Congratulations McCrae and Spencer !


Wednesday evening concluded in the wee hours of the morning. After Elissa dyed GM's hair, GM reclaimed her bed downstairs, forcing Elissa to move to the Hall Bedroom.  McCrae and Amanda spent what may be their final night together in the HOH room. Amanda, confident in Elissa's vote but suspicious of Andy, is oblivious to the Exterminators grouped in the Lounge....


9:42AM - House Wakeup call.   Elissa walks into the Color Room as Judd, still in bed, tells GM and Elissa he was up until 7am.  Amanda and McCrae come downstairs from the HOH room and all exchange pleasantries. Elissa lets them know it's lockdown in about 30 minutes. After retrieving batteries, McManda return to the HOH and go back to bed.

10:05AM -  Elissa makes coffee as Spencer and Andy start their day.  Judd exchanges morning pleasantries with Elissa, brushes his teeth and is first to the HOH room, followed by Spencer. HOH lockdown.

12:36PM - Amanda and Elissa meet up in the bathroom as everyone else goes back to bed. Elissa is excited but nervous. Amanda thinks GM and Judd are equal, as far as who to target for eviction. They agree they can't let GM win the second HOH.  Amanda returns to the Hall Bedroom to start packing. Elissa starts a half-hour yoga session in the hallway, followed by a jog.  Amanda does her hair and the house is quiet as the remaining Houseguests sleep. Judd is up at 1:45

1:45PM - Andy gets up and heads to the downstairs bathroom. Elissa is asked by Andy if she's 'solid' and she replies yes, "solid." Andy hops in the shower. Judd is also up circulating. Elissa tells Judd she is "so ready" to get the Double Eviction over with. GM and Andy exchange pleasantries and decide to go back to bed, and so does Judd, as Spencer takes his turn showering.

GM, back in the COLOR ROOM, decides to get in a few exercises and makes small-talk with Judd as Andy feigns sleep. Elissa comes in and GM, now sitting on the bed putting on makeup, says nothing to Elissa, who stands at the foot of GM's bed and brushes her hair. Elissa leaves.

2:42PM -  Spencer decides the living room couch is a good place to lay about.  Elissa does her hair. McCrae wanders through. GM has manned the vaccum, which chases Spencer out of the Living Room. Amanda dries her hair and Elissa, Spencer, Judd and Andy chitchat in the kitchen as they eat.  Elissa jokes that Andy puts FruitLoops in everything she eats (pranks her.)

Spencer, now in the HALL BEDROOM with Andy, discusses a strategy to go alphabetically in the competition if it's Majority Rules.Spencer says his paranoia is up and asks if everything is ok. Andy nods in the affirmative. Spencer takes trashbags of clothes to the SR. He talks to the camera and tells them 'this is my important stuff..this is my luggage."

2:55PM - COLOR ROOM - McCrae is going to tell Spencer he's not going to vote for him and Andy needs to reassure him he's voting for Spencer (to stay.) Judd says they three need to stick together. They need to target Elissa. Judd knows that McCrae is mad at GM but he wants Elissa to go in the DE. Judd says that Elissa told him McCrae was carrying Judd's hat around and he says stuff like that bothers him. (He'd earlier commented he thought he left his hat in the HOH room.) Judd fibs Elissa wants Andy and McCrae up. Andy doesn't think Elissa will put up GM, she wants all girls and has all summer. They agree if they can't win HOH over Elissa they don't deserve to win.

Andy shows McCrae and Judd where his stuff is in case he goes. Judd does the same as they wander out to the Hall Bedroom and continue to point things out. Elissa asks if they've all come to a mutual consensus on who is being voted out (practice vote.) Judd tells Elissa she's 'too much' today, he wants to put her to sleep for an hour or two, and she's messing with him today, he can't handle it. Elissa laughs. Amanda is in the bathroom shaving her legs in the sink as GM sweeps the kitchen floor.

HALL BEDROOM - In a moment alone, McCrae tells Spencer he can't vote for him to stay, he doesn't want him to be mad. Spencer understands. McCrae reassures Spencer it will be 3-1. Andy and Elissa walk in and McCrae says louder that he's voting for Amanda to stay. Andy and Elissa laugh over the woopie cushion on the hall bedroom chair that sounds like passing gas when they sit on it.

3:04PM -  DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Judd says he's nervous over the Double Eviction. Amanda says if he keeps her here, he has less of a chance to go home. Judd tells Amanda "if I did" (vote for her to stay) she better not (mess) him over. After he goes into the stall, Elissa comes in briefly to tell Amanda that McCrae's told Spencer he's voting to keep Amanda. Amanda points to the bathroom and mouths that Judd is in there.  Amanda thinks Spencer played way too comfortable. Out of the bathroom stall, Amanda smiles at Judd and he grins back. She asks what he's smiling about.  "I love you," he says. GM continues to vacuum.




(Amanda admits to torturing Elissa - a lot.  Elissa's offer to give Amanda her ring as collateral is shown. Telling Andy is shown. Amanda telling McCrae is shown. Andy spills to Spencer. He wants to frame Elissa. )

Julie's back, looking pretty in a ponytail - with news of the Double Eviction to mark the 500th episode. Spencer and Amanda give their speeches.

Julie points out to the audience that Elissa could lose her wedding ring.

GM destroys her lovely hairdo by donning Nick's hat, brim reversed style, and breaks a tie vote to evict Amanda, "get to steppin'." Andy pretends his freakout as Amanda remarks, "I thought I could trust you."

Amanda remarks of her applause, "I see some of you don't like me, okay."  Julie asks where Elissa's rings are. Amanda, replies " It's in my suitcase and if it's real it's going to stay in my suitcase!"

Julie says Amanda played a strong game and she was called a bully in the house. Amanda regrets bullying Elissa and blames Elissa a bit: "she took jabs at me..." I don't know if you guys saw." Julie reminds Amanda that eveyrthing goes out on the internet live. Julie asks Amanda if she has any regrets? Amanda could have been nicer to people. Her "Bubby" rampage could not have happened. "I'm not a Jordan for sure," she finishes. Julie:  "You can say that again!"

Julie plays Amanda's goodbye messages and asks: "Is Elissa getting her ring back? yeah. Are you mad at Andy? YEAH!

It's time for the live  HOH comp and nobody is safe. Julie starts them off:  "Go fetch!"  Find two dog bones in the straw and retrieve their key. McCrae wins 6:29PM Elissa retrieves Helen's lucky yellow jacket before going inside with the others. Good Job, McCrae !