Big Brother Daily Recap August 2, 2013

Big Brother woke up the house guests today at 9:37 am by playing country music.

[As GinaMarie complained to Judd that there was too much country music that morning.) We then see Helen and Candice talking. They talk about Howard a bit then talk about the discussion the night before between Amanda and Jessie. Helen calls Jessie a little devil and said she will not be able to forgive her for the things she said the day before.

The house is still buzzing from the Jessie and Amanda argument the night before. Judd and Andy discussed it too. They think that Jessie is like a drunk you never know what she will do while Candice is the opposite she always tells you what she is going to do. They both blame the incident on Jessie.

Meanwhile Amanda apologized to Jessie for the fight and Jessie in turn apologized to her too. Helen was there and of course starts crying and telling Jessie that she reminds her of herself when she was younger. She then went on to say to Jessie that she was hurt because of some of the things she has said over the past week. That she broke her confidence by telling certain people things. Helen still crying said she heard her say that her and Elissa do not need the money. Well she left two boys and quit her job to be there and she did need the money. Jessie apologized and said it was her perspective and it was wrong. Helen continued to cry and ask her why she said such; painful stuff and why did she hate her? Jessie said Helen hurt her by inviting Aaryn to the BBQ because she felt Aaryn was replacing her in the group. Helen said she invited Aaryn because she did what she wanted her to do last week, took a lot of stress and was just letting Aaryn know she appreciated what she did.

Meanwhile, GinaMarie threw Amanda and McCrae out of the HOH room (they slept in there last night) so she could hold some meetings. Her first was with Andy where she did not give him a chance to talk really just said she was putting up Candice and she expected him to vote her out. She also said she wants to compete with the best so Candice had to go.

When Judd comes in to the HOH (after Andy left) she said the same thing to him that she was putting up Candice and EXPECTED him to vote her out.

She repeats the same thing to Helen and Elissa. Later, Helen and Andy talk in the storage room. She rehashed her conversation with Jessie and said she made Jessie feel real small and that Jessie will never sway away from their group again.

Candice comes in and GinaMarie tells her she is listening to who the house wants up and that they can all vote the way they want. (Complete opposite than what she was doing with the other housemates) GinaMarie ends her conversation with be well, good luck and best of luck.

Jessie walks in and she tells her she is probably going up but she is not the target. She tells her not to worry they are voting out Candice. Jessie suggests that she not put her up if she really wants Candice out because after the fight last night she has been made a target, that Candice would probably stay, so she suggest to her to put up Spencer.

At the same time Jessie is saying this to GinaMarie, McCrae, Amanda and Andy were discussing how they want to get rid of Jessie abut won’t say anything since GinaMarie wants Candice to go.

4:17 – 5:53 pm the feeds were down for the nomination ceremony. When they return we see that Candice and Jessie have been nominated. During her nomination speech, GinaMarie called Candice a tattle tale rat. Everyone was still laughing about it. She also told Jessie she is not a floater but a flipper flopper not because of guys she said, because of the sides of the house that she flops to. She also told her that she was beautiful and nice but a snake. GinaMarie apologized for calling her a rat.

6:00 pm Spencer does not have to use the megaphone anymore.

Judd apologized to Jessie for laughing after GinaMarie called her a snake during the nomination ceremony. He said he was not laughing at her (Jessie) but at GinaMarie’s speech.  Jessie said she was not offended by it that she was laughing too.  Jessie then tries to go to bed. Candice tries to talk to GinaMarie and told her that what she said to her and Jessie at the nomination ceremony was hypercritical. That Spencer has gone around this house lying like six different times and nobody does anything about it.  Aaryn meanwhile tells Jessie for her to be safe she needs to lie low, take the blame for the fight (so Amanda is not looked badly at) and she will be ok. She said she helped her so this is her helping her back.

Andy and Aaryn agree that whoever goes up for MVP is safe because they have the votes to keep them. Aaryn also said that if she goes up then she knows is someone that wants to save Candice. Aaryn also told Andy that she is being nice to Jessie in case she gets HOH next week.

The houseguests had a “GinaMarie” run off. During this the houseguests impersonated GinaMarie with dress, voice and actions. The best impersonator wins the final spot at the BBQ that Helen won during the HOH competition this week. Only four people can go to the BBQ. SO the houseguests had fun and the finalists were McCrae and Jessie. GinaMarie picked the finalists. The finalist did rock, paper and scissors to determine a winner. McCrae won the contest.

While GinaMarie was napping, Amanda started planting the seed to evict Jessie instead of Candice with people. She claims that Jessie is after “Her Man” and that she would put her up if she got HOH.  No one agrees with her. They all know the HOH will not be endurance this week and Jessie is not good with question and answer type games. Aaryn gets a bit paranoid and wakes GinaMarie up and tells her that Candice has to go otherwise they are “#3c*ed”.  GinaMarie said she does not want to deal with it till Wednesday, everyone in the house is afraid to see her mad and will do what she said to do. GinaMarie then said that people screwed her over with the Nick vote and would never do that again because she would go Al Pacino on them.

Amanda and McCrae talk. Amanda tells him about her paranoia about Jessie putting them up if she gets HOH. McCrae said that it is not necessarily true. He said Helen and Elissa want Candice to stay but Andy is going to tell them which way to vote. Amanda finally said that she is OK with Jessie staying if Jessie cuts a deal with them saying she won’t put them up if she gets HOH next week. Spencer joins them and Amanda said she believes the MVP is someone in the house that there is no way that America would put her up.

Everyone headed to and were in bed by 3:00 am.

Who will the MVP be? Will the paranoia set in worse once it is announced? Will Candice really leave? Will Amanda or GinaMarie get what they want? Who will win VETO? Only tomorrow will tell! Thanks updaters!