Indoor lockdown started at 5:30am this morning and will last until the HOH competition  tomorrow.

10:00am Judd and Amanda are up in the bathroom and Helen is in the kitchen making coffee.

10:30am Helen is cleaning. Big Brother thanks Helen for cleaning the bathroom mirrors.

Almost all the House Guest slept until 2:00pm.

There was so much that went on yesterday with all the stories being told to one another and everyone making up conspiracy theories leaving everyone unsure about what was going to happen on on Thursdays eviction.

First everyone was on board to vote Howard out then Aaryn shared the details of  a conversation with GinaMarie and Spencer about voting Candice out. Everyone agrees to vote Candice out.

Helen was talking to Elissa about the plan to vote out Candice and Amanda interrupted the conversation and told them they should go back to the original plan and vote out Howard instead and keep Candice.

Andy and Jessie were talking which later lead to a argument between Judd and Andy.
Jessie was upset and feels she hurt her game over the way she behaved last night. Andy was comforting Jessie and told her that last night was just a misunderstanding and that no one should be mad at Jessie. After Andy was done talking to Jessie Judd approached Andy and said that he thought he over heard Howard's name mentioned while Andy was talking to Jessie. Andy told Judd no one ever mentioned Howard. Judd kept insisting he heard Howard's name mentioned because he was standing outside of the door listening. Andy told him again no one mentioned Howard's name.

Elissa talks to Jessie later and they began discussing voting Amanda out. Elissa thinks Amanda made things up in regards to Howard and Amanda yesterday. Elissa tells Jessie all the men in the house like Aaryn. They both agree how its unfair that Aaryn and Amanda take Adderall (which contains a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine and switches the brain into overdrive sometimes) and how it gives them an advantage over everyone.

Around 11:00pm GinaMarie comes up with the idea to have all the House Guest do "The Harlem Shake" and then they talk to the cameras and ask the live feeders to edit the dance with music and make a video.

(Big Brother 15 Harlem Shake video below)

(Or see video on youtube - search 'Harlem Shake')

The rest of the night was filled with more of the same which was everyone flip-flopping over who to send home and reassuring each other they are safe.

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