8:30  AM

The house-guests are getting up from the wake-up call. We later learn the music BB played was ‘Poison’ by Bel Biv Devoe, ‘Slim Shady’ by Eminem and ‘It Must Have Been Love’.
Some house-guests get up a little better than others.
Amanda reports to McCrae, Judd and Andy that she talked to GinaMarie to let her know that Nick really didn't like her, but she got nowhere. In GinaMarie’s voice, Amanda recounts a very intricate mathematical equation of the days, hours and minutes in the house equating to knowing Nick for 6 months to a year in the real world. She also comments as a have not, she has taken many Puerto Rican showers. McCrae tells her that is racist. She disagrees.
There is much pre-Veto meeting primping going on.
Candice and Helen are in the HOH when Helen accidentally let it slip that Elissa is really the MVP, not McCrae, but the feeds cut for the Veto meeting before we see if there is any immediate fall out.


10:30 AM

Feeds are out just 20 minutes when we return to find that Kaitlin did save herself and Helen nominated Jeremy. Jeremy is shown sitting up looking introspective with the other cameras in the HOH on Helen doing a Bye-Bye Jeremy dance (Guess you could say it was a Queen Helen ‘Reign’ dance.)
Spencer notes to Andy that Jeremy is “being at least more mature than I expected him to.”  Andy agrees and recounts telling Jeremy earlier that if ‘this Jeremy’ came into the house he could have won.
Up in the HOH, GinaMarie continues talking about her connection with Nick. Helen is very excited to have a nail party in the HOH room tonight for all the girls. They were all impressed with how good the Moving Company was at keeping a secret. Candice pipes in, “I knew it; I knew!”  But she also says that Howard can't lie.
Jessie is unhappy and reports to Helen that the others are kissing Jeremy's ass right now. Helen lets her know she wants to keep Kaitlin safe next week, but reassures that things are going as planned. The conversation continues with Helen saying that Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, and Andy have never lied to her and she will stay loyal to them.
Helen relays the conversation to Candice adding that, “Jessie needs reassurance about being in their alliance.”

As Helen, Candice and Howard jog in the backyard, Kaitlin comments that it looks like Howard isn't even trying when he runs. Amanda says that he is definitely a professional athlete.
Most everyone is still in the backyard chatting or working out. Amanda mentions she did ‘Extra’ work on Charlie Wilson's War and the director Mike Nichols came up and made small talk with her but she didn’t know who he was.
Then there was this exchange: Amanda says she'd be a great America's Player because she does retarded things all the time. She says she has to stop saying that and asks if she'll get in trouble. Jeremy says she's retarded if she thinks that's the worst thing said on BB. Amanda says that she was talking to Aaryn in the hammock about the racism discussion and Aaryn made a comment about people working on her plantation. They wonder why she keeps making those jokes. They all believe that Aaryn doesn't have bad intent. Jeremy thinks it's wrong that people are blowing it up in there. Amanda worries she will get in trouble for “my Puerto Rican shower” comment today. Jeremy says they can't tell how it's being portrayed. Amanda says she can tell by the questions she's asked in the Diary Room (As she just then gets in trouble for talking about production.)
Andy and Helen have a long chat. Andy tells Helen that Jeremy pulled him aside and said he knew he was leaving but could he make sure that Howard goes soon because Howard is slandering his name to Kaitlin. Andy says if they want to get rid of Howard next week, Candice has to go up on the block with him. Helen says she thinks Candice knows that. If they do get Howard or Aaryn out next week, Spencer will be even more loyal. They seem torn on whether to let Candice or Spencer get to jury.  They may need to blackmail Elissa at some point to make her put up Howard.
Right in front of Candice, Amanda asks Jeremy if Candice really was who the one who told him that Amanda was spearheading the movement to get David out. Jeremy says, “Yes.” Candice reacts and starts yelling. Why would she claim that when she was just taken off the block?! Jeremy says he isn't lying. Candice says she's anything but a liar in this house and really lays into him; taking shots that he is a little boy and a coward for outing the Moving Company. Jeremy comes back with, “You will be going soon.” Candice responds that he is going now!
From the department of TMI: Jeremy may have ringworm. He says they took a picture of it to show to the doctor.
In the HOH, Elissa reports to Helen about Candice’s blow up with Jeremy. They don’t know why Amanda instigated it and Helen thinks Jeremy is trying to create new targets in the house so they're out next. Helen, "The good people need to win. The good people need to win this week. The good people need to win." Helen informs Elissa the house wants Howard gone. Elissa knows and agrees but she thinks Aaryn would be a good choice too.

1:00 PM

Amanda keeps telling McCrae how sexy she thinks he is. She asks if he finds her sexy. He says, “Absolutely.” Amanda says he's playing up the nerd thing. He laughs and says he has superhero posters on his wall; that's who he is. McCrae asks her why they can't live in California [after the show]. She says all her family lives in Florida.
Candice reports to Helen about what happened with Jeremy, saying it started when Jeremy called Howard a coward because he didn't stay true to the alliance. Candice further explains the cause was that she was told Amanda and McCrae threw her under the bus and they were told the same about her.
Aaryn gives Jessie a subtle dig that from what she can tell, the people who were established with this alliance originally instead of the people who went back and forth will last the longest. Jess starts to bring up a concern about Kaitlin winning HOH when Helen walks out so the talk stops.
Amanda tells Candice she believes her over Jeremy. Candice is still upset and informs Amanda and McCrae that she was in the HOH bathroom when Jeremy ran upstairs to sell out the Moving Company, so he's the coward, not Howard! When Howard joins them, Candice tells him he wouldn't be proud of her and to pray for her because she just went off on Jeremy for calling him a coward. Later Howard reminds Candice of a long talk they had about his temper. Candice asks if he would walk away in the outside world. Howard says that in the outside world, he wouldn't have to be around people that dislike him.
Elsewhere Kaitlin, Aaryn, and Jeremy are in the kitchen talking about Candice yelling. Jeremy explained it started when Amanda called him out. Kaitlin worries that Jeremy just added fuel to the fire when he's already on the block, "You know that just secured you going home, right?"