Yesterday we saw some campaigning activity from Jeremy that petered out by the evening, as he focused more on spending time with Kaitlin than on saving himself.

This morning, Helen is the first to rise just after 9:30am, moving quietly about the HOH room as she dresses and gathers her running shoes to go downstairs.  She discovers the back door locked so she quietly jogs a circuit from the bathroom through the kitchen to the dining room and back.

10AM BB wakeup call.   Jessie, Judd and Howard switch batteries.  Jessie worries about the H/N comp as she mans the coffee pot and tells Spencer about her mutant dinosaur dream.  'Good morning's' are exchanged with Andy; Howard joins to tell he didn't sleep well; Helen is still running laps.  Andy and Judd grativate to the Lounge to join McCrae;  they talk about upcoming HaveNots status and how Helen is 'intimidating.' McCrae is worried about Jeremy calling him out in his exit speech. Spencer and Jessie join the group as Howard moves to the H/N room for his morning Devotional.

The Lounge crew laugh over MadHatter 2.0 (Candice sat on McCrae's bushwack hat.)  Talk turns to Batman and other superheros; Spence is a Penguin fan and likes Superman and Andy lists off the Spiderman villians.  Jessie hums a few bars of the "Rocky" movie.  Helen joins the group and talk turns to who should be on or off HaveNot and GM's name comes up, along with Aaryn, Kaitlin and Spencer's.  They laugh over GM not wanting HOH because she will lose "Nick's" bed.   Helen is jokingly called out for dictating HaveNots on her last day as HOH.  Howard  sweeps the kitchen floor.  Jessie leaves the Lounge after doing a few headstands and Spencer comments, "Hey, camera dude, she's fine, isn't she?" 

Amanda comes in to relate she had a messed up dream about 'prison' and she was trapped on a "prison school bus."  Talk goes back to Jessie's mutant dinosaur dream: the mutant dinosaurs were outside like pets and they drank 'feel good elixer.'  A girl got stepped on, and Spencer quips, "Stompasaurus Rex."   Amanda/Candice are now up and join the Lounge crew.   Howard is doing dishes as his eggs and bacon are cooking. 

Andy and Candice laugh about Andy prank of unplugging Candice's mike whenever he sat next to her.  Candice can't figure out the coffeemaker and goes to get Helen.  Helen wanders into the kitchen and talks about her HOH ending.  She feels like she's missed out on conversations and "bedtime stories."  Aaryn and Elissa are up now, bringing us to

HOH lockdown

1:00pm  Helen has given Kaitlin the heads-up that Jeremy is going home.  Elissa jokes that Andy's name is written 'in every dust pile around the house.'  Jessie is searching the cabinets for misplaced hairspray as Aaryn puts in her contacts.  Jessie finds her hair spray and Andy comes in and quips that Jessie was 'playing the blame game."  Jessie retorts her item was not where she left it.  Spencer, back in bed,  talks to McCrae who is excited to get a bed after being a HaveNot.  Howard enters and talk turns to competitions.  There's 3600 seconds to an hour and Spencer breaks it down to 900 seconds in 15 minutes.

1:32PM A humble Jeremy says goodbye to Howard in the H/N room as Howard reassures he was loyal to Jeremy; he would have stuck with him if Jeremy had been able to flip some votes. They manhug as Jeremy thanks Howard.   They agree everything happens for a reason and Howard assures Jeremy he's on to good things outside the House.

2:00PM GM is in bed in the Color Room, with Nick's hat on a pillow on her chest. Candice and Howard discuss how he wants his hair cut and giggle quietly over GM with Nick's hat.  Andy comes in and throws a fuzzball off his bed towards Howard.  Andy jokes, "what are you going to do about it?" and Howard laughs, "a 'fuzzball' fight!?"  Judd comes in and asks Candice to shave his neck as he jokes around with GM.   Andy wants a neck-shave also.  Andy stubs his toe and GM giggles. GM allows Andy to borrow Nick's hair gel.  Button boy spends the next 5 minutes on a closeup of Nick's hat, still on GM's chest. 

2:30PM Candice shaves/trims Judd's neck.  Spencer is up next and Candice shaves a bald patch in the back of his head and worries that Elissa will need to fix her mistake.  Candice laughs in embarassment as Howard steps up to become her next victim.  

Elissa, who is vaccuming the Color Room, stops to chat with GM and they exchange compliments about each other.  Elissa encourages GM to make decisions for herself in the game and think about who can take her further.  Helen walks in and cuts Elissa off mid-sentence as Helen is apt to do, and makes a reference to the drama and "racial slurs."  GM offers up a place in her bed to whoever needs a spot.  Helen brings up the people who've had HaveNot and asks GM not to 'freak out' if she's picked because she hasn't been one yet, and suggests she volunteer for it. GM tells Helen she intends to give Jeremy a vote.  Talk turns to 'pop' and GM wishes for a "SodaStream" machine.  Helen insists Aaryn has 'made her bed' and GM agrees she seems distant lately.  GM wants to have fun in the game.  Judd, Helen and GM joke about Judd sleeping with GM tonite.

2:58PM BB cuts to Helen in the SR giving her farewell talk to Jeremy.  She is saying if it's a "5 to 5 vote, I'll take that offer."  Jeremy says he's played his best and will walk out with his head high. They friend-hug.  Jeremy pulls McCrae into the Lounge to make a last ditch plea, offering up his jury vote. McCrae is noncommittal; he wants to talk to Amanda.  Jeremy asks McCrae to look after Kaitlin and to take out Spencer and Howard.  McCrae promises to talk to Judd if he decides to flip his vote so Judd will too.  Chit chat in the kitchen as Elissa moves thru the house vacuuming.  They suppose the live show will start at 5:45BBT.  Candice is -still- giving Howard a  hair trim, passing the 1/2 hour mark.


4:55PM In the downstairs bathroom Howard's shaving, Candice is finally getting dressed and the rest of the Houseguests mill about.   Arryan is wearing a pretty long dress.  Amanda has a  fancy hairband.  Andy is wearing his green shorts. They continue to speculate off and on as to what the HOH competition will be.  TRIVIA comes back to Aaryn and McCrae and Andy debating whether Big Brother or The Real World has a bigger following.

5:49PM TRIVIA.  [time for the show!]

7:00PM  Judd is HOH.  The Houseguests mill about the kitchen. Judd and Jessie high-five in the downstairs bathroom; she's happy to be able to take a bath. Judd hopes he gets a picture of his dog. Out in the Kitchen, GM is unhappy because of the HOH competition questions, but she's back to smiling again after a hug from Helen and words of encouragement from Candice and Spencer. 

Amanda and McCrae are in their usual places in the Lounge as they speculate what the twist could be and worry over Elissa being MVP again.  Amanda hopes the MVP has a win-limit on it. Andy pops in and sits down.   Andy and McCrae admit they threw the comp.  Judd and Jessie join the three and Amanda tells Judd to put up Aaryn so Elissa can't put her up as MVP instead of "Spencer." Amanda wants Howard backdoored.  Judd wants to talk about it later in HOH. Andy  is animated and seems very excited to be back to scheming - he tells Amanda he likes to plan.  Amanda rolls her nails on her coffee cup as she comments to Andy, "this is just like us winning it..." 

Helen, Elissa, and now pop-up Andy are in the SR are discussing the competition questions.  Elissa worries Rachel may be embarassed that Elissa isn't winning as Helen busies herself throwing produce away.  Candice and Howard in Color Room suspect the twist is someone coming back.   In the Kitchen, Elissa and Helen ask Judd if they can sleep on the HOH couch if they can't find a bed.  GM attacks her frozen block of slop-ice cream. Elissa agrees with Andy that they are both good at tests but need time to think about questions first. GM thinks a good twist would be Nick coming back - and reveals she forgot to put sugar in her icecream recipe.

Judd, Howard and Spencer are trying to figure out what Julie meant when she said don't forget to 'expect the unexpected."  Judd says he didn't want to win HOH this early.

Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd talk in the Lounge.  Amanda tells Judd to tell the girls they are safe because Elissa will put up Spencer, and then they can backdoor Howard. Judd wants to put GM up.

7:21PM Kaitlin and Aaryn in bedroom.  Aaryn: "I'm kinda happy that I have my friend back."  Helen enters and lists the order of a double-eviction; Kaitlin had worried that both people on the block went at the same time.  Helen leaves and Aaryn asks Kaitlin if GM is 'getting on your nerves.' Kaitlin realizes that the competition questions were not what they think of themselves but what America thinks of them.   Kaitlin complains to Aaryn that Helen and Elissa are taking her bed, because it was their bed before Helen's HOH. Aaryn advises Kaitlin to lay claim her bed.

7:26PM  Elissa comes into  the Lounge and Amanda tells her that they want Howard out because 'he uses race, he swore on the bible, he has three people.' Amanda complains he's "too powerful," he would throw Candice under the bus.  Elissa asks what happened to their plan to take Aaryn out this week? Jessie worries about leaving Kaitlin in the game.  Amanda pushes that numbers, not strength, counts, that Aaryn is all by herself and she thinks Aaryn is "wrapped around my finger."  Elissa is nodding without enthusiasm but agrees to the backdoor-Howard plan.  Amanda gets Judd alone in the Flight Room and questions whether Elissa would really put up Howard.  She tries to coach Judd on what to tell the girls and wants Judd to put up Aaryn to smokescreen Elissa.  Judd agrees to talk to Elissa later.  Amanda says she doesn't want to sound like a dictator but they can't have Elissa in the position to throw backdooring Howard.  Amanda tosses the idea to Judd, McCrae and Andy, to take Aaryn off the block if someone wins Veto so they can get Howard up.

7:31PM  Howard and Candice talk.  Howard tells her about his goodbye to Jeremy and how this may be a springboard for him and he hopes that for himself too.  He and Candice don't feel they owe Kaitlin for her using the Veto on herself.

7:32PM  GM and Aaryn talk in the H/N room about the HaveNot comp.  Aaryn tells GM not to grab the same color bandana as Howard.  GM doesn't like the idea of volunteering to be a HaveNot.

7:42PM  Andy, Spencer and Howard are in the Living Room making small talk.  Amanda and McCrae lay low in the Lounge.  Amanda goes back to complaining about Howard and McCrae worries he'll be a HaveNot on his birthday.  They're joined by Judd, Jessie and Elissa.  Amanda says she wants Aaryn and Kaitlin on the block; keeping GM off the block could help Judd. Amanda leaves and Elissa asks Judd if he's thinking of putting her up.  He wants her to work with him on who to put up. Elissa says she's nervous.  Judd tells her she's not going up and asks her if she trusts him. Judd asks Elissa if she's not telling him something and she says, "Nothing, I just.." and FISH

8:00PM  Judd is trying to guess someone's name and Elissa is saying 'no.' Elissa says she has 'a feeling' that the house will be shaken up.  Judd asks Elissa to think of scenarios so they can talk later. Judd says Elissa is the most important person he wants to talk to.  He wonders if it's a good idea for Elissa to put Aaryn up and says he can't put Aaryn up because he's lied to her too many times.  Elissa likes Howard and Judd likes Spencer so they  need a compromise.  Judd wants to be 100% together on a decision. He wants to talk to Helen and Andy without Jessie around.  Elissa wonders if it's a good idea for Jessie to sleep upstairs and wonders if Jessie can be trusted.

8:10PM  Spencer and Howard play chess. Kaitlin wants to win HOH and wants Jeremy to come back in Pandora's Box. Aaryn talks about her HOH blog.

8:26PM  Amanda and Andy have a little tiff in front of Judd over who should host the Veto Competition.  Judd wants Andy or Jessie and if they both play, then Amanda.  GM wants to play host, too.  Judd gives a shoutout to HamsterWatch and JokersUpdates. Speculation turns to when Judd will get his room; he will wait until midnight to eat so he can eat with the HaveNots.  Amanda needs a cigarette.  Kaitlin thinks someone threw away Jeremy's cologne on purpose because he was 'hated.' GM is looking for her contacts container which is "magically" found on her bed, as GM complains her stuff is being messed with.  Andy mentions to Judd that GM brought Nick's hat to the Eviction ceremony.

9:00PM  Amanda and McCrae in Lounge making small talk. McCrae comments Jeremy took his eviction well.  Amanda wants to stay out of everything now and not say Howard's name since she feels they're 'good.'  McCrae tells Amanda not to tell Aaryn anything and they both agree "the People's HOH" sounded communist. Candice joins after making pork chops.  Candice exits to "keeping it real!."  McCrae whispers "I hate her" after she leaves. 

Andy and Aaryn trade sad dog stories. Judd complains in the Lounge to Amanda, McCrae and Andy that Elissa is acting strange and seems worried. Amanda thinks she's just worried about the twist and calls her dumb. Jessie and Elissa come in and they talk about how soon they can eat. Talk turns to GM not letting up on the Nick talk and how it might irritate Kaitlin.

9:30PM  Andy and Amanda scoff that GM doesn't want anyone sleeping in her bed.  Amanda thinks GM should sleep in the HaveNot room without Nick's hat.  Andy covets Nick's hair gel and contacts solution; Amanda tells him to just take it.  Jessie refers to GM as a 'cat lady.'  Elissa puts on her Joisey Goil accent and they joke around.  Amanda leaves and Elissa says she thinks that McCrae is an undercover genius.  Spencer comes in and Elissa teases him over his "glamcover" vote; Spence thought more women voted and would want to see Howard.  Spence thinks it's easier to be sophisticated if you have money.  Elissa doesn't think money buys class.  Talk turns to speculation about double-evictions and bringing houseguests back. Spencer notes today is Day 28.