8:50 AM Big Brother wake up the house guests, it takes many a long time to get going.

Judd, Elissa and Jess talk in the HOH room, Judd is still gunning to have a girl go this week. He wants to nominate Kaitlin and Gina Marie and have Elissa (nominate Aaryn as MVP nomination) (They are assuming that she will get MVP, we know differently!) They also discuss back dooring someone after VETO.

Elissa tries to convince Judd and Jess not to put up Kaitlin, and both of them assume she must have a deal with her. She replied she didn’t have a deal Helen made all the deals last week.  They then tell her she is real good at competitions and has to go. They also discuss how Aaryn is trying to clean up her mistakes and how no one but Amanda in the house will give her another chance that America has seen who she really is. Elissa said she did not want to put up Aaryn if she was not going to be the target that she rather put up Howard or Spencer. Yet, Judd is adamant about putting up all girls and a girl goes home this week.

Helen comes in to the HOH room and was told that Gina Marie and Kaitlin might be going up.  Helen back peddles and said Aaryn is the one spreading the rumor of her running this HOH and all she wanted was to ask him to consider not putting Kaitlin up just back dooring her. Helen got really upset and started crying (again) accusing Aaryn of lying and making up stories about things she said while she was HOH.

11:30 AM We got fish and the Have not competition. The feeds return at 2:15

 Once the feeds return we immediately see that the have nots have received Mangos and Macaroni for the food this week. We then saw Kaitlin in the HOH room with Judd asking if she was going up, saying some people said she was going up. Judd asked her if Aaryn was one of them and she said yes. He then told her she he has not made up his mind yet. He said he is scared to commit to anyone because Julie said there would be a twist this week and he does not know how that will affect his nominations. He said that he will probably put up her and Gina Marie and Aaryn as the third nomination and then back door someone. Kaitlin said that the pawn always goes home. She tries to get him to put up Howard. She then tries making a deal with him because she has no one on her side and she and Gina Marie are both separating themselves from Aaryn. She said that if he would have her back she would have his in the future.

 The have nots for this week are: Andy, Spencer, Jessie and Candice

Spencer quickly talks to Judd. Judd tells him what he is thing of doing. Spencer said he just wants to make sure Elissa will not put him up, Judd said if she said she will put up either Spencer or Howard then he would put her (Elissa) up. 

McCrea comes in and he tells him that Kaitlin will go up with Gina Marie and he will back door Aaryn. McCrae asked if he was sure that Elissa would put up Aaryn and not Spencer. He said yes she said she would. Amanda comes in and tries to talk him out of putting up Aaryn because she is working alone and Howard and Spencer are a group. She suggest that he put up two strong people so that they battle it out and Gina Marie will not be mad and after him for the rest of the summer. She is really pushing for back dooring Howard. She is very forceful. She leaves and Gina Marie comes in, she said she was told she was going to be a porn or pawn or something. She tries to get him to put up Jessie by telling him that Jessie went after every guy in this house and she is with him because he is second best. That only the gay guy was left. She then said that if she is just a pawn then why not put up Jessie as a pawn. Judd tries to reassure her that she is a pawn and will not go home. She asked him if it was because of something they did at the have not competition, he said no. He then said he would like to work with her they could be like Bonnie and Clyde. Gina Marie did not bite, she told Judd she did not want to be a porn!

When Amanda left she started talking to McCrea saying everyone wants Howard up (Only she does) and she can’t understand why he won’t put him up because he does not vote anyways.

 Judd and Aaryn chat. Tells her that he wants to put up Gina Marie and Kaitlin with her going up with MVP nomination. He told her people are saying she is twisting people’s words around and causing trouble. She got mad and kept asking him who, and he would not say. She then asked if Elissa said she would put her up and he said yes. Aaryn said she rather go up against Gina Marie then Kaitlin.

Aaryn and Gina Marie chat, Aaryn said to her that it felt like they were the nerds in high school, of course Gina Marie comes back with yes the pretty ones, the outcasts.