9:27AM Jessie is up , she goes outside to have a cigarette and puts the hose in the pool. Judd wakes up about 15 minutes later and joins Jessie out in the back yard. Judd says he thinks if GinaMarie wins HOH she will put him on the block for eviction because she blames him for Nick being evicted last week.

10:43AM Helen is up running laps.

11:13AM Howard comes out to the backyard and asks Helen if she has done her push-ups yet. She says no. He says she can do 20 today and encourages her. Candace is up and is asking about coffee filters. Helen tells her to use a paper towel. Helen stops working out and shows Candace how to make the coffee. Howard goes to the back yard. Judd and Howard are discussing the game. Howard is explaining that Judd was not the target.

11:22AM Candace is making breakfast and asks Howard if he wants one. Howard is snuggled up behind Candace and rubbing her shoulders.


11:45AM Helen and Candace having a discussion about the feeds. Helen says just don't read it, you can not defend yourself. Elissa is up. There is general chit chat no talking about the game.

12:02PM The rest of the House Guests are waking up. Big Brother tells the House Guests to clean the bathroom. Jeremy is eating and says he will take the trash out when he finishes his cereal. (Jeremy is playing nice now because he does not want to be evicted. Its a little to little and its a little to late) Judd cleans the mirror. Afterwards, Big Brother thanks Judd for cleaning the mirror.

12:15PM Helen, Spencer and Jeremy are cleaning the bathroom. In the backyard Judd and Elissa are talking while folding laundry. Judd tells Elissa that he knows she wants to see her family and says if it comes down to them as the last 2 when they compete for HOH he will let her have HOH. She says that is so sweet.

12:19PM The House Guest are cleaning in the house and on the patio. Jeremy is sweeping and then he begins doing the dishes.

Jeremy asks if the tortillas go in the refrigerator. Elissa says they don't have to. Elissa is talking about the flies in the storeroom. Jeremy says he saw the flies. Elissa is asking Jeremy if he thinks Nick is an Undercover Cop. Jeremy chuckles. Elissa says Nick got caught in his own game and says "the Moving Company moved him right out of business"! Jeremy laughs. Elissa thinks that it was Nick's plan to get kicked out. Jeremy says "he was a sly dog." Helen joins the conversation and and Elissa tells her she was telling Jeremy about Nick being an undercover cop. Helen says he is the first person she is googling when she gets out. Jeremy says "who does Nick think he can fool with the all Ivy League cast." Elissa says "not us."