Big Brother Daily Recap September 6, 2013

The Elissa Bashing Day with a brief break for nominations


After a night of whistles and Judd doing push-ups the others arise around 9:30 am after a wakeup call. The feeds actually went to trivia for about ten minutes. When they return we see everyone in the HOH room. Also McCrae and Ginamarie were still handcuffed together.  The first game talk is when Spencer, Andy and Judd quickly ask Spencer what he was going to do, Spencer tells them he is putting up McCrae and GInaMarie with McCrae as the target. However he will tell McCrae Ginamarie is the target.

The obsessive Andy talks a lot about Elissa, how much he hates her, what a skank she was, even makes up lies that he truly believes about her. Judd joins in the bashing too. All day they would always go back to bashing Elissa. She took the fall for Andy and he still constantly bashes her. Andy pumps himself up by telling the other guys that Ginamarie was clueless for 9 weeks, McCrae hid behind Amanda and Judd had a two week break so he and Spencer should be the final two and then he will win.

At another point GInamarie said that the jury house was filled with biracial robots that are not human. Andy then agreed that the jury house was filled with biracial robots.  Of course this again sets off Andy to say that the house is so quiet without Elissa, and he is glad someone finally told her to STFU!

Right before nominations, Spencer met with GInamarie and tells her that she is going up but not as the target. He then repeats that to McCrae saying the guy alliance and he will not be the target. (McCrae is the target.)

4:15 PM The feeds go to trivia for the nomination ceremony.  The feeds return and Spencer did nominate McCrae and Ginamarie.  We hear Andy again talking about Elissa with Spencer playing along with him.

7:00 PM Through all the hatred spewed from the houseguests we do hear Spencer tell Andy that if McCrae wins VETO he is going to nominate Judd and he wants Judd voted out. Judd was within earshot but did not react. They agree to keep GInaMarie over Judd. Andy then declares that this could not have been a more perfect DE. He then said he is worried about Amanda and Elissa dissing him in the jury house (like he is doing to Elissa 24/7.) GinaMarie’s uglier side keeps emerging too dissing Elissa and saying F&*9 Off Elissa etc. Literally this is all these people do. Say a sentence then go off on Elissa it is so disgusting (IMO) to hear grown adults acting like middle school kids. They have said such things that they think she should or would commit suicide, they wish she was dead etc.

The punishment Judd won was to do whatever a “drill Sargent” wants him to do. So every now and then the whistle blows and Judd has to do some form of exercise.  GinaMarie and McCrae fix dinner, chicken parm (again.)  At dinner Judd first had to do some squats and lunges, then instead of praying and thanking God for the food they eat they immediately get right back into ripping Elissa and some Candice dissing too over the pasta and chicken. Andy declared “He hates Elissa and if he is in the final two (I would quit watching for sure, EO,) and if she asked him a bitchy questions he would just tell her to sit down” (Ya right Andy.) Andy goes on to dis Elissa’s kid too. Saying a third grader should not be painting but reading (why they can’t do both is beyond me). Spencer chips In comparing her and Helen to the nerd herd.

9:30 PM After continuous bashing of Elissa all day, according to Andy it is built up frustration from the entire game. Andy said the only intelligent thing of the day and that was “We’ve been pretty hateful group today (IMO every day). He then asked if they think they have provoked any death threats, McCrae said he would take those threats as a badge of honor and GinaMarie said she wants a stalker.

At Midnight Judd got one more round of exercise and McCrae and GInaMarie become undone. All houseguests were free of the punishments they got in the HOH competition. Andy got to play something for $5,000. He claims he only won like $94. However who believes a word he said.

The joy of punishments being done only last a moment until Andy again chimes in with another derogatory remark thrown at Elissa (which he only does behind someone’s back.)

Between rampages on Elissa, Andy and Spencer did tell McCrae that he would be safe if Judd goes up if someone uses VETO. They said they trust McCrae over Judd. Then told him that GinaMarie has all the votes in jury. (But of course Andy had to end his sentence with he never trusted that bitch Elissa.)

By 1:50 AM everyone was in bed. McCrae was in bed reading his HOH letter with tears in his eyes. He did get called to the DR then he went back to bed and reading.


Best tweet of the day came from Will Kirby (BB2 winner) - Are the final 5 BB contestants actually extra’s from the Lord of the Rings. I spy an orc, an elf, a troll, a dwarf and a hobbit!.

How much more hate can be said about Elissa tomorrow? Who will win VETO? Will it matter or does McCrae have a chance to survive this vote? Will Judd see how they already turned on him? When will the Judd bashing begin? What can be done to correct this train wreck of a crew that just spews hatred and already have their winnings spent?


 Thanks Updaters for your great updates, many times I had to walk away from the feeds for a few hours because of all the hatred going on it was so disgusting.