Wednesday evening  ended with Judd, Amanda, McCrae, Howard, Spencer, Candice and Andy dancing the HOH pre-eviction waltz into the wee hours of the morning. Missing yet another opportunity to  campaign to stay, a subdued Kaitlin goes to bed.  Candice  wonders if Kaitlin should stay and tells McManda that if Aaryn is staying someone is "protecting her." An overly defensive rebuttal by Amanda follows.  Done with the concept of the "people's HOH," Judd insists rather sharply that all the Houseguests to take the blame for Kaitlin's eviction.  The boys agree the vote should be unanimous, Andy pulls his last pop-up of the evening at 5:30am as Amanda and McCrae continue to talk game with Judd.

10:00AM  Andy is up and headed off to the showers.  Helen is also up and doing her usual laps around the interior of the house and has added circling the Living Room table to her routine.  She smiles as she passes Andy and comments the cameras are following her, "like, who's watching me do this?!" as she continues her jogging. 

10:15AM  Jessie and Judd talk in the HOH room.  Judd discusses his plan to vote out Kaitlin unanimously. Jessie justifies why Kaitlin should go as Judd reviews last night's HOH endurance match and his insistence the vote is not on his shoulders. 

10:17AM  Andy grabs Helen for a quick chat on the next pass. She tells Andy, "the two" (Howard and Spencer) will be their targets, with Helen, Elissa, Jessie, Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd, voting as the power block. Back to laps again, Helen whispers to Andy  they need to protect Amanda as long as they can. Elissa is worried how to get her out down the line.  Helen wants to keep Judd "in the dark for now." The rhythmic padding of Helen's shoes on the floor are the only sound downstairs.In the HOH room, Jessie comments she didn't think Judd got "HOH-itis." and he will still be under the radar as a target. Andy pops-up to agree. He jokes off his support for Kaitlin during  last night's HOH marathon and talk of Grasshoppers is brushed off. Andy agrees Spencer should go before Howard. Jessie mentions Elissa's comment about 'brain haze,' that the house gets to her sometimes and they all laugh. Judd thinks if Elissa didn't have MVP, she'd have been gone already but then says he doesn't want her to go. Judd mentions Amanda's name never comes up, but she complains that everyone is throwing her under the bus. Andy wants to tell Candice that Howard can't be trusted; Judd quips, "if you want a big shiny target, go ahead and do that." Andy exits the HOH and finds a comfortable spot on the downstairs couch to watch Helen do her exercise routine. Candice is up, still wearing her blue footies and is making up a dinner menu out loud, finishing with "crabcake cheesecake."  Spencer is now up while Andy searches in vain for a clean cup and has to wash one instead. Helen is starting the coffeemaker as Judd walks through the kitchen yelling "Spring break!"

11:00AM  SR - Candice/Howard are talking about Howard staying up so late last night. Candice is worried about Howard telling Andy his 'friend' may be turning on him (Spencer), that it's too soon. She tells Howard that Helen and Elissa made a deal with Aaryn that they pick her HOH noms if she wins.  Candice is worried about Howard being "figgety" when he's riled up; she wants him to work on his body language.  Howard exits to do his morning Devotional.  Helen is in good spirits about Jeremy's eviction and tells Andy, who is washing dishes, "We slayed the Dragon! Candice and Howard are now in the H/N room rehashing the SR talk, which leads us into FISH with a brief comeback to a shot of McManda getting up, and Howard in the midst of his Devotional.  "Gasolina" was played this morning; Amanda thinks it's because she mentioned it yesterday. Andy and Helen got Production mad at them by coming into the DR together to ask for chocolate milk. HOH lockdown and

12:34PM - We're back!  Helen, Judd, Elissa and Andy are in the kitchen. Elissa talks with Judd about Porche's prank. Andy wants real food and worries he will be a HaveNot.

12:35PM Andy asks Helen, walking through with clothes, if she's going to take a shower.  Amanda speaks up and says, "Stop being so inquisitive..."  Andy yells across the dining room to Amanda, "I can ask whoever I want to ask, and you will not  talk to me like that. You're a bully and going next week." Amanda, speaking over Andy, retorts, "No you can't, there's privacy in this House!" and play-chases after Andy, as, both laughing, he scoots back to the bedroom and Amanda goes back to adoring the onion she's cutting.  Elissa asks Amanda if Kaitlin is still going and gets a quick, affirmative answer.  (Andy returns and play-spars with Amanda 12:39. )

12:35PM HaveNot Room:  Howard is back to his Devotional as Candice heads in to talk over the vote.  Andy pops-in and pops-out. Spencer comes in, with Andy trailing him. Candice comes in and Andy pops out again.  Candice goes off in search of Helen to make slop balls and Howard comments he saw Spencer 'pop" Aaryn on the butt.  Judd comes into tell them he told Aaryn that Spencer and Howard are voting her in and he won't say anything to Kaitlin; he'll tell GM at the last minute.  

1:00PM  Activity continues in the Kitchen as the Houseguests fix their lunch/brunch and talk about family and other non-game topics.  In the HaveNot room, Spencer asks Howard to "pray for me" as Howard goes back to his Devotional. Spencer warns Howard again that Judd is 'the mole,"  and lays down for a nap as Howard reads a Bible verse from the Old Testament about the transfer of leadership from Moses to Joshua.  Candice comes into the HaveNot room to lay down and Howard goes back to reading outloud, finishes and then exits to ask the DR for the hairclippers. 

Spencer asks Candice to forgive him for "all this stuff" and admits to a "scumbag thing" he did. Candice doesn't like Kaitin leaving.  She says some personalities are afraid to stand up. Aaryn enters/exits and Candice jumps up suddenly - she's forgotten to ask for her curling iron. She stops off at Judd's bed, who's noncommittal about who's going. Aaryn is in the bathroom doing her hair as Jessie comes in to climb on the bathroom couch and talks with Aaryn about hair extensions.  Amanda is called to the DR as she showers and they laugh. McCrae decides to shave his scruffy beard.  The rest of the HG are hanging at the Kitchen island, making small-talk as Helen and Andy fry two pans of slopballs as a clean-shaven McCrae joins in ball-rolling.

2:00PM  Pre-show preparations are  in high gear now.  Aaryn and Kaitlin are in the bedroom packing and GM is keeping them company. Helen is washing more dishes and cleaning the kitchen as Andy eats slopballs.  DR slips again and this time Candice is getting into the shower as DR calls her.  Elissa is talking to McCrae about electrolytes and Disney Channel and teaching children to be respectful as she does her makeup in the bedroom.  Rachel though people would like her, and got a lot of backlash from the show, Elissa says.  She hopes her husband is proud of her.  McCrae is supportive as Judd joins the conversation and says how crazy the internet can be.  Andy makes small-talk with Aaryn and GM as Kaitlin comes in and asks if Andy could help with her speech.  Kaitlin rehearses as Aaryn sorts her topaz jewelry. 

2:30PM Lounge - Helen tells Howard that Kaitlin was coming after him, that she was intending to use the veto on herself anyway and so Helen now feels used by Kaitlin who was  trying to get a good deal for herself.  She confirms the plan is to vote Kaitlin out and says Aaryn can go next week. Andy does a pop-in. Helen asks McCrae and Elissa to pull Helen away if they see Kaitlin trying to talk to Helen; she wants to avoid her.

3:00PM  Helen tells Kaitlin she's thinking of voting her out and Kaitlin makes a last-minute pitch for her vote. Helen says she was insulted by Kaitlin saying she was going to 'milk the veto.' Kaitlin switches to blaming Elissa for asking her about an alliance that Kaitlin claims never happened.  Helen tells Kaitlin she doesn't think Kaitlin would keep her safe if she kept her in the game, that Kaitlin was overheard in the bathroom talking about getting Helen out, and that it was someone on Kaitlin's side that ratted Kaitlin's alliance out.

4:30PM  McCrae, Elissa, Amanda, Judd and Andy are talking about their favorite movies.  Spencer and Helen are talking in the Lounge.  Helen assures him the vote will be unanimous.  Kaitlin notices that Helen and Spencer are talking in the Lounge and asks a wandering Andy about it - he promises to go find out and pops in. Spencer is telling Helen that Kaitlin threatened she would go after those who voted against her if she stayed. Amanda comes in and tells them everyone is wondering why they are talking.  Andy agrees the vote should be 9-0. 

5:00PM  HaveNot room - Howard is helping Candice with her dress. Judd huddles with them over the vote briefly. He exits and has a quick vote-check with Amanda and Andy. Helen wants to snack in case she's a HaveNot.  Lounge -  Helen tells Andy, Jessie and Judd that she lied to Spencer about getting him to jury; she just didn't want him to come after her if he got HOH. Candice and then Spencer come into the Lounge and they all compliment Candice on her pretty pink dress.  The remaining houseguests are making last-minute preparations for the show.