8:15 AM

The Houseguests get an early wake-up call and when the feeds come back we learn it will be an hour and a half to the Veto meeting and see the houseguests have already scattered about the house.

Out back, we get the first of many Moving Company conversations about McCrae and Amanda. Spencer and Howard are worried that they are too close at the moment. 





Helen advises Elissa to go with Nick as the replacement. Elissa recites a mock Veto speech saying Jeremy should just go ahead and use the Veto on her. Next, Judd gets Elissa alone to pitch putting up Kaitlin. She says it's too risky. Elissa gets a 2nd call to the diary room and says, "Hey, Big Brother! You're just going to have to bear with me because my life in the BB house sucks!" as she continues doing her make-up.

Jessie and Candice have a long chat outside. Candice talks about being adopted and that it never made a difference to her because she was always treated the same as her siblings that weren’t adopted. They note how dirty the house is (as have I.)



11:00 AM – 11:30 Feeds cut for the Veto meeting.

When Feeds return, Nick is sitting on the nominee couch. Helen and Judd tell him he'll be alright.

In the bathroom, Candice gives Amanda assurance she would not target McCrae and Amanda.

Up in the HOH, GinaMarie goes on about Beyoncé being the Queen of the Illuminati and works with the Devil.

Out at the pool, Spencer warns McCrae that Amanda makes the rest of the Moving Company nervous.

They are joined by Howard and Jeremy. Spencer and Howard have an idea to pair Amanda and McCrae with Howard and Spencer to form a 4 person alliance and have them join up with Jeremy's group of 5 (Jeremy, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Nick) to form a group of 9 to get to the jury.  There are concerns of the risk and possible exposure of the Moving Company.

Spencer tells Jeremy that Kaitlin woke him up (Soprano-like) to say he needs to vote the way they tell him or else she will come for him.

2:00 PM Big Brother is crackin' down?!

There is a group playing a question game out back on the couch. Andy and Judd are there when Amanda says "What's my boyfriend's name?" and Jeremy answers, "Faggot".  Jeremy is called to Diary Room within 30 seconds. When next we see the group about 15 minutes later, Jeremy and Andy are the major contributors in a gay rights discussion.

McCrae makes a comment to Jeremy about getting Amanda on board (with getting Elissa out). Jeremy thought she was already on board and gives advice on how to get her on board.

In the HOH, GinaMarie expresses excitement to Kaitlin that she got a hiney-hit from Nick. With Andy there too, Nick walks in and tells them that Elissa told at least 6 people that Nick told Elissa to put them up instead of him. Extended Elissa bashing ensues.

Aaryn advises GinaMarie to stop flirting with Nick because she’s going to get the crazy edit.

Judd asks Spencer if they are voting out Nick. Spencer says, “That's the plan.”

During a feed block, the hamsters were finally informed that voting would be on Thursday this week.

Andy explains the feeds Flashback to Aaryn. She is not happy about this and is worried what we are seeing in terms of nudity and sexy stuff.

There is some talk about a former houseguest stopping by. Elissa hopes it is Dr. Will coming in to give facials and Botox.

Not long after Elissa does an all-out impression of BB Canada Gary's tantrum when put on slop.




5:00 PM

Helen and Andy have a long talk in the have-not room saying Judd is with the plan to evict Nick. They want to warn Aaryn right before eviction they are going to vote out Nick to earn her trust. They talk about backdooring Spencer next week. They know Spencer is with Jeremy. They think Elissa will keep getting MVP. Helen says she doesn't want blood on her hands of having to evict friends like Howard, McCrae, etc. If they keep Aaryn, she can do the dirty work for them when the time comes.

Judd calls McCrae over to the shower and with a straight face says there is a rumor going around that McCrae is related to Jameka from Season 8.




Aaryn and Kaitlin are spotted sitting in the HOH tub fully clothed with no water.

Andy expresses to McCrae if he votes out Elissa no one will come after him, but if he votes Elissa to stay, lots of people will come after him.

Aaryn says the black girls are always the bitchy ones. McCrae said "Geez that sounds racist." Aaryn replies "They’re the racists, not me!" (Hmmm, no immediate call to the Diary Room.)

Spencer takes another turn at McCrae about letting Amanda go.

Kaitlin tells Jeremy of her concerns about Aaryn. Aaryn joins them with worries of her own. Jeremy gives them a pep talk about survival in the house. Jeremy tells Aaryn he's going to win every competition and win MVP every week because America likes showmances and powerhouses.

Next, Aaryn is expressing anger to GinaMarie. She and Jeremy earned HOH together and now Jeremy and Kaitlin are acting like the king and queen. If she wins MVP, Kaitlin is gone. That was her last straw with Jeremy and Kaitlin. She's done. GinaMarie stresses the importance of keeping Nick.