Ha. Look at you lot. You're all so vacant. Is it nice not being me? It must be so relaxing.   Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock        


09:44 AM  Helen is up and running in the backyard.  Spencer is in the hammock, he and Howard talk about an incident between McCrae & Amanda yesterday when Amanda came out of the DR and walked outside to where McCrae was smoking. He jumped up and they went inside & they fought for 5 minutes then came back outside and didn't speak. They think it was awkward & that McCrae needs to be refocused on the game.

  09:47 AM   Howard goes inside to change his shorts because they keep falling down. He comes back out in his new shorts & joins Helen running. He then goes inside & cooks some rice & eggs. Helen is putting on make-up.


 12:03 PM   Howard finishes his breakfast while Helen cleans up the kitchen. The rest of the HG all get up and start their days.  Candice & Kaitlin are showing David, Andy, Judd & Jeremy are all in the kitchen. Aaryn makes chocolate ice cream her first meal of the day. Amanda comes down from the HoH room, she is bothered because she & McCrae are being made into storyline now & she didn't want that to happen.

 01:13 PM   Jeremy & McCrae talking in the HoH. McCrae wants to protect Amanda & Jeremy wants to protect Kaitlin, but they both agree that in the end they'll need to do what they need to do. McCrae tells Jeremy that Kaitlin coming up to the HoH when he & Amanda are there is "a good thing."

01:18 PM    Elissa is brushing her teeth as Aaryn is putting on make-up, she yells out to Gina that all of her clothes in the top drawer are clean & she can help herself. David comes in and sits down


01:23 PM   Aaryn begins to tell David he should be ashamed for not showering at least once a day. David tells her that he and Jeremy think that Gina has "gone to the dark side" he wants to call Gina out about it but Aaryn tells him not to. She thinks that everyone is on the verge of having "freak out breakdowns" & she thinks it's funny. Then she tells David "while we have so much down time you should be thinking of something you want to do" after they get out of the house. She says she is a workaholic so being in the BB house is weird. She tells him about being in fashion shows & pageants, she thinks David should be doing commercials. Tells him she is good at setting people on their "paths".

 01:35 PM   Nick joins David & Aaryn in the bathroom, he is talking about watching "Sex In the City", David calls him out. Nick laughs "I'm Not gay". Then they talk about different places they've been or want to go. 

01:37 PM   Judd & McCrae are in the HoH, Judd asks him if Amanda is mad at him. McCrae says he doesn't know. McCrae thinks Aaryn will confront him after the eviction. Judd says "she's going to hate you". McCrae say's she's going to hate everyone not just him. Judd mentions going to the final 3 with McCrae & Amanda, then they can see what happens from there, (this was brought up the other day), Judd says hopefully he & McCrae would be final 2. Judd tells him "keep your emotions out of it...Keep your eye on the prize." Judd thinks Aaryn is going to hate him for something he said in the Dairy Room.

01:53 PM    Amanda talks to Elissa about her concerns because of the show spotlighting her showmance with McCrae, she tells her she hasn't told anyone else. Elissa is surprised & sorry for what Amanda may face outside the show, but she says McCrae is a nice guy. Amanda tells her he isn't someone she would have gotten together with outside of the house but she is comfortable with him, she says she has no one to blame but herself, McCrae feels bad about it but it is already done & there is nothing she can do about it in there, she will have to deal with it when she gets out. Elissa feels the whole house is being encouraged to have a showmance except for her, Helen and Andy. They talk some about the votes, Amanda tells her they are solid & will tell Candice at the last minute. Elissa asks about Nick and Amanda tells her they aren't telling Nick anything. Amanda thinks Nick needs to be one of the first to go because he is called to the DR so much, she thinks something has to be up with him. Amanda tells Elissa that after the vote she can act however she wants to, that it won't matter because her and Candice will be targeted anyway. Elissa tells her that Jessie came up to her and said since she would be leaving soon could she tell her some of the secrets Rachel told her. They both laugh at that & can't believe Jessie asked that. Jessie also told Elissa how charming Jeremy is and how she came in the house to looking for a showmance. Amanda thinks that is strange. Elissa says that Aaryn makes offensive comments all the time, Amanda says they both do (probably talking about Jeremy) Elissa tells her she thinks Aaryns good-bye message to her was probably mean- like "who's back now"? Amanda says Aaryn is another one who needs to be among the first to go. 

03:02 PM   Andy tells the group he ate "candy" (smoked pot) the night before moving into the house - we get fish.


 03:17 PM    Candice is napping and Jessie is making Celery with PB for the group & takes it out by the pool . Amanda, Spencer, McCrae, Aaryn & Judd sitting on the couch outside discussing cheering each other on when winning HoH, they talk of prior seasons & winners & then move on to other reality shows. Elissa does some yoga. And Kaitlin, Jeremy, Nick, David, GinaMarie. move inside to get more food.

 04:06 PM Inside lockdown  

 04:07 PM   Elissa & Judd in the storage room, She whispers something about MVP & Nick going back on his word, she suggests that she plant the seed to the HG that she possesses another power they don't know about. Judd tells her just to try and get Nicks vote & asks her to please hold off on the "talk" til tomorrow. But for now to just work on that vote.

04:22 PM   FOTH

05:03 PM   Feeds back. Looks like they had a rehearsal for the live show. The Backyard is closed until after live show.

05:08 PM   Helen tells Candice she wants to keep Elissa & that Candice will know the plan tomorrow. Helen  leaves & Candice makes a face at the camera. Nick & Andy talk about food and Trader Joe's Nick "First romance of the season" he & Andy talk about "what if" they were in a relationship, how they would get along.

 05:30 PM   GinaMarie & Kaitlin are in the Bathroom, GinaMarie says they only have a few more hours of Elissa

  05:31 PM   Howard, Judd, Spencer, McCrae, & Candice are in the lounge.  Howard is saying that he wants to be well off when he has a family & make his family proud. Spencer agrees & Candice comments that it is harder for a man.

  05:32 PM In the living room Jeremy asks Helen what she will do with the 2K she has already made, she says probably Disney. He asks her if it comes to prizes what will she take? Helen says her husband told her Not to take a phone call. David comments that she goes on a lot of vacations. Helen says no, she goes on one with her in-laws and tries to go on one with the kids. David is looking forward to people flipping on people in the HoH room like Jerry & Memphis did in BB10. He also wonders if Elissa is going to be sleeping in the room with them now.

 05:53 PM  In the bathroom Aaryn is talking about how Jessie moans every time she rolls over. Aaryn "Ok, we get it. You're in heat. Jeremy is trying to play with Kaitlin's feet & tickle her. Kaitlin doesn't enjoy either. Jeremy tells her "you need to learn how to love to be tickled". Ginamarie says Candice's voice is fake, she thinks it sounds to "white".

06:04 PM    Howard, Andy, Jeremy, Spencer, & Candice in the lounge Spencer says there is a diffence in being assertive or offensive & that there is no winner in tit for tat. Jeremy apparently was rude to Elissa during the rehearsal, he says he took so many comments from her & finally said one back to her so now he's good & luckily it wasn't on the feeds. Andy discusses hoe unfair it seems that Elissa was predestined to being the 1st MVP. Spencer comments that even if people from the house knew each other outside the house, that would upset him from a gam purists perspective. Jeremy says he isn't even mad at Elissa for getting MVP, he's made at America for falling for it.

06:05 PM   In the HoH room Judd and Mccrae discuss how the others "demand" Judd to do things they don't ask, he says "no way, this aint follow the leader." Judd say's he is so excited for tomorrow, says he didn't even act like the Bieber crew do when he was their age. Judd says he was talking to GinaMarie earlier and she shushed him as Nick came around the corner. Judd "Why would I want to be 7th in their alliance?" he wonders if he should talk to Candice, he and McCrae discuss ideas about how to approach her. Judd "If he (David) doesn't go home tomorrow, it will be a travesty to the game. Do you know what he told me he'd do with the money? He said he's go Surfing" he breaks down where other people need the money more.

 06:19 PM   Howard and Spencer are in the SR. They think that McCrea us freaking out because he won't be in a position of power. They agree they are tight with everyone and in no danger. Howard thinks Aaryn & Kaitlin will implode soon. Spencer thinks there will be bigger targets than them after the eviction. He thinks that one of the MC will get MVP eventually. He thinks everyone will be after Amanda which is good for them. He also says Judd is a good cat but he probably needs to go soon.

 06:24 PM  Judd, Amanda, Jeremy & McCrae talk about Howie in BB6. They all loved him, Amanda talks about Boogie owning the Geisha group.

06:36 PM  David & Andy are talking in the HoH room. Andy says he just wants to do what the house wants & that it drives him crazy that people think he is with Helen & Elissa when he hardly talks to Elissa and that although he likes Helen, he'll vote differently that her if she keeps Elissa. Andy says he is freaked out because he feels like people aren't really talking game with him. David says that once Elissa is gone they will feel Andy is on the same page. Andy says that the only doubt he had about the vote was when Jeremy went off on him. David thinks it is crazy that it is only the 1st week & how crazy everyone is acting now. Andy agrees. David says he doesn't like people going against him, mentions Candice and Helen. He says that Helen looked him in the eye & made it clear that she isn't keeping him. Andy sais that now he knows he needs to distance himself from her. David tells him to do what he wants.

 06:29 PM   Aaryn & Kaitlin are talking about what Jeremy said to Elissa during the run through. Jeremy called Elissa a "skank" & Elissa told him he shouldn't call a mom a skank. Jeremy told her she was a skanky mom. Aaryn is mad that she missed it. Kaitlin says that Elissa shakes her head when people say things & she is catty & rude by being so judgmental. Aaryn says Elissa is just sad she is going home. GinaMarie joins them. 

006:58 PM  Aaryn is talking to David about having this gut feeling something is up. Who is really the main target. All these issues with Candice. Jeremy comes in & says he didn't mean to interrupt their conversation but for Aaryn & David to lay low. He then grabs something blue (Elissa's hat) & wipes it in his butt crack stating that is what he feels about that.

 07:51 PM   Aaryn and Candice are still arguing about the hat. Aaryn then apologizes for yelling about the hat, she says she was just mad at the time. Candice "I do have a big a@@ & if I really sat on your hat, it would be "tarnished"

08:45 PM   GinaMarie, Spencer, Howard, Kaitlin & Jeremy in the bedroom. GinaMarie says Rachel can put her lips on her rear & Elissa could put her lips on her hoo ha then she made motions of moving back and forth as everyone laughs.

 08:55 PM    Howard goes into the bathroom & tells Elissa that she is good. Elissa says thank you and that any woman would be blessed to be with Howard.

09:16 PM   Elissa & Nick talking, she starts asking Nick for his vote when Andy & GinaMarie come in. Elissa ask them for time alone to talk to Nick. They leave but lay outside the door listening. Nick keeps telling Elissa he is voting with the house tells her if he went against the house he would be in trouble. Nick doesn't want to be screwed in a "He said, She said" situation. He tells her that he talked to everyone collectively & he is honoring their requests & is going with the majority. Elissa says she wanted to talk because they hadn't had a chance to talk yet. She says if the plan is to keep her & she tries to name specific individuals,(she calls Jeremy Anthony) but Nick just keeps saying that he is going with the majority of the house.

10:00 PM  GinaMarie and Nick talk at the chess table. She tells him she likes him but neither of them want to hook up on camera and she is glad he won't pretend to like her just for the game. She says none of the girls are keeping their heads in the game. She tells him he is the only person she will truly protect, & that he is a cool a** guy. They pinky swear and hug Nick tells her she is golden. She tells him he can marry her afterwards, he laughs, she says "no, I'm f***ing serious.

 10:09 PM   Andy comes to the table and GinaMarie tells him what she and Nick talked about then she leaves. Nick & Andy play chess. Andy says he just learned how to play and David kicked his butt. They talk about how the BB game is a marathon- They both promise each other safety next week.


 11:14 PM   Jeremy takes Elissa into the lounge & apologizes for what he did to her hat. He explains to her that he wiped his butt crack, tells her that BB is having it dry cleaned but that if that isn't good enough they will buy her a new one & it will come out of his stipend. Jeremy says he is an idiot & it was a very immature thing to do. Elissa tells him the hat is the least of her concerns with Jeremy, she says he doesn't do things that a appropriate for a "family show" she is concerned with his aggression towards women. She asks him not to personally attack her has a woman & mother. Jeremy says he is nervous, he isn't sure what  is going to happen to him. Elissa says she has the highest respect for CBS, "It's a family show. This isn't like VH1" she tells him he should set a good example cause his mother is watching. She tells him she accepts his apology & the conversation is over.

11:56 PM   Spencer & Nick talk about the vote- Jeremy is suppose to vote Elissa, Nick will vote David & they plan to blame Nicks vote on Candice.

12:02 PM   Jeremy tells Kaitlin what he did to Elissa's hat. Says he already talked to her about it, that it wasn't a big deal. He says BB gave him a warning, he tells her Elissa just kept talking about other things. Kaitlin asks him why he does stupid things like that. He tells her Aaryn & David thought it was funny. He tells her he knows he is an idiot, that he got caught up in the emotion. She says at least he can admit it.

12:18 AM   Nick has partially shaved, he still has the mustache.

 12:34 AM    Andy, Spencer, McCrae, Helen, Amanda & Judd in the Hoh room. Helen is talking about her good-bye message to David- tells them she said he wasted a lifetime opportunity on blonde Texan, which should be his life's regret. Helen says David told her his biggest regret was not going to college but Helen thinks this will be bigger. They joke about different alliance names & decide if tomorrow's HoH is majority rules the plan is for the group to do A , True or Step Down. Andy tells the group that Jeremy got in trouble for wiping Elissa's hat on his butt but production wouldn't let Jeremy talk about it.  Judd said he was fishing for information & Elissa couldn't talk about it either. Andy & Judd had been downstairs when Aaryn & David were laughing about it after Jeremy came back to the room after the apology. Helen feels everyone should know about it.

12:39 AM    Helen thinks she has some pull with Jeremy if he wins HoH. Andy & Amanda tell her not to believe that, & she may be his target. They tell her not to trust what Jeremy says because it will go out the window later. Amanda is pushing to get rid of Nick next before Aaryn, that he's a wildcard & could win Hoh & MVP. She feels safer with Aaryn in the house rather than Nick.

12:52 AM   The HoH crew talk about how they hope the next HoH lets them hang out in the room like McCrae did. Andy says he might be the next MVP because America will feel sorry for him because he hasn't been on any of the episodes. Amanda is afraid Nick will get MVP but Spencer says there is no way to beat Rachel's fan base. Spencer says GinaMarie said if she doesn't win HoH she wants to go home, he doesn't think America likes people saying that they don't want to be there. McCrae says Aaryn has an agent. They talk about how much they love the game of BB & that some are there to be models & actors. Spencer says that little group is going to fall apart tomorrow, McCrae says Aaryn is going to come to each one of them pissed off. Spencer says he doesn't think Nick is as dangerous as Amanda thinks, Andy disagrees & says he needs to go, but agrees Aaryn needs to go too. The group (Judd, Spencer, Andy Helen &McCrae) agree that they should go ahead & get rid of Aaryn next.

01:19 AM  Elissa enters HoH room & says "They're (Kaitlin/Jeremy)having SEX, in the open bedroom."? They woke her up & she says it smells like sex. She leaves & the group say she shouldn't be coming up to HoH like that. Spencer says he doesn't want to talk to her, Judd says he will talk to her like crazy tomorrow. Amanda goes downstairs to tell Elissa to stay down there.

 01:31 AM  Elissa comes back up & asks Andy if he wants that bed. He say No. Candice says she had to leave the room too. Elissa says good-night & leaves.

  01:43 AM Candice, Andy & Helen leave & Spencer tells Amanda & Judd that Helen needs to shut her F'ing mouth, that she said too much in front of Candice not 15 minutes after he told her not to talk game in front of her.

02:23 AM    McCrae & Judd talking in the kitchen. McCrae thinks Jeremy will end up being evicted by BB, says the things he does will get him kicked out. He says Jeremy scares him. Judd tells him he has changed his strategy and is going to try and win HoH. McCrae tells him he doesn't have to win tomorrow. Judd says the house us different & more intense this year like "Lord of the Flies" & the stakes are higher.

03:00 AM  Andy, Judd, Spencer, Amanda & McCrae talking about offensive words used by Jeremy before feeds, like using "f*ggot" around Andy a lot & using Jew negatively. They all agreed words like that aren't appropriate on TV or ever.  Spencer thought Andy might lose his temper & confront Jeremy at some point. Andy says it takes a lot for him to lose his temper. Judd says even if Andy wasn't offended, lot's of people out there on the feeds would be.
Andy agreed and said it did bother him but he deals with
things with humor. 

04:20 AM    The houseguests all settle in to bed & are sleeping.