"Alone is what I have. Alone protects me."  Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock

Tuesday August 13, 2013

10:02 AM    Wake Up Fish

11:04 AM    House Guests are finally beginning to wake up and get out of bed. Aaryn is in the bathroom brushing her teeth, putting on make-up then reorganizing her make-up and things. She greets Elissa then heads to the backyard and gets on the elliptical.

12:00 PM   Helen and Aaryn talking game, Helen discusses her strategy saying there are people they have in common that need to be taken out, as does Andy. She confirms they are working together but have no F2 deal, also says Elissa never expected to still be there. She then turns her attention to GinaMarie - she tells Aaryn she no longer sees her and GinaMarie as a pair. Aaryn comments that if GinaMarie would chest bump "her best friend" in the house imagine what she might do to others, she says no one talks game with GinaMarie because they just don't know what she is going to to. She tells Helen that GinaMaries eatting disorder is getting worse & that she always smells of puke. Helen tells Aaryn she doesn't think Aaryn is a target anymore & complements her game play. They are both afraid of the reaction they will get when they get out of the house afraid they will be attacked, Aaryn says she isn't going to read anything about herself.

01:12 PM   Lock Down. Aaryn talking to Spencer, Amanda & McCrae about Jessie terrorizing them, cooking bacon and taking her cup of chocolate milk. Elissa whispers to Helen that she is afraid to leave her drink around Jessie. Aaryn whispers to GinaMarie that they are just going to ignore Jessie for the next 2 days, that if they just live it up, that will kill Jessie. Helen tells Amanda that Jessie said "the pretty little liars stopped talking" when they were in the kitchen.

Jessie calls out to Aaryn "you know Elissa still talks S**t about you right? She calls you skank and stuff." Aaryn tells Jessie she really did try to help her. Jessie tells her she is going out the "Rachel" way so saddle up. Aaryn tells her to shut up & Jessie replys "I don't have to" Jessie then tells Amanda the same thing, that Elissa talks bad about her, says she is going out with a bang. Amanda asks her what she did to her & Jessie tells her not to get involved. Jessie then tells her that she and Andy are working together- Amanda says she didn't know that. Jessie tells her "my mission this week is to let you know Helen & Elissa are working against you" Amanda tells her they know. Jessie says she is going to tell Elissa that she is a shadow of her sister, Amanda tells her to make sure she is around when she does that. Jessie says it is hard to argue with Elissa because she makes you feel dumber when you talk to her.

Amanda asks Jessie if there is anything about Spencer, Jessie just tells her Candice told her to work with Spencer when she left. Jessie tells Amanda that she hasn't even won a competition and yet she is the strongest person in the house- says Amanda was never on her side so she isn't mad at her for not having her back. Jessie leaves and Amanda points out to McCrae that Jessie's act isn't  original. McCrae can't stop thinking about asking Jessie for her cigarettes.

Jessie is in the bathroom and Elissa comes in and asks her how she is. Jessie "Awful now that you are here." Jessie gets in one shower and Elissa in the other. Jessie says sarcastically "OOOOOOOOOOOOOh I could stay in this shower for hours and hours....So what are you going to do today Rachel's shadow?"

02:12 PM   Helen is telling McCrae , Spencer and Elissa that Jessie wants to work at Facebook and that she has a friend high up in the company and told her to send over her resume but that now there is no way because Jessie has poor judgment. Spencer thinks Jessie's rampage will fizzle out by tomorrow. Spencer "You need a lot of mental strength to continue on like this for a long period of time and she hasn't got it. She'll spend tomorrow in bed or something."

Jessie comes in and sits down next to Helen and says "good morning liar." Helen gets up and leaves. Then she turns her attention to Elissa "Rachel's shadow, who got fake boobs first, you or your sister?.. You're the older right?, you're like 35yrs?" Jessie lays her towel out next to Elissa as close as she can....Elissa remains silent.

Andy has his HoH camera and is inside taking pictures with Spencer & Helen. He moves outside and Jessie tells him "take a picture of me and Rachel's shadow!" After mimicking Elissa's every move Jessie goes inside. Helen comments "does she really want to go out this way?" and McCrae responds with "she'll get attention for it though." Spencer says it is fun watching a total meltdown but that they need an "R" rated on not a "PG." Amanda says she'd be opening shower doors on people and stuff.

03:06 PM    Jessie walks into the BR as Elissa walks out, she says "what's up Rachel's shadow?" then asks Aaryn if she is still talking about her, to which Aaryn replies "my favorite thing to do." Aaryn tells Jessie "I have an agent because I get paid to do commercials. What do you do? Nothing, you're unemployed"

 Helen wants to talk to Andy alone in the HoH. She tells him Jessie is trying to take them down. GinaMarie & Spencer then backdoor someone. Helen tells him Aaryn is worried about F6, that she will be the one to go & that she is good at competitions so maybe. Andy says they just have to make it the next couple of days with hurricane Jessie. Helen tells him about Jessie and FB and how now she doesn't feel she can recommend her. Andy thinks it will be an interesting couple of days, Helen says she is just going to stay out of it. Andy "I think she (Jessie) thinks there is a chance she can still stay." Helen "She is kissing Amanda & McCrae's ass big time. She's going to give them her jury vote which is really ironic." They talk about the fight last night which they call the dumbest fight ever. Andy tells her about the house meeting she didn't go to last night. Helen says she isn't mad at Jessie anymore, she just feels sorry for her. Andy is called to the DR, under his breath he says "Thank God."

They say Jessie is like the weather, is it going to rain or really storm you just don't know. Amanda says to Aaryn that she is not listening to anything that Jessie has to say but that it is very entertaining for her.

04:19 PM   Jessie is in the HoH room laying on the floor in front of the door trying to listen. She goes outside and sees Amanda and McCrae kissing in the pool. She then asks Andy if she can speak to him alone in the HoH, they rehash what all happened yesterday. Jessie asks Andy why he told Helen that she was thinking of switching to Amanda & McCrae's side and wonders if he ever really wanted to work with her or was just looking for information. She says Helen is throwing her under the bus & Amanda does not believe that Helen is lying. Andy tells her he only told Helen to be nice to her. She says things won't be good between them until Helen & Elissa come clean about their involvement last week.

Helen and GinaMarie talking on the hammock. Helen says her dignity is worth more than the game and gives Jeremy props for how he went out. GinaMarie says yeah everyone should go out classy. She says she is walking out the same as when she walked in. Helen says Amanda & McCrae have been loyal to her since the beginning and she doesn't like how Jessie calls Elissa names. GinaMarie says Jessie is making herself look like a psycho, and brings up Candice calling her names. Helen says she use to think Jessie was a lot like her when she was that age but not anymore- Jessie has poor judgment. GinaMarie says she can always find something positive about people but with Jessie there is nothing to see, she doesn't understand why Jessie was cast. "I think there were better people for the show than her."