Congratulations, GinaMarie!

10:20AM - Our Houseguests wake to "Supergirl".  Instead of the usual pitter-patter of Helen's running shoes we've grown accustomed to hearing onThursday mornings, the House wakes to Elissa and GM in the Living Room. Elissa helps GM stretch out her sprained back and pulled sciatica nerve (hurt yesterday play-wrestling Judd, the 'dead fish,' from the hottub to the swimming pool.)

KITCHEN - We overhear Aaryn joking to Andy about how Candice will welcome Aaryn to "Candiland." Elissa starts the coffee as Aaryn makes pancakes. Aaryn believes her personal flaw is that she trusts people she shouldn't. "It's a lesson learned," she concludes.

HOH - Elissa begins to move items out in preparation for HOH lockdown. Andy is in the HOH shower. Before going off to the DR, Elissa tells Andy she advised Aaryn to tell everyone in the Jury that Amanda beat Aaryn down, and has "mistreated her for months." To accept responsibility for the things she has said, but to let everyone know Amanda encouraged her to do things to get in trouble. She tells Andy that Aaryn knows she's going and she feels bad for her. Returning from the DR, Elissa gets in a quick advanced-yoga session until 11:30, when the HG wander in for HOH Lockdown.

1:00PM - HOH Lockdown is over. Judd, Aaryn and Amanda help bring things down from the HOH room as McCrae goes back to bed. Amanda, in a whiney voice, is razzing Andy in the Kitchen for eating Elissa's granola (although Amanda doesn't like granola.) Elissa is sent to the DR on a mission to request her scissors and House hairclippers for the boys as Andy wanders around.

KITCHEN - Amanda criticizes Aaryn's watermelon-cutting skills. GM's back is feeling better as Andy, helping himself to watermelon, complains jokes aren't funny when he's on the block. Talk turns to Judd and Aaryn making out last night and Aaryn comments his leaving her bed was the BB "walk of shame."  Andy half-jokes he's been "super-jealous" of Aaryn "for weeks!" Aaryn says her greatest fear is Julie saying, "well, let's talk about this.."

Elissa asks if Amanda thinks there's an America's Player. Amanda, confusing America's Player with America's Favorite Player, thinks she should be America's Player. Aaryn says Amanda should get the "Most Hated by America" Award. Amanda asks Andy if he thinks people won't like her and Andy says Amanda's very "polarizing," that people would either love or hate her. Aaryn thinks she is the same way.

COLOR ROOM - GM is putting on makeup as Aaryn jokes with her. Amanda laughs that Aaryn actually knows Judd's Mom's name and starts teasing Judd and Aaryn about them kissing.

Judd finds out from Andy that a particular gay slur is, in fact, a slur and now he's mad that he was "manipulated" into thinking something derogatory wasn't derogatory. As she admires Judd's prayer coin (from his HOH basket), Amanda seems surprised that Judd goes to Bible Study every Thursday. Amanda asks if they go out for beers after? Elissa, sitting at the foot of Judd's bed, offers that Jesus "drank wine and he was cool." That people think Christians have to be "a perfect person" and that's not it at all. She continues,"Jesus seems like he was like the coolest person in the world, and he was saucy."

Amanda decides not to pursue the topic further and becomes suddenly interested in an overhead camera. Amanda asks the overhead camera if she needs a shower and it motions, "yes." 

KITCHEN - We come back from FISH to Aaryn in the middle of asking Andy what he intends to say in his eviction vote speech and asks what the Emancipation Proclaimation is that Andy mentions. Andy acts coy and then says he doesn't think Aaryn will know it or like it - it's about "freeing the slaves."  (Aaryn later asks Andy, if it doesn't have anything to do with her, maybe he should cut it out of his speech.)

Andy wanders into the Hall Bedroom with to complain about everyone keeping him up.

COLOR ROOM - Judd is called to the DR and Aaryn tells GM not to be sad, she's fine. GM doesn't understand how, "like, people say one thing and, like, I dunno..."  Aaryn asks, "Like Elissa?". GM replies, "No! Like Amanda...It's kinda like, you're thinking someone has your back...and when you need them the most, and you've done things for them for weeks... it's like a slap in the face. That's exactly what it is." 

2:00PM -  Aaryn whispers to Judd that Elissa doesn't want Aaryn to stay because she doesn't trust Aaryn with Amanda. Aaryn says she hates Amanda, not really, but she wouldn't vote for her in F2. Judd agrees he doesn't like Amanda. Aaryn says it sucks that she's done everything Amanda ever wanted and the only time she needs her she's not there for her. Judd says she did him the same way. He says his strategy was to act dumb and that's what blew his game. Aaryn says she was never told they wanted to backdoor him, that they played her into thinking Judd wanted Aaryn out. She tells Judd to be leery of Andy and says Spencer lies, and will say anything to stay. Not to trust McCrae or Amanda; to trust GM and Elissa.

DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Elissa assures GM that Aaryn going is good for their game. GM can't stand being around Amanda. Elissa needs to "love on someone" and can't wait to hug her family. GM's back is hurting her and Elissa says she has another stretch pose that GM can do that might help.  Elissa asks Aaryn (in the shower) and GM if they are scared of anything in the real world after this. Aaryn thinks after BB, nothing is scary. GM says not really.  Aaryn doesn't like having to leave but still not see her family, that she talks to them several times a day and misses that, that her dad has bad health. Elissa wonders if she'll get to call them in Jury.

Elissa and GM leave and Amanda comes in. Aaryn says their biggest regret in this game will be this week, and "I'm not just saying that because I'm on the block." Amanda asks why, and Aaryn explains, "because Andy is going to F2 and if he's there, he will win." Amanda agrees as Andy pops in to talkblock; Aaryn leaves. 

2:30PM  LIVING ROOM - Elissa shows GM how to do the 'rabbit pose" (one of her favorites because tucking her chin into her chest speeds up metabolism) to stretch out GM's sciatica nerve and back muscles.  GM finds it uncomfortable but gives it a go. Elissa helps her stretch into a simple leg crossover stretch. GM thinks she can do the crossover every half hour.