is the biggest liar? More tears and fears


9:30 AM - Houseguests get their wake up call. We first see Helen and Elissa in the HOH room. They were talking about nominations. They agree not to let Candice know they suspect Howard was the one that gave the hinky vote the night before. They both also agree to keep Judd and Amanda around.

When they left the HOH and went downstairs they see Jessie and tell her they know she voted out Nick but either Spencer or Howie did not.

We also see Judd and Andy talking and they decided they shouldn’t show their cards with Howard and Spencer yet, they want Jeremy to go first then they can work with them.

Helen talks to Andy in the HOH and said to him that if Jeremy ends up staying and Aaryn goes home, Kaitlin will have to promise that Jeremy will not come after them.

Next Howard goes to HOH. He tells Helen and Elissa that he voted with them and is solid with them. He said he told the other side he voted with them. Helen said she won’t be vengeful that the mole needs to fess up and they will move on.

Andy and Candice talk they both agree that they can’t believe the amount of racism in the house. They liked Kaitlin a lot in the first day or so but not now. Andy also commented on how malicious the racism has become with the destruction of property. (Aaryn flipping Candice’s bed)

11:42 – 2:00 The “Have Not” competition takes place. When the feeds return we see that the Have Nots have received grapefruit and guacamole for their food this week. We also see people taking showers because they all have white foam on them from the competition. The Have Nots are: Jessie, Amanda, Judd and Aaryn.

Meanwhile, Helen is still on her mission to figure out who threw the hinky vote last week. She tells Candice not to trust Howie and tells McCrea that Spencer or Jeremy are lying and she plans on back-dooring Jeremy.

3:16 PM – Helen grabs Jeremy into the HOH room. She offers him a deal to protect him if he protects her. Jeremy said he always tells the truth. He offers to help her as long as he can. He said he would never put her up and always try to win things to help the team. Helen said she feels like she is making a deal with the devil. She then tells Jeremy that she is going after people that have not been loyal to her. Then Jeremy sings some more and reveals the Moving company to her. He then tells her that Spencer and McCrea both went against the moving company and voted out Nick. Howard stayed loyal. Helen then told Jeremy that if he was to go against her America will hate him when he gets out. She also told him that she wanted to work with Aaryn but after the chaos of last night she feels she has to break her word.  Jeremy further kissed butt and said he won’t go after Elissa, that he applauds her for being able to stay. He said his new targets are floaters Judd and Amanda.