Big Brother Daily Update August 16, 2013

Amanda gets her next prey…..


8:40 AM Big Brother woke up the house. Helen gets ready and starts running. Amanda and Aaryn have a chat and she confirms once again she is putting up Elissa and Helen. She is not going to tell Helen she is the target. She wants to tell them both that Spencer is the target and she wants to back door him.

With Helen leaving this week, Amanda then set her eyes on Spencer to get rid of next. He has a great social game according to Amanda, and he has to go next. Amanda then said that she did not think that they would bring back a house guest.

Aaryn talked to both Elissa and Helen separately. She told them both that Spencer was the target. Helen tried to persuade her not to put her up. She told her she would not use the VETO, if she won it, to save Elissa.

Aaryn told Helen that nobody can trust her because she is with Helen.

2:00 PM – We get the tired but true trivia on the feeds so that the houseguests can compete in the have-not competition. Once the feeds return we see that the girls are have-nots this week. That means Helen, Elissa, Gina Marie and Amanda are have-nots. Head cheese and Habaneros is this week’s have-not food. Once everyone finished showering around 7:00 PM the nomination ceremony takes place.

As predicted, Aaryn put up Helen and Alissa. Aaryn and Gina Marie were in the HOH room when the feeds returned, and Aaryn told her that they are pissed with her and she needs to hide out in the HOH room for a while.  

Meanwhile, Andy and Helen talk. Helen tells him that one of them needs to win POV to change up the nominations. That Spencer has to go. She then told Andy that she told Amanda that if one of them goes that side of the house no longer has the numbers so they wouldn’t be able to protect her, she said Amanda did not seem to care and she must not understand math. She also told him that she knows she is nominated because of Elissa. (Clueless that she is the target.) She also told him that if Amanda comes up with a plan for her and Elissa to lose POV then she will definitely be nominated next week. Andy listens and does not say very much.

Andy then meets with Gina Marie and Spencer. He acted real stressed and said that by voting out Helen it will be like McCrae voting out Amanda; that he does not know how he can do it.

Gina Marie, Aaryn, and Amanda were taking in the HOH room and the subject of head cheese comes up. They all complain of the smell (it is real smelly) and then Gina Marie compared it to the stuff they took out of her during liposuction - pure fat. (LOL!)

Spencer and Andy chat a bit and Andy tells him there is no way he can win VETO; that Helen expects him to take her off if he wins it. He was very stressed. Gina Marie joins them and they talk about customized license plates (Gina Marie has them.) Gina Marie then started talking about how hot Howard was and she said she would never date him. She said she never dates out of her species!

Amanda talks to Elissa. Elissa states that Helen is mad at her. She is blaming her because she is on the block. Amanda told her that Helen is not on the block because of her. She also told her to try to win the VETO and that she should never feel safe in this house. Amanda then asked her if she went to jury if she would leave and forfeit her stipend. Elissa said she has talked to the DR about this and that she misses her family, never really giving and answer.

Later, when Gina Marie went to make a protein shake, Aaryn told her the covers were mixed up. Gina Marie said great, how is she supposed to know if it is chocolate or vanilla? Aaryn then said she didn’t know what Candice was either, and Gina Marie responded Candice has a black top and a white bottom. Gina Marie then talks to Nick’s memory wall picture, she told the picture she was going to steal Spencer’s trip to the Bahamas and drop Candice’s body there.

The whole night the girls and McCrae did nothing but put people down: Candice, Jessie, Helen, Elissa, and David. Spencer and Andy would enter for a bit, put in their two cents and leave. No strategic conversation happened at all. All night they said catty put-downs about Candice and Jessie mostly. (Won’t they die if one of them wins next week and gets voted back in?)  McCrae did comment that after Helen left he was going to make Elissa walk (like make her quit the game.) He wants to do this because Amanda said earlier that she wanted Elissa to walk out of the jury house so that someone else could win America’s choice. Once she is gone Amanda thinks she will be nominated. Aaryn did tell Spencer that Helen hates him and wants him gone.

The group discusses the POV. Andy asks them not to choose him if they get house guest choice. Andy said he would eat slop for the rest of the season to win POV, Aaryn asked him if he would do that to send Helen home. He replied, if he had to, he would. Aaryn then said, “Holy Fu@#*&g balls, then I will have to do that too.” Aaryn said that she won’t choose Amanda either so that Amanda can host the competition.

All houseguests finally went to bed by 4:30 AM. McCrae sleeps alone this week since Amanda is a have not.

Who will play in VETO? Will Helen really be the target this week? Will Gina Marie ever get a clue? Will the racist remarks ever stop? How will Helen handle this week? Tears, fighting, or surrender and be happy with everyone? Who Knows? Tomorrow will tell!


Thanks Joker’s Updaters you’re the best!