8:30 am the houseguests get a wakeup call. We see them all get up and get ready. At 9:30 the feeds go to trivia so the final three can celebrate while having a brunch. When the feeds come back on we see them all cleaning up after the brunch they just ate. They are on inside lockdown for the day as major building sounds can be heard outside. They start taking about the other houseguests, some bashing (of Elissa) and McCrea because of him spending the days sleeping and not interacting with them.

12:15 pm they all decide to take a nap. They nap till 4:30 pm when Ginamarie gets up. They hang out in the bedroom for a while chatting about movies. This leads to once again the bashing of the former houseguests. They list them all and make fun of the game they played and list all their flaws and mistakes.

They talk a bit about part one of the HOH and all agree that it was designed for Ginamarie to win. Ginamarie gets bored and decides to start painting a two liter bottle. They have some general chit chat. Ginamarie does not like the idea of sitting out of the competition tomorrow (part 2 of HOH).  Talk then turns to MVP for week 4, they all still believe that Elissa was MVP again and that she nominated herself. Ginamarie even believes that she nominated herself and tried to blame her (Ginamarie) to make her look bad.

At 8:44 pm they had a discussion about who in the jury house hates who. They all think that all of them are hated by the entire jury. They got loud and really want the others to believe they are hated by all the jury members so they take them to the end with them.

The evening winds down with them playing cards, again discussing the other houseguests and taking showers (separately).  While Ginamarie dries her hair Spencer and Andy talk about her and both agree she has all friends at the jury house and they should take each other if they win HOH.

All houseguests were in bed at 12:22 am. Spencer did get up at 3:00 and got himself a snack and ate it at the kitchen table while looking at the memory wall.

Not very exciting in the compound anymore. Maybe tomorrow once round two is played of the HOH some sparks will fly. Who knows! Thanks updaters for trying to write some exciting things about this long boring day behind the wall!