"I always hear "punch me in the face" when you're speaking, but it's usually sub-text" 
                                                                               John Watson-Sherlock


09:38 AM     Wake Up. Lights are on, house guests are awake , moving & already scheming.

10:00 AM     In the back yard Helen & Jessie discuss Aaryn, they fear trusting & keeping her. Feels like making a deal with the devil. When Judd joins them he is reminded by Jessie not to tell Howard/Spencer why they are voting out Kaitlin. Judd tells them he has a "fake" alliance with Spencer/Howard/GinaMarie & Kaitlin.

10:18  AM     In the HOH room - Judd tells Andy he thinks Candice is a nice person but "she is so annoying" he doesn't understand why. They talk about how Howard & Spencer have alliances with everyone, Judd explains how he got roped into the "fake" alliance with them. He isn't sure how he is going to convince them to vote out Kaitlin. Judd "there are too many alliances, I'm so confused." He also wishes he had known about Howard/Spencer before he made his nominations. They decide the best thing to do is to tell Howard/Spencer that Amanda wants Kaitlin out so the votes are changing. Andy points out "Howard, Spencer or Candice can NOT win HoH."

11:03  AM  Jessie, Andy & Helen in the back yard. Jessie was freaked thinking Judd had flipped. Helen tells her he hasn't he just lies well. They believe Howard is the MVP. Helen feels his edit is the religious family man & the black vote is very strong, she thinks America gave him MVP because of all of the racial slurs he has had to deal with from Aaryn. Helen admits that if she was watching at home and saw how Candice & Howard has been treated by some of the house guests she would be offended.

12:04  PM   In the storage room McCrae gets an update on how they are planning on getting Howard & Spencer to vote out Kaitlin from Helen.

Helen, Elissa & Amanda - Helen confirms to Amanda that Elissa is on board, she tells her about the final 5 deal with Judd/Spencer/Howard/GinaMarie & Kaitlin. Helen is worried about Candice. 
Elissa to Amanda "can you imagine an alliance with GinaMarie,  Kaitlin, Howard and Spencer?" They both laugh and Elissa says it would be the worst alliance ever.
Amanda is upset that Howard & Spencer told Judd that she and McCrae were always talking bad about him, she denies they ever spoke badly about Judd not even for game reasons.
Amanda, Helen, Andy, Judd & McCrae talking about how much Howard is called into the Diary Room. Helen thinks if it was to talk about a "showmance" Candice would be getting called in as well. Judd & Amanda don't like how Howard is using his race and religion to further himself in the game, Judd doesn't like that he swears on the Bible.

01:27 PM    Andy is talking to Kaitlin in the BR. He tells her to stop acting so pumped up before competitions it makes her look to strong, she needs to be seen as "non-threating." Kaitlin tells him she is finding from talking to people that she needs to campaign because Gina Marie is defiantly safe, she says Judd told her she will have a few votes against her. Andy already knowing Kaitlin is being voted out acts "shocked" by this news. Kaitlin says she just doesn't feel the need to campaign because everyone told her she was safe.  Andy says he feels like he can't trust anyone-Kaitlin tells him not to trust anyone. She says that Helen told her Aaryn is the target but has since told her she needs to campaign.

02:03 PM     In the kitchen Elissa, Helen &Kaitlin talking about survivor and how they'd love to do the amazing race.
Out in the Backyard Amanda, Andy, Jessie, Howard & Candice talk about musicals. Howard tells them he took some acting classes & has done some stage plays. Amanda says she worked a couple years for a "scripted reality" show doing editing & production. They think the next HoH may be endurance.

03:05 PM   Howard & Candice in the havenot room talking about the game. Candice is hungry and tired of slop, Howard encourages her to have a protein shake. Candice says if she wins Hoh she is going to put Amanda & McCrae up. Howard says he might do the same but wonders about the MVP. Candice tells her Amanda is on a mission so she thinks he will go on the block but it doesn't matter because they have the votes to keep him safe.

Elissa, Andy, Amanda & McCrae talking game - Elissa thinks Spencer & Howard are being shady, Amanda says Candice is threating her & Helen. Elissa does not like Howard swearing on the Bible. She says she does her Bible study every day but doesn't try to force it on anyone. Getting louder she continues on saying she doesn't think it is funny to make fun of religion. Andy & McCrae laugh because of how loud Elissa is getting, she assumes they are laughing at her religious beliefs and informs them that she doesn't care what they think & doesn't appreciate them laughing, Andy tries to apologize but she gets up and leaves Andy follows still trying to apologize and McCrae joins him-she doesn't want to talk to them because they were disrespectful, They try and explain they were not laughing at her religion just that she was talking so loud-she says again how important her religion is to her

03:26 PM     Indoor lockdown. Fish then Triva 

03:50 PM    Feeds back and we have an HOH lockdown. Just general chit chat. Aaryn does wonder "what if we were in People Magazine?"

04:20 PM     Elissa is in the HOH shower, she is still angry about Andy and McCrae laughing, she tells Amanda she just wants to go home, she goes on about how they offended her regarding her religion & she doesn't think she should be subjected to defamatory remarks. She says she is going to self evict and go talk to production -FISH- When feeds come back we hear Elissa saying "everything that's happened to me in my life is because I'm a good person"
Amanda tells Judd and McCrae  that Elissa is still mad and that the second she tried to defend McCrae and Andy Elissa just go more defensive. Amanda "She's crazy"
Helen and Aaryn in the Storage Room - Helen tells her about the plan to blindside Kaitlin & get rid of Howard/Spencer next week, and that they aren't telling Howard/Spencer & Candice about the vote until just before they vote - Aaryn is to nominate Howard & Spencer if she wins HoH and if she doesn't she's to help the Knockouts get them out. Helen leaves and Aaryn does a victory dance then leaves.
Amanda brings Andy into the storage room and tells him that Elissa is still really mad at him and McCrae because she thinks they were insulting her, she tells Andy to give Elissa some space.

05:30 PM    McCrae trying to nap but can't sleep because he is so angry about what happened with Elissa earlier. He wants to go to the DR and talk about it - says that if he was a psychologist he wouldn't let a mental patient inside the house.
In the backyard Amanda tells Aaryn about the fake alliance of Howard/Spencer/GinaMarie/Kaitlin/Judd. She adds that Judd says he is not loyal to that alliance. Aaryn asks Amanda to tell her if her name comes up in a "fake" alliance. Amanda then tells GinaMarie that she won't be getting any votes this week. GinaMarie says if she were to get MVP she would use it to her advantage after consulting with her crew if she had a crew.