(Ed. note:  I'm still learning how to recap and how to crop photos for insertion.  I hope to get better as time passes; in the meantime, thanks for your patience and support. )

It was a busy, busy night for our HG, kept up all night by BB. The HG were allowed outside for brief periods at a time to memorize the sequence and nature of various items set up on a conveyor belt in the back yard.

Elissa and Spence, with about 3 hours sleep, are the first up about 10am. Elissa starts studying with Helen, and Andy joins in. Howard and Spencer powwow after Howard briefly meets with Nick, who is nervousing. Howard's not happy that Amanda and McC are still tight. Andy thinks he can win this HOH.  Andy warns Amanda about Howard.  Helen reassures Spence they will work together in the game, she thinks she will get next MVP, and they hug it out. Spence goes to Jeremy and pushes a Helen eviction, claiming Elissa will get a twitter campaign going to give Helen MVP.  Jeremy isn't concerned about Jessie's vote. Aaryn eats ice cream for breakfast.  Kaitlin notices the House is quiet.  Jeremy says everyone's scared.  Helen tells Jeremy she wants Jeremy as an ally but doesn't want the others to know.  Andy is running after Howard/Spence/Jeremy/Helen, doing damage control with whoever they're talking to.  Jeremy telling Howard he'd rather be taken out by Helen than Elissa and suggests Spencer needs to go. Nick thinks he has the votes.

11:40 to 1PM - we have FOTH

Aaryn is packing up her stuff in the HOH. Andy studies with Jessie. Helen walks in and she and Jessie study.  Andy comes in to give the girls a pep talk; he thinks Spence/Howard are nervousing.  1:20pm: Helen suggests they go to Aaryn and Jeremy after the vote and call a truce to get out Howard and Spence.  Andy just keeps talking and Jessie says nothing.  Andy pops out in search of Candice as Helen and Jessie study.

Kaitlin gossips about Jessie/Elissa/Judd to Jeremy in LR, who thinks he has the votes for Nick to stay.  Kaitlin quips about Elissa, 'she washed her sheets!" (Jessie's bed) and calls her a derogatory term. Jeremy tells Kaitlin he's talked to everyone.  Andy pops up and small-talks with Jeremy about studying.  Spence talks to Howard in the Lounge about flipping - he's 100% committed to Howard but thinks Jeremy is 'too hard to protect.' Nick walks in and checks he's good.  Andy pops in and out. Nick wants to know he has the numbers. 

Meanwhile, Nick/Aaryn/Kaitlin/GM primping in the downstairs bathroom: GM says she's in 'pageant mode' today and on her best behavior. Amanda is straightening McC's hair. Andy pops up in the HN room and studies with Jes and Helen; GM asks Helen to talk. Andy pops into the Lounge and wants to know why Howard and Spence aren't including him in talks, says they're acting like "shady f..ks" as he's out the door again. 

1:48PM - Andy studies with Helen in HN room as Elissa gives him a haircut. Helen discloses (to a huge sigh from Andy) that she talked to Nick. Elissa thinks some girls think they're on "The Bachelor."  Aaryn is worried about Jessie spending time in the HN room and approaches Judd and Jessie napping to check their vote.  Aaryn wants them to talk, and mentions 'consequences.' but J/J don't say much in response.  Aaryn campaigns against Elissa - she's trying to 'manipulate people.'  Judd and Jess still pretty much silent.  Aaryn convinced Jer will win HOH, and the conversation is killed by Fish at 2pm.  Howard in HN room placates Helen, who's now worried about GM, as Elissa, also in the room, puts on her makeup, saying nothing.  Spencer in Lounge, still campaigning hard to sell a new powerhouse team to McC.

2:07PM - McC saying he can't vote against Nick and will lie about his vote.  Spence works him. Jeremy breaks it up, telling the boys that Elissa doesn't deserve to be there, she's playing vendetta.  2:10pm Jeremy tells Spence and McC he's had a deal with Helen since day one. Candice and Andy study in the Cockpit room. Meanwhile, Nick and GM double-team Amanda in SR, promising her safety. GM is convinced MVP will be shared around if Elissa is gone. Amanda claims ignorance of the voting and GM proclaims she plays 'truthful.' Elissa starts to circulate. Spence goes back to working Howard.  Andy has the answers down to every question Candice asks him. Amanda asks Spence if it's 'off' now; Spence reassures her; he's sold solid on the flip, and plants distrust about Helen.  Amanda says she'll trust Spence if the numbers come out.  Andy pops up next to Spencer. Spence, not to be outdone by Andy, corners McC in the Lounge, who's worried he's being set up  to take the fall. Spence asks McC if he will come clean with Amanda about the MC now it's dissolving. HG are all primping for the show.  Andy in downstairs bath reviewing answers with everyone.  Aaryn comments about Andy 'giving away your answers.' "It is a Game." We come back from Fish to see Andy pop up from the Color room's red chair and go out the door to disappear again...  2:50 HN room  Elissa, packing. Andy enters and has a study session with Elissa. Now Andy is in the Cockpit room. Now Andy is in the H/N room, drilling comp answers with Elissa and Candice.

3:04PM - Howard and Spence agree 'playing numbers' is the safest way to go right now. Andy is in the SR with McC, who's advising Andy to 'stay up there' if it's a knockout  comp,  right after reassuring Nick he was keeping him "for sure."  Andy pops out and Nick pops in, followed by Spence; Nick was told by Helen, he says, that he would be the target every week.  McC is alone again with Nick in the SR and just being a good buddy, reassuring him.  Spence joins them and says 6-5 is "not a very good margin."  Elissa breaks up the SR talk, putting things in her suitcase.  Nick and Elissa alone, Elissa asks Nick if he's nervous, he makes a quip about the "tampons" she's packing.  Elissa: "why are you not nervous?"  Nick: 'I believe in the Lord our Savior," as he turns his back on her and walks out.

Pre-show time is spent studying, circular conversations here and there. Howard works McC for an 8-3 vote; he thinks it would be better for everyone. Andy tells Amanda/McC that he would throw the comp to Elissa if it was down to them. 

4:52PM - Howard tells McC he threw Judd and Elissa under the bus to Jeremy. Elissa and Jessie study and rehearse Elissa's speech. Andy pops in to reassure Elissa and Jessie "it's been driving me insane, it's taken everything inside of me not to say something to them," he says of the way E and J have been treated by the House. Andy wants them to know he's their friend as Jess and Elissa hug it out.  Aaryn starts wondering if they have the votes and thinks a bracelet Judd is wearing is a clue. Helen vents her paranoia about Spencer to Howard, who doesn't want to be questioned.

5PM-6PM Live Show.

6PM - The show ends with Nick evicted 7-4.  Howard was the 4th vote.  Elissa is safe, but is knocked out in the second round of HOH True/False (along with Andy and half the other HG.) Helen, the new HOH, comforts a sobbing GinaMarie, who will set a new BB world record for the longest cry, racking 9+ hours on the clock. 

Cockroach-gate ensues off-feed, as GM calls the girls “cockroaches” and "scrubs." Amanda, Helen, Elissa, Candice and Jessie celebrate in the HN room. Spence enters to hug it out with Helen.  Andy pops in to say he was attacked verbally. Howard joins and cautions everyone, "don't [mess] this up for Helen tonight", they all agree not to cause problems.  Candice vents about the racism. Helen is pumped and is excited to see her kids. Aaryn and Kaitlin realize that 3 of their side will likely go up. GM didn't get a kiss.  Aaryn calls the other side ’cowards.'  GM is wearing Nick's hat and crying into red shorts.  Elissa is comforting Candice.  Jeremy comes into the H/N room to complement Helen's gameplay, says it's 'remarkable,' and he's 'flabbergasted.' Helen can't be still, she's dance-exercising all over the HN room.  Candice cries tears of anger and relief.  Helen wants to change the tone of the house and make it a pleasant place to be.  They all agree.  Candice is complimenting Elissa on making 'two power play moves."