9 am-12 pm BBT  

BB wakes the HG’s up a little after 9 while on an indoor lockdown.  They change batteries and get ready for the day.  They are excited for the live eviction tonight and David tells Kaitlin that he isn’t panicked at all.  Elissa tells McCrae that if she were evicted, BB would probably bring her back in because they worked so hard to have her as a HG.  Howard explains to Helen that Amanda and Spencer are getting nervous about the plan to evict David and that Candice wasn’t clued in because she will have a target on her back and if she knew the plan, she’d blab it all.  Howard goes on to say that he has heard racial comments and he has to bite his tongue because you can’t bring emotion into the game.


Elissa requests to wear the unitard before she leaves the house.  Amanda offers McCrae the chance to join her in the shower after joking with him that “Jennifer Aniston in 1990 called and wants her hair back.”  They continue to talk about who each person who would nominate if they were to win HOH that night.  Feeds go in and out as they prepare for the Live Eviction.


12 pm-3 pm BBT

Jeremy, Kaitlin, Andy, Judd and Nick discuss perfect dates.  Nick leaves and David joins, joking around.  David seems anxious and Judd reassures him that he is fine.  Nick and Spencer talk about girls and one of Nick’s ex’s.  Kaitlin tells Jeremy that GinaMarie is overprotective of Nick and that Nick is a “closet case” so GM should let it go.  Jeremy admits he has as secret alliance with Helen until week 4 to Spencer.  McCrae won’t let Aaryn and GinaMarie straighten his hair. More trivia as production preps HGs for Live Eviction.


3 pm- 5 pm BBT

All houseguests with the exception of McCrae, are wearing athletic gear leading to an endurance type HOH competition tonight.  Kaitlin tells GinaMarie that she told Elissa that she is voting with the house because she didn’t want to lie and be mean to her.  HGs can hear the audience cheering while they are inside the house.  Candice told Helen that Spencer told her to vote Elissa out and Helen was surprised and told her to double check.  Candice asks Spencer again and he says again that they are voting Elissa out and not to tell anyone.  David tells Spencer that he is worried and Spencer says not to.  All the houseguests begin to make their way to the couches to get ready for the live show!