With yesterday ending in yet another failed attempt to rally votes to evict Amanda, will the Veto meeting today provide new fuel to the effort?...

8:45 AM
We see the house guests have been prodded to life by Big Brother and most are readying for the Veto meeting, though Spencer, McCrae and Amanda remain in bed. Big Brother will have none of that and we hear the funky music that triggers another mandatory tanning session for Amanda. Afterwards Big Brother chastises her for trying to wipe too much of it off.

While Judd and Jessie do their morning routine, Jessie tells him not to talk directly to Helen. Go through her. Judd shoots her a look, but otherwise lets it go.

A little later Helen tells Andy it's too early to get Amanda out now. She also comments if Jessie wants Amanda out, then she should win HoH. She wants to talk to Judd because Jessie had told her not to talk to him and she found that strange.

Meanwhile GinaMarie has called Spencer up to the HOH. Playing by the rules, she does not directly tell him he is going to be the replacement nominee, but round about gives him a heads up. He tells her he may say something at the meeting, but it will be in fun. Just for appearances GinaMarie also requests separate meetings with Judd and Andy. She mainly lets them know that Spencer is going up.

10:45 AM
Feeds were out less than 45 minutes for the Veto meeting and when they return we see that Jessie used the Veto on herself and Spencer has been nominated. He is shown in the HOH with GinaMarie assuring he is not the target.

At that moment in the storage room, Elissa wants to vote Spencer out but Helen tells her that Candice tried to flip the house last week and has to go. Andy comes in and they deflect the conversation by saying they were just trying to figure out what to say to Candice. Helen and Elissa leave Andy there alone, but Judd comes in seconds later. Determined to talk game, Andy tells Judd what Helen and Elissa just told him. They start to talk about how to work Jessie when Helen comes back in and tells them Elissa wants to get Spencer out and Helen is not happy.

A little later, in front of Jessie, Helen requests to speak with Elissa privately. It was a bit awkward. Helen goes straight to the lounge and waits for Elissa. When Elissa gets there Helen reiterates that Candice has to go and also says Jessie can’t be trusted and should go next week. Elissa wants to keep Candice and doesn’t agree about Jessie and wants Aaryn out next week. But, Elissa says she’ll go along with what Helen wants though she feels every week someone goes that isn’t a threat to her.

We also see Amanda and Jessie chatting in the backyard. Amanda is promising Jessie that she and McCrae would never put her up. Amanda knew she wanted to go to the BBQ so she told them to just give it to her. Jessie asserts Amanda has a panic attack whenever McCrae is in the Diary Room and also notes it’s hard to believe Amanda would do anything nice for Jessie after the fight they had. But, she acknowledges Amanda’s effort to mend the fences.
With Aaryn and Judd joining them, Jessie wants to know why she was put on the block. Amanda says it scares her that Jessie has been hanging out with Candice. Jessie says she is alone. Aaryn says “It's ruining your game.”  Amanda doesn't like Candice having [Elissa, Helen and Jessie] under her wing. Aaryn says she's heard that Jessie wanted Aaryn out before jury. Jessie issues denials. When Aaryn says she doesn't know why they went from being cool to not being cool. Jessie responds, "We're not cool."

There is an end to the talk for another spray tanning session. They get Big Brother to play the funky music a couple times so the guys can dance in anticipation. Afterwards everyone tells Amanda it is MUCH darker this time.

12:30 PM
Aaryn has been in the HOH room and telling GinaMarie what Jessie has been saying and she is on her high horse today. Meanwhile Judd and Jessie go cuddle in bed. There was a brief kiss

Amanda gives a pep talk with Andy, Helen, and Elissa, "If we all stay together, we go to the end!" They try to convince Elissa that Jessie cannot be trusted.

Judd reports to Amanda that Jessie has officially flipped back. She is going to vote out Candice. (Must have been a really good kiss). They also agree Jessie is completely disposable to them at any point.

Next, Aaryn snuggles with Judd (no kissing) and is being playful about wanting Jessie out next. To get Jessie to self-evict, Judd should complement her in front of Jessie.  Judd thought she and Jessie were back to being cool. Aaryn says not since last night. Judd trusts Helen more than Elissa. Elissa just fishes for information. Aaryn advises Judd to keep Jessie close so she will continue to trust him. Aaryn also mentions straight out that Amanda and McCrae keep saying Judd was MVP.

Elissa has been making a cake for Amanda’s engagement party that never materialized today. She gets lots of compliments on how good it looks though.

2:00 PM
Judd and Andy go outside on the couches and laugh about the Veto meeting with GinaMarie wearing her cone, Amanda golden bronze and Candice in her clown outfit. Elissa and Helen join and laugh about the dental dams available to the house guests. Aaryn is giggling when she takes the package and leaves it between Amanda and McCrae who are sleeping in a bedroom.

Candice has made a rare appearance and joins out back where Aaryn is complaining about GinaMarie’s attitude as the reason she slept downstairs. She says this caused a fight with Jessie because she thought Aaryn was just trying to get closer to Judd. Aaryn worries that Jessie is doing everything she can to keep Helen, Judd and Andy away from Aaryn. Candice makes a comment, "I think it's gonna be a live eviction this week." (Hmmm, did she mean double eviction, or did she mean last week wasn’t a live eviction?!)

A little later Aaryn has turned around and is complaining about Amanda to GinaMarie. Aaryn is starting to question Amanda. GinaMarie says she has from the beginning.

4:00 PM
Amanda is called for another tanning session. This time she decides to go topless and tries to rub off on Judd and Andy as she chases them around the house. Jessie tells her she looks black. Elissa thinks it’s pretty." Helen says she looks like a penny. Amanda says, “I look like a migrant worker. I look like a slave.” Aaryn calls her racist for saying that. Amanda says, “It's not racist if it’s true. It's not sexual harassment if you're good looking.” They are laughing about it all. When Aaryn suggests she go lay next to Candice, Amanda replies, "She'll think I'm her mother." McCrae says, "That's racist. Don't say that."

GinaMarie calls everyone to the living room for the official removal of her cone. She has everyone grab onto it while she does a countdown to pull it off.

A little later, Elissa and Andy go in the HOH room and find GinaMarie has set up a shrine to Nick. When GinaMarie comes in she tells them about a dream she had that (of course) included Nick.

After yet another tanning session, GinaMarie and Elissa try to rub the excess from Amanda and apply it to themselves. They go look in the bathroom mirror to see if it worked (It strikes me that they passed about 20 mirrors along the way). Amanda jokes, "I just got sexually assaulted by GinaMarie and Elissa."