Surprisingly, all of our hamsters went to bed early last night with the exception of Elissa and Candice, Elissa spending some quiet time over a cup of tea with Candice on her last night. 

9:30AM  BB Wakeup Call. Amanda wanders downstairs and exchanges morning chit-chat with Helen at the bathroom mirror. BB announces  "Have you changed your batteries?" Amanda is called to the DR at 9:50 as GinaMarie, carrying her pillow and followed shortly by Aaryn, goes upstairs to sack out on the HOH room couch. Candice is called at 9:52 to change her batteries, prompting a smart remark from Aaryn in the HOH. Amanda pops out of the HOH room, and Aaryn pops off "Princess Amanda" after she leaves the room. 

Coming right back in, Amanda tells the girls in HOH that she noticed there's a camera in the photobooth, "it's a new thing."  Aaryn complains there's nowhere to go now off-camera; "no more photobooth cry sessions." Amanda quips she can be "like Rachel and go hide in a bush for hours." GinaMarie and Aaryn laugh over Aaryn sleep-talking - she laughs and cries in her sleep. GinaMarie heard Aaryn laugh and didn't know if there was something she was also supposed to be laughing about, and then realized that Aaryn was asleep.

10:00AM Andy and Judd at the Memory Wall are joking that it doesn't look good for Judd - his picture is surrounded by grey photos. Helen makes her way up in the HOH and laughs over Aaryn sleep-talking as Spencer and Judd come in. "Welcome to the triangle room," Aaryn giggles, as she recounts GinaMarie freaking out one night over Aaryn sleep-talking there were "snakes in the bed." Jessie heads to the HOH and brings Judd coffee, followed in by Elissa and Candice.

10:13AM FISH  and 2hr HOH LOCKDOWN

12:39PM  HOH  - McCrae, getting out of the shower, comments to Amanda that Elissa was annoying him. GinaMarie, still in the room, blows a kiss to Nick's picture and comments on the time of day as Amanda responds, "They must be preparing for something big!"

Helen starts her morning jog. GinaMarie mans the coffee pot and explains to Helen what "jabroni" means (a fool?).  Andy is bored. Elissa teases Andy, "They're preparing something big because it's Andy's eviction!"  GinaMarie asks Helen to wake her up at 3:30 and goes back to her bed, where Aaryn is already sleeping. Spencer is also back to bed. 

DOWNSTAIRS BATH -  Candice talk-dances about her favorite club song. Judd likes the song "Karate Chop." Amanda thinks the wake-up (rap) music was scary. Andy calls, "Bathroom Party!" and starts dancing. He knocks Amanda on the head with an empty papertowel roll and asks Candice who's head sounds "the most hollow" - Andy's!  He tests against Candice and Jessie's head. It's Jessie. Andy tests between Jessie and himself. Andy is  the "most hollow-sounding head" winner!  Candice jokes she's going to say in her eviction speech that (BB former houseguest) Renny is her bio mother and this is the reveal, as they joke about Renny. Candice gets up and starts dancing on the bench then jumps down and immitates Andy dancing. She seems to be in high spirits as she teaches Andy a dance step; Elissa, looking on in the mirror, joins in.