With just GinaMarie, Spencer, and Andy left in the house, there is not much to report. 

10:30 AM

The sleeping house guests finally get the wake-up call and we get to hear a few bars of the Black Eyed Peas - The Boogie That Be. Except for some exchange of pleasantries and calls to the Diary room, all three stayed in bed well into the afternoon.

4:00 PM
Everyone is finally up and as usual bashing Elissa. They manage to work in some of the other house guests too before moving to the backyard couches.  Andy says he's already made up his mind if anyone asks him a bitchy question [at the finale] he'll just tell them to sit down.

They are pretty bored. GinaMarie wants some arts and crafts while Spencer would like to see Elizabeth Shue walk through the front door. Spencer and Andy were disappointed there weren’t any banners. They say it would have been funny to have a lock down and tell Judd there was a banner saying ‘Don't trust Judd.’

They review some events that occurred during the season. Andy said Helen was uncontrollable; he found it hard to rein her in. Elissa went into crazy mode when Helen got evicted. They noted Aaryn wasn't happy handing over the key to Elissa when she won HOH.

When Andy and Spencer get a moment alone, Spencer worries what Andy is thinking regarding final two. Andy says he’s still leaning [toward Spencer], but doesn’t want to say 100% and then go back on his word. Spencer tries to make the case the jury will be better suited for Andy against Spencer more than GinaMarie. GinaMarie comes back out before he can finish.

We learn that GinaMarie paid over $700 for her hair extensions.

6:00 PM
They all congratulate each other for being up for two hours, wanting to go in and make formal requests for stuff to do. They all move to the living room and talk about how good they were about predicting things that were coming up, like double evictions. They were disappointed there was no Pandora's box.

Andy recalls Helen's plan was to flip the house on Amanda every week while he kept telling her “in due time Helen,” and then she left before Amanda.

When Spencer was in the Diary room, Andy informed GinaMarie that Spencer was campaigning, using jury votes as the selling point. GinaMarie notes Spencer has tried to make the same case to her. Andy says it literally doesn't matter what he says and the two shake hands on their final two.

Throughout the day, Spencer and Andy ask production to call out past house guests names. They want to hear Britney or Janelle get called to the Diary room.

They hear something going on in the Storage room. When Spencer checks, he comes back out and says “Good news guys! I've got chocolate milk.” The others are not so impressed. Spencer wonders if there will be anything special for them tomorrow, but realize it will probably just be business as usual.

They talk about their love lives. Andy said he was only on the dating market for a little bit before he got on the show, having split from a boyfriend on May 15th. Spencer hopes Nick is exactly what GinaMarie's been looking for. She says it’s been 7 years and she doesn't want to let this feeling go. She starts singing "Never going to let you go, Gonna hold you in my arms forever."

While reviewing the house guests again Spencer makes note they “Brittany'd the hell out of McCrae, didn't we?!” A little later Andy says it was funny half the time Spencer was on the block was because of them.

While eating a salad, GinaMarie exclaims, “Oh my god!”  Andy keeps asking what’s wrong but she is silent for a long time, finally telling him, “I think there was a bug in my salad.”

GinaMarie and then Spencer play with some fake eyes and dance around. Next they hold the eyes up to the house guests’ pictures and laugh how funny they each look.

GinaMarie is still upset she ate a bug.  Spencer asks if she is OK and she says no. She goes back and turns the water on heading to the toilet.

8:00 PM
Andy goes back to lay down for a bit. GinaMarie and Andy take the opportunity to reconfirm their final two.

10:00 PM
The three sit at the kitchen table to play cards.

They eventually go out back and all end up in the hammock. The main topic of discussion seems to be Andy and all things gay. Spencer occasionally asks him questions to keep him talking.

Spencer gets an extended opportunity to go through the jury votes with Andy. He’s pushing hard this time that if Andy takes GinaMarie, it will cost him $500,000.

While talking about jury questions, Spencer takes an extended crack at GinaMarie; guaranteeing she gets a half million dollars if she takes him to Final 2.

They take a moment to all mimic Judd's version of squats.

Other than some recycled game talk, most of the conversation throughout the day and into the night was Spencer and Andy trying to one up each other as to who can come up with the most low brow humor and GinaMarie occasionally chiming in with her contributions. So much so the Updaters gave up and I went to bed. The house mercifully went quiet about 2:00 AM. 

Who will win Part III of the HOH? Would GinaMarie or Andy honor their agreement to each other afterwards, or will Spencer have made the more compelling case? What will Dr. Will say to the jury? What will the jury say to the final two? And who will ultimately walk away with the money?

Thanks to all the Updaters for their tireless efforts throughout the season. See ya next year!